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Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Johns Hopkins published then deleted an article questioning the U.S. coronavirus death rate

Johns Hopkins published then deleted an article questioning the U.S. coronavirus death rate

The university stands by the study but said the article was leading to the spread of 'misinformation'
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pierre Leon 623 days ago
Is it a new way to get more attention ?
Ronald 624 days ago
Covid 19 is an anti-Trump political disease. Unlike the closely related common cold, one must take an expensive medical test even to know one has it.
Tomas 624 days ago
What happened to the seasonal flu patients that overwhelmed hospitals and nursing homes every year?
Pierluigi 624 days ago
Please, confute the conclusion of the retired paper using DATA.
Otherwhise I will call this plain censorship, rightly so.
Chip 625 days ago
Dr Eliza, I also am a scientist and as such deal with facts not emotion. The "second wave" is not overwhelming facilities and the "convention centers" were not needed nor used except in a few select, high density cities which protected the vulnerable very poorly in the first wave. I found nothing in her paper that disputes the facts of the death rates. I also believe the public needs to understand that "flattening the curve" does not eliminate the virus (everyone will be exposed), only extends the time that people are exposed and the longer we will have to deal with this. In addition, nobody understands the long term effect of the vaccine(s), nor the ability of the virus to mutate (e.g. influenza). The financial toll on the US will be no less than $10 trillion. Assuming 500,000 people die this year (death toll at 260,000 now), that equates to $20 million for every death. This is an extraordinary burden on current and future generations. This does not take into account the psychological and health impacts of people out of work, nor the lack of education for our children that is taking a severe toll on the US. This will not be the last virus or pandemic we will have to deal with. Our approach was just plain wrong. We need to have a plan to protect the vulnerable in the future and let everyone else live their normal lives so we do not bankrupt this country and negatively impact future generations.
R. Bosshardt 624 days ago
As a physician who has viewed with dismay to ineffective and disastrous response to this pandemic, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have been saying this for months.
🍑 perfect 622 days ago
That’s the whole point of this ponzy sheme. To take down the existing structure of support of the economy and bring in a new system. Its the biggest transfer of wealth in history of humankind. Do you really think our politicians in all countries all around the world don’t know the numbers & facts? Covid isn't as bad as its made to be and we all overreacted a little bit for 9 months... all around the world.
🍑 perfect 622 days ago
Please speak louder. The general public cannot hear you over the public media new non stop assault that seems to be contra to proper medical facts, science and common sense.
Richard 625 days ago
According to: (, which cites United Nations data, the death rate in the US has been climbing incrementally for most of the past several years, though for 2020 it hasn't changed significantly from 2019. Based on these facts it would appear that Briand's conclusions are sound and the CDC data is suspect. On a side note, the ad hominem attack on Briand was unprofessional.
Maxwell 626 days ago
Dr. Or not i suspect you are part of the problem not the solution. Ever hear of the asian flu of 57.
The almost 250,000 deaths back then actually died of the flu. Not flu/strep throat. Or not flu/stroke. This is the biggest travesty to be foistered on the American people ever. It appears you are part of the destruction of America.
Eliza 626 days ago
I am a physician and scientist at John Hopkins. This mention in a student newsletter was picked up by conspiracy theorist who think their civil rights are being violated, and they disseminated and glorified it. It’s an unfortunate embarrassment for her and the university. The data she chose to analyze, and conclusions she made are laughable. People can believe her confused conclusions about death rates. But maybe they should consider real issues like the overwhelmed hospitals, especially ICUs all over the country; the need to transform convention centers into hospital wards; the need for mobile morgues. Are these familiar issues from before COVID-19?
Chad Lupo 625 days ago
"Convention centers into hospital wards." I know several people who work in hospitals. I also live near a few. I don't believe you at all. Not even a little bit. In fact, I bet you do not work at John Hopkins, and if you do, your opinion is based on what you were told and not personal accounts. From what I hear from my doctor, and a few family members that work in hospitals, they are not experiencing upticks of patients at all. What they are experiencing are a few people who come in who received a BS false positive from a PCR test and just want to get a checkup to see if they're ok just to make sure. They're immediately sent home.
Matt Pasquinel 625 days ago
Chad Lupo, easy way to find out: go to your nearest hospital and find out for yourself. I don't mean going to the ER, I mean go to a nursing wing. Unless unless you are a bozo you can get close.

