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Thursday, Aug 05, 2021

"HUNTER BIDEN LIED" Tony Bobulinski SAYS He HAS EVIDENCE Against Joe And Hunter Biden

A Bombshell... President Trump is expected to bring former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski as his guest to the final presidential debate Thursday night, Fox News has learned.


John Papanikolas 275 days ago
Here is the verifiable story on the Biden family:

Hunter Biden cut a deal with CEFC, China's largest privately held energy company, that was tied directly to the Chinese military and communist government. The Chinese Communist Party was using CEFC to spread its tentacles and influence throughout the world, often involving foreign politicians.

Hunter Biden was a participant in a verified e-mail that stated a new company would be formed funded by CEFC. Hunter Biden would hold 10% of that new Chinese company for the "Big Guy" - - Joe Biden. Tony Bobulinski, the CEO and 10% partner in the new entity, said he is 1,000% certain the "Big Guy" refers to Joe Biden, because Hunter Biden often called his father that.

Once the Chinese government learned that U.S. intelligence was investigating CEFC activities, the company was disbanded (curiously declared "bankrupt") and Ye Jianming, its CEO and Hunter Biden's good friend, disappeared. Nobody knows where he is. Dead? In a work camp somewhere? China is covering it up. They don't want any witnesses.

China ensnared the Biden family for political purposes -- including Joe Biden. He is compromised, would not be able to deal with China objectively or effectively in international policy, and should not become President of the United States.
DetlefH.Karn 280 days ago
Could the media’s deliberate blackout of the verified story revealed by Mr. Bobulinski allow for immediate action to be taken; to provide a basis for imposition of regulations or restrictions in order to ensure that what’s occurred doesn’t occur again?

Can anything be done to inform citizens of this now? The effect on our country in terms of the threat it poses to democracy itself cannot be overstated.
truthseeker7771 280 days ago
Biden highlights the importance of character, then ignores evidence that reveals his covert participation in questionable business deals=Hypocrisy (and more);

Media (mainstream & social) actively participate in censorship and / or coverup, intentionally ignoring the story and the evidence in support of the same=Clear & Present Danger to Republic (and ironically, Freedom of the Press)


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