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Friday, Jan 27, 2023

British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I’ve Read

British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I’ve Read

“Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England wrote the following response:
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B. P. Barbour 7 days ago
Dan Zan - Did you even read the article? You seem to think that it’s about Brits and Americans, when it is almost exclusively about what a buffoon Donald Trump is. You also attempt to present yourself as literate and well - read, while butchering the language with phrases like “out trumps Republican gerrymandering”. The “out” is unnecessary, as was your warning “no pun intended.” A pun is a product of wit, of which you have not an atom. You damn Trump with faint praise, like “while not having the greatest character in the world”, when that was what the article you’re attempting to critique was about. Character matters! Especially when you’re supposed to be “holding the candle of liberty in your hands for the benefit of all” in your tortured phrasing. You have made the inexplicable decision that Donald Trump, the semi - literate, vulgar, racist, humorless, lying, assaulter of woman is ‘your kind of guy’, and you and all the other MAGA Trumpers will stand by him ‘till the end, no matter what he says or does. The very worst thing my father could say about a man, was that he was a fool. You, sir, are a fool.
dan zan 16 days ago
Typically a British comment here about Trump when Brits all think they have a superior intellect to all Americans. This makes it easy to
trash Trump. While not having the greatest character in the world, Trump has done enough positive things for America at least 51% of the time.
This of course is decried by Brits and others as sucking up to Trump etc. Be that as it may, Trump still holds the candle of liberty in his hands for the
benefit of all and not just the rich elite. The elite benefit under Trump & advance too when they have the majority of money to invest in America to create jobs and fund companies at the lower levels of society as well. . Trump is here to stay and enough Americans will back him. The real problem is legal ballot harvesting and delayed voting which the democrats have mastered which out trumps(no pun intended) republican gerrymandering and voter suppression with limited voting access. These two items controlled by the democrats will ultimately determine if Trump will win or lose and not whether the issues matter or Trump's character matters.
Brits will always be subjects and and not free citizens like we are here in the US and it UN-nerves Brits.
dan zan 16 days ago
Typically a British comment about Trump when Brits all think they have a superior intellect to all Americans. This makes it easy to
trash Trump. While not having the greatest character in the world, Trump has done enough positive things for America at least 51% of the time.
This of course is decried by Brits and others as sucking up to Trump etc. Be that as it may, Trump still holds the candle of liberty in his hands for the
benefit of all and not just the rich elite. The elite benefit under Trump advance too when they have the majority of money to invest in America to create jobs and fund companies at the lower levels of society as well. . Trump is here to stay and enough Americans will back him. The real problem is legal ballot harvesting and delayed voting which the democrats have mastered which out trumps(no pun intended) republican gerrymandering and voter suppression with limited voting access. These two items controlled by the democrats will ultimately determine if Trump will win or lose and not whether the issues matter or Trump's character matters.
Brits will always be subjects and and not free citizens like we are in the US and it UN-nerves Brits.
Judi 9 days ago
Mr Zan, how can the country prove your ASSumptions are inaccurate and destructive? The ONLY VOTER SUPPRESSION IS BEING DONE BY GERRYMANDERING AND SO RESTRICTIVE VOTER LAWS BY THE REPUBLICANS! It’s so sad, in such a divisive climate that we can’t accept that he was a mistake, and only helped build the coffers of the Uber wealthy…and not even all of them support him. We need to see that he almost destroyed the institution of our democracy. Even the republicans are walking away. Anyone who promotes violence, supports violent organizations, (“good people on both sides” about torch carrying antisemites, chanting, “Jews will not replace us…”) and has blind followers are suffering from Cognitive Dissonance. Trump is losing ground and even lemmings sometimes stop and turn away. Be well and hopefully find clarity. Start loving ALL your neighbors and not follow self-indulgent hateful people.
Jefcon57 16 days ago
Your comments entered by head like a breath of fresh air. I have never seen one person, followed by millions of people, who can be so infantile and yet be so revered. It shows that their immaturity and nastiness were there just waiting to be normalized by someone as lacking in brains, feelings or self-control as they are. The saddest part though is that there are so many of them. America hasn't lost it's soul. It has just found out it lacked one all along!
