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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

Norwich City fan Terry Falgate wins £1m on Euromillions after team's loss

A football fan said a £1m lottery win salvaged his night at the pub after he had watched his team lose.
Terry Falgate learned of his Euromillions windfall when he checked his phone after watching Norwich City's 2-0 Premier League defeat to Watford.

After asking his friends to check his numbers, the 48-year-old from Stalham, Norfolk, bought a round of drinks.

"It wasn't the best of games to be fair but it was all good in the end, for me anyway," he said.

The agricultural worker said the win "just makes life a little easier", adding that he was "elated and shocked".

"It was a normal Friday in the pub, having a few beers, watched Norwich lose again, checked the lottery ticket after the loss and found out we'd won," said Mr Falgate.

The separated father-of-two admitted that he got friends to double-check his lottery numbers as he had "had a few at that point".

He had bought the £2.50 lucky dip ticket for 8 November's EuroMillions draw on a whim while out walking his golden Labrador Harvey.

He plans to keep his Peugeot 308 and stay in his mortgaged three-bedroom house.

His only indulgence so far had been a £500 replacement for his broken vacuum cleaner, he said.

Mr Falgate also plans to help his two daughters, who are in their early 20s, with house deposits, before reducing his hours at work - though he will not leave his employers "in the lurch".

"I hope I will still be me. It just makes sure that my children will have a better future," he said.

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