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Monday, Jan 18, 2021

Girl recalls fighting off kidnapper as she begs for help in tracking him down

Girl recalls fighting off kidnapper as she begs for help in tracking him down

Brave Alicia, 16, described how her life has 'completely changed’ as she relived the moment a stranger tried to drag her off the street and into a car as she walked home.

Alicia, 16, appeared on BBC’s Crimewatch where she described how a dark car pulled beside her on St Andrew’s Road in Northampton before a man leapt out and grabbed her wrist shortly after 6.30pm on January 28.

She had only left her father’s home minutes earlier, and said that his parting words to leave one earphone out so she could hear the passing traffic probably saved her life.

The schoolgirl said: ‘I just heard the car screeching. He told me I’d be safe if I went with him. He tried to take me but I pushed him off me. If I’d had both my earphones in my ears I wouldn’t have stood a chance. I think that saved my life that day.’

Alicia lives with her mum, but visits her father David, who suffers with heart problems, almost every day to help him around the house and ‘just make sure he’s alright’.

She was making her way home from there when the attack took place.

David said he offered to pay for her to get a taxi home, but she assured him she would be fine.

He went on: ‘She left mine and started walking home and the next thing I knew my phone was ringing and she was screaming and crying down the phone.

‘I said “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” and she said “Someone tried to grab me”.’

The schoolgirl’s father David said the incident was ‘harrowing’

Alicia also called her uncle, who quickly came and took her to safety.

The teenager sobbed as she begged the public to help find the man responsible.

She said: ‘I was happy, I was bubbly, I wasn’t scared. My life has completely changed. I don’t go out. I stay in most days.

‘I just want him caught. I don’t like living like this. I just want my life to get back to normal.’

Detectives released CCTV showing the black vehicle following Alicia as she turned into St Andrew’s Road and appealed for any witnesses or motorists who may have dashcam footage of the incident to come forward.

DC Leanne Lee said: ‘Alicia has just been so brave. She was extremely frightened by what happened and still is.

‘She starts college this month so is really worried that he might find her. She just wants us to catch him and bring him to justice.’


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