John Bos 23 days ago
From the other side of the pond, I totally agree with the comments of so many of your readers. I need to laugh once in a while in the midst of all the cult-following creatures the have emerged from under the rocks that this cartoon of an American president has overturned.
Patricia Tanner 26 days ago
Nailed it!. Agree with every word. I will fight him to the bitter end. Our justice system needs to get off their butts too and have him charged with his crimes.
David VanBurkleo 27 days ago
Very well said!
Sandra Granade 27 days ago
Nailed him! I’ve never heard a more accurate, and scary, description of Donald tRump!
Don 29 days ago
He couldn’t be more right. trump is the epitome of stupidity and crassness
EJ Hopkins 29 days ago
Simply, spot on and bloody brilliant!
Jon Derek 31 days ago
Neither Nurture Nor Nature created this monster, he is the product of his own demise.
anon. Irishman called Derek
Jenny Mohawk 32 days ago
This article nails it - all the things many of us think about that orange pos but can't articulate as well as Nate White has. I agree with Everybody & all his & her brothers & sisters who've commented that this is the most accurate description of Putin's girlfriend there is. Nate White please keep on!
Joan Hunter 32 days ago
A lot of we Americans feel the same way and you articulated it beautifully.
Patricia Farrell 32 days ago
His mother once asked, "Have I raised a monster?" Yes, Mary, you did, indeed.
Angel Biaggi 33 days ago
Wow! You did downloaded the whole list of epithets from the Oxford Dictionary. But spot on. Best Trump descriptiion ever written.
Felix Justice 36 days ago
Felix Justice 36 days ago
And how, also, is Trump ranked as high as only the fourth worst President in US History? Surely that high ranking must be revised.
Felix Justice 36 days ago
There are still millions of Trump supporters out there, no matter that he is a documented sociopathic racist liar. That is truly distressing
Judi 9 days ago
Far too many and now the extreme right election deniers are inflicting violence on the other side; NM most recently. Also on election officials…
Richard DKB 50 days ago
Spot on good sir! Spot on. Leopards cannot change their spots and neither can Trolls 🧌.
Jay Bates 58 days ago
Everybody loves him prior to becoming an uncontrollable POTUS. Working for the people and not the globalists who to depopulate the earth. That means you need to go.
C G 58 days ago
Spoken like a true libtard
Catherine S. Dragonfly 59 days ago
Touche ~ Nailed it!
Steve Goldman 59 days ago
Dear Nate:
You have rendered the ultimate, acidulous, deservedly eviscerating polemic I have ever read, worthy no less of our Brit. predecessor Jonathan Swift! My thanks to you is unrenderable in language, where I have some facility. I will save and print this piece as the museum-quality work of art it is. And as well, there is nothing so delicious to me as seeing a bully "get it in the nuts"! UP THE BRITS!!!!!!!!! And thank you again. Iffin' you don't know, there is a book called "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" by 37 - psychiatrists (with Noam Chomsky thrown in.) I think you have outdone them all. Gloria in excelsis to you. Sir Limey! I
Hirsh Bilow 60 days ago
What is embarrassing to me, is that there are still Republicans that follow him To the demise of the Republican Party. They have no shame.
Hirsh Bilow 60 days ago
Well you certainly have defined Trump, . I hate to even say his name Yes so repulsive
Felix Justice 65 days ago
Bravo Camille! Bravo Janet Amos! Bravo Bill Haber! You have validated my point made in my March ‘22 letter to Congresswoman Cheney in which I predicted that if and when a Trump-like sociopath should emerge from our side on the left, that the condemnation would be swift and voluminous FROM US - and that, unlike the accommodating silence from the Portmans and the Grassleys, which reenforces criminality, making her a lone voice for decency, earning her the opprobrium of her cowardly cohorts, that we would stand firm and united against corruption in our own ranks, and I told Ms. Cheney in that letter that the Republican Party could never hope to appeal to moral rectitude until that day when it declares without ambiguity that Trump and Trumpism are unwelcome in their midst.
