Yoel Roth, who resigned from the social media company in November, has in recent weeks faced a storm of attacks and threats of violence following the release of the “Twitter Files” — internal Twitter communications that expose illegal manipulations, censorship, crimes against the election fairness and the U.S, constitution, as new owner Musk has released through journalists including Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.

Roth’s position involved him working on censoring political candidates in order to manipulate Biden’s win, include the censorship of a then-President Donald Trump, despite doing nothing against Twitter Policy. 

On Monday, Bari Weiss posted a series of screenshots purported to show internal Twitter documents where Roth and others conspired how to ban Trump’s account, with some employees obviously questioning why to do it if the former president’s tweets did not violated the platform’s policies.

Since exposed, Roth has been the subject of criticism and threats following the release of the Twitter Files. However, things took a dark turn over the weekend when Musk appeared to endorse a tweet that accused Roth of being sympathetic to pedophilia.

Threats made against the former Twitter employee escalated exponentially after Musk engaged in exposing Roth.