For the virus to be a hoax EVERYONE in the MSM would have to pass on a story that would win them a Pulitzer, but you think it's more likely they are ALL unethical, right?

Have you noticed how NO ONE from health care with any credibility has come forward to say "the virus isn't bad, party on!" Do you have children? If yes, would you rather send them to the 99% of doctor's who take the virus seriously or the 1% who don't?

For the virus to be a hoax then only those that think that way have ethics, but nobody else does. How likely is that?
General Butler 624 days ago
Are you kidding? LOL Thousand of doctors have put their careers on the line and come forward to proclaim the entire Covid drama is bullshit. If you don't believe me, you can start by just going to The Great Barrington Declaration website linked below and seeing for yourself. Before Youtube escalated its anti-social censorship purge there were many, many videos of docs coming forward with testimonies about the heinous lies being foisted upon the world by the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and the UN.
Kerry Mullis, inventor of PCR test 624 days ago
and where have you left your brain?
Buds love the sun 622 days ago
So how do you interpret the data? Instead of saying her interpretation is wrong, what else does it mean?
Brent Tharp 617 days ago
So you don't want to actually address the data in her analysis but instead wave your arms and yell, "Hospitals! ICUs! Cases!" without any mention of deaths or reporting of them? Got it. You should truly be ashamed to call yourself a physician and a scientist.
Brent Tharp 617 days ago
You need to get out more. Or learn to read. Or how to do math. Your initial assumption is the one your got wrong. The MSM is selling the narrative that sells - death - with zero research.
Maxwell 626 days ago
Looks like they should have flunked Paula. She doesn't seem to realize there is a difference between dying with covid or dying of covid. Our local hospital has every diagnoses as having covid. e.g. covid/strep throat. That is a real diagnosis. Until the financial reward to the medical profession for covid diagnosis ends this will never end. Obviously she knows nothing about statistical analysis either!!!
Dan 618 days ago
Financial reward? What is wrong with you? If someone you care about gets it, you'll sing a different tune, f#cking scumb@g. Those medical professionals are risking their lives because Trump can't do his job.
Kat 626 days ago
Hi Paula,
Dr. Briand does not understand the issue, you say, but you do. Please, elaborate. Thank you!
Paula Soper 626 days ago
I am a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Public Health. The researcher who published this article is an economist and clearly doesn't understand mortality data or how to interpret it. One would expect to find decreases in other causes of death because some people who would have died of other causes instead have died from COVID-19. I'm glad my alma mater removed this article, but am disturbed that it was published in the first place.
DS 626 days ago
HI Paula, But wouldn't we expect total number of deaths to be higher in 2020 than in 2019?
HDJ 626 days ago
Interpreting mortality data is simple for any thinking person. The remaining question is are all causes of death being accurately reported? Most people know the answer to that question.
Bob 626 days ago
Total number of deaths in the US is higher (by about 12%).
dmelges 625 days ago
The total number of deaths IS higher. Period. You can't find a dataset that doesn't support the fact that deaths are dramatically higher...not just higher than 2019, but higher than every year. Stop believing isolated contrary opinions. Science and medicine have a consensus on all the basic facts, there is no big mystery or conspiracy.
Ronald 624 days ago
Perhaps, but the Boomer generation has arrived at the age when death is likely to occur. The reason they are called Boomers is because the baby population soared following WW 2.
Heather 622 days ago
Good point , no one seems to be speaking about that.
General Butler 626 days ago
Most folks can't handle the truth. If we the people do not stand up, push back, and reject the tyranny that's coming at us like a freight train, before you know it, we'll be loaded onto that train, headed for the re-education camps. Maybe it won't be that obvious, maybe the re-education will be pharmaceutically delivered, but you won't know it until it's too late. How much evidence do the sheeple need to wake up to the fact this Covid drama is a psyop to usher in the World Economic Forum/UN Agenda 2030/Great Reset?
Dan 618 days ago
Do you hear yourself? Get out the tin foil hats you idliot. Eat a dlck.
Jack Ryan 626 days ago
Lisa 622 days ago
Thanks for that. what a odd coincidence. Why are we not surprised.
Oh ya 626 days ago
Yup she rocked the boat and told the truth and she got a slap on the wrists from the drug pushers. Great she tried and hope she can this onfo out pn other platforms
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