Julie Austin 72 days ago
Spot on!!!!’nm
Barry Lockard 76 days ago
That "significant minority – perhaps a third – of Americans" who approve of Trump are the portion described best by H. L. Mencken. "As for the great masses of the common people, whose rectitude and acumen are so widely lauded, they may be divided into two classes: those to whom thinking is painful, and those to whom it is impossible."
Janet Amos 77 days ago
If only the American press would write with this degree of eloquent accuracy in the evaluation of Trump. As shocking as it is that some Americans are brainwashed, take heart that at least half of us are fighting the good fight. I have faith that we will regain your respect.
Camille California 77 days ago
A spot on written portrait of the man who harvests the disgust of every living specimen with common sense, and at the same time the cheer of the Neanderthal part of the brain who rallies rudely through life with a bulldozering truck, and a provoking Trump flag, (while his hero in reality dislikes this working paycheck guy as much as the germs he washes from his hands). The Trump phenomenon and his harmful effect on the American society will remain haunting our lives for quite a while. Apart from the political impact there’s a divide that resulted in broken family ties, it ruined friendship, it made people feeling lost and isolated no longer welcome in their social circles where Trump planted his fan-a-tism demonstrated by hate talk, name calling and applause for bullying. The man leaves a track of not only economical damage caused by his bankruptcies and hit-and-run business dealings, a hatred-driven political culture and inspires the ill minded who will keep on working on revenges for his loss while in reality he is the only one to blame for his abuse of the American Dream.
Bill Haber 77 days ago
If, as an American, I could apologize to the world for the role I have played in elevating this ninkompoop to the status of President, I surely would. He is nothing short of a total embarrassment. However, many of us had nothing to do with this, have known him as a charlatan and a laughable silver spoon celebrity for decades and never took him seriously. While we were looking the other way, he figured out how to seduce those who never had a hand in the game and bring them out of their holes en masse. His ascension was shocking and his diabolical plan was worse. We will be digging ourselves out of it for years. He had to come along to challenge us to scrutinize our values, our national identity, and what is important going forward. We cannot be united until we all agree on fair play, rule of law and democracy. I for one think yesterdays election was a step beyond Trumpism and a path out of the chaos. Biden’s speech made a great analogy about how we would perceive this happening in the UK. Watch us rebound, as we do.
Maggie 77 days ago
Thank you for expressing "My thoughts" into your words. Bravo!
Felix Justice 88 days ago
Donald Marjorie. A bond forged in hell.
Tracy Dove 88 days ago
Spot on. The nonsense of this clown and his cult has to stop NOW! We must require mental health evaluations for every person who runs for any governing office as well as, an intelligence test. ENOUGH OF THE MAGA BULLSHIT~ starting at the top. Trump and his creepy circle have to go. They had their time and now it’s over and time for them to leave.
Ann T 86 days ago
A MAGA hat is the new Dunce cap. It identifies the angry, gullible, brainwashed racists and misogynists who will disregard every bit of credible information with credible sources if Trump tells them it is “fake news.” And that goes for the folks
who fly a “Let’s go Brandon” banner in their yard. People actually PAY for a sign that tells the world a gullible fool lives there?

How does Trump get away with this bullshit for nearly two years now? He has absolutely nothing to back up his claims.
Felix Justice 102 days ago
He’s the biggest turd in the sewer he inhabits. And by far the stinkest.
Felix Justice 108 days ago
I believe the history books will be less kind to him than you are, Mr White.
Felix Justice 108 days ago
Mr. White, you have written his obituary.
Daniel 110 days ago
Truly spot on description of his wretched mess of a man. Truly the day he dies the world will collectively whoop in joy. They will have to seal his body in an secret grave because anybody that knows where it is will go piss on his corpse.
Damien MacIntyre 123 days ago
Awesome analysis
Spot on
Miki Leeper 126 days ago
Clearly this was written by a Brit. It is a fabulous portrait of a man who is, among other things, mentally ill.
But how such a narcissist could have been elected is beyond me. Yes, the electoral college - we're trying
to get rid of that. but even so . . . .
