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Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021

2020 Groom’s Wedding Trends

2020 Groom’s Wedding Trends

Congratulations on getting engaged, planning your engagement, or just thinking about it! Our Designers have gathered the Top Four 2020 Groom’s Wedding Trends to share with you. These ideas will help get your wheels turning to create the greatest ensemble, just for you!
1. Jewel Tone Suits & Tuxedos

You’re the groom, you should stand out! From berry to emerald to bright blue, we have you covered with the perfect shade to compliment you and your event.

2. The steady classic: NAVY

Navy blue is the easiest color to pull off and repurpose. A navy blue custom suit works for a daytime backyard wedding or a swanky city affair. This custom Groom’s look is simple to dress up or down depending on your venue or theme and will give you compliments and gorgeous photographs.

Whether you opt for texture, jewel tones, or a classic navy custom suit or custom dinner jacket, our Designers will help find the perfect trend to elevate your wedding look and ensure you receive compliments for years to come. Those photos will be undoubtedly shared on everyone’s social media platforms.

3. Warm Textured Dinner Jackets in Velvet

Velvet is popping up on the red carpets and runways all over the world. The key to perfecting this look is in the fit! Opt for a slim fit so the fabric doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Additionally, you have the option for 1/3 or 1/4 lining to reduce heat and stay cool in the spotlight.

TIP: Take it up a notch and add a velvet pant to your velvet custom suit for the wedding or future events (just not for warmer daytime weddings)

4. Contrasting Vests

Contrasting vests have been in a highlighted Groom’s look for a year or two now and are an easy way to be unique on your Big Day. Try a shade darker or a complimenting shade of grey to your blue suit for a subtle mix-n-match style.


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