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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Biden price hikes: The war in Ukraine is creating a massive grain shortage

Biden price hikes: The war in Ukraine is creating a massive grain shortage

As Wheat Prices Rally, We May See Food Shortages And Even Civil Unrest. And it is likely that as long as Biden continues to push Zelenskyy to insist on violating the 15 years Russia-Ukraine status quo by placing NATO weapons on the Ukrainian border with Russia against Moscow, this war as well as the price hikes does not appear to be over any time soon.
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The author 234 days ago
Oh ya, I cannot find support for your opinion.

1. The military complex theory needs a real and full war, not a proxy war with $100 million here and $200 million there. This petit cash doesn’t count. So this war in Ukraine doesn’t really feed the cash cow.

2. Your claim about the “jewish federal reserve” missing only one thing: the Jewish. They doesn’t control this institute as you can tell by it’s Christian members.

3. The war is risking the USD dominance more, much more, not less. Before the war it was a crime with death penalty to suggest any alternative to the USD. The sanctions made alternative money a must-to-have for every country that need oil, and not a taboo anymore. In other words: the end of the USD exclusivity is the result of this war, not the cause of it. This is the biggest damage Biden did to the future of the US economy. He ended the brilliant printing business model that Nixon invented. Now America will have to work for food instead of just printing.
Oh ya 234 days ago
Whats in it for Biden? 2 things. The industrial military complex runs the goverment along with the jewish federal reserve . And with the USD collapsing it can use the war as a cover.
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