Ann T 125 days ago
This is the man who calls himself a “stable genius,” and says he is smarter than (insert noun here). How many times has this delusional egomaniac said that he knows more about (insert noun here) than anyone? Donald “I love the uneducated” Trump is right about one thing… he IS smarter than the troglodytes who support him. He has made fools of all of them.
Dr. Marshall Myers 128 days ago
If anyone is responsible for the division in the U.S. it is Donald Trump. His lies are frankly so ridiculous that most people wonder where he got them. His basic problem is his ego. He thinks the world revolves around him. Every decision he makes reflects that. He cannot accept the results of the American election because he cannot accept that he would be rejected. He was president for four years with only a Obama economy to thank.
Lena 77 days ago
2 years! but it seemed like 40.
so lame he only served one term, but the damage is done.
Leslie Revy 128 days ago
brilliantly said and spot on. Bravo!!!
Deborah Newman Sharpe 129 days ago
This says it all!
Gail 133 days ago
Nailed it
Frank Phillips 134 days ago
Apparently, you can be a curmudgeonly scoundrel and win votes. What does this say about the power of the losing political party? Guess it took time for Trump to display his true nature and for all to see how so many were wooed by his rhetoric. It may take decades for us to heal from the abrasions our democracy has suffered.
Anna Brown 134 days ago
Ditto . . .
Stone Laraway 142 days ago
Hear! Hear!
John Bush 154 days ago
Wow I thought this was a great article. It points out all the flaws of Trump. I can’t believe the Republican Party is still trying to hang onto him. Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to America so far in our history.
Jane 165 days ago
Great article!! I’ve seen it before and it is spot-on!
John Henderson 167 days ago
Anyone who thinks Putin would not have attacked Ukraine if Trump was still president must think Putin actually respects Trump more than the average American. Putin is evil. But he is not stupid.
john CATTERALL 172 days ago
If Trump had been re-elected Putin would not have moved into Ukraine .We would not have had this crisis
Laurie 169 days ago
Ann T 165 days ago
That’s absurd! Putin has had Trump in his pocket for years. Remember the private meetings between Putin and Trump in Helsinki? No interpreter for Trump? What went on in there, and with the discovery of Top Secret documents that Trump illegally removed from the White House, what was he going to do with those documents?

It should not surprise or shock anyone that Trump stole Top Secret papers and took them to his residence. Each of his flimsy excuses for taking them are not valid, which leads us to the very critical-to-National-security question … what did he plan to do with them? Sell them? Meanwhile, he continues to beg his “I love the uneducated” supporters for money to pay his legal expenses!! Just how dumb are these people who still support him? He lies
Marc Kristal 181 days ago
Max 185 days ago
Brilliant article for not once mentioning his 3 clinical diagnoses - malignant narcissist, psychopath, and sociopath - which are largely ignored by the US media. US psychiatrists are prevented from speaking about these obvious and dangerous diagnoses. They can not publicly talk about them because of the so-called "Goldwater Rule", which is actually not a "Rule" at all, but rather an excuse to not talk about the reality and truth that is destroying democracy in the US. And the article doesn't even mention the corruption and criminal behavior of this desperately sick person who has managed to bring 30% of the US population and and 75,000,000 US voters into his delusional cult.
Patrick Calhoun 189 days ago
You nailed it !!! Now if you could just carefully place that nail in the center of his flat forehead and drive the point home all of the world (and most of America) would love you for it.
Carmen Ramos 190 days ago
What a wonderful description of this poor soul! And the writer was a nice guy, otherwise it would have been even worse!! Lol, I love it!
Jim Taters 195 days ago
Maybe Trump is like this from realizing after years of being a liberal playboy that he was raised in a lie and is now cynical of all this liberal and political.
Cynthia Bellack 161 days ago
No, he was always like this. Years ago he stated in an interview he'd run a a Republican if he ever ran for office, Democrats and Liberals have always known who he is and what he is and he knows this. Republicans are too blind, stupid, or corrupt to know or care, a fact of which he is also aware.
Felix Justice 196 days ago
Time to quit mincing words and indulging in willful blindness folks The cancer that is Donald Trump is not an aberration emerging from the nethers of Reality TV. No. There is a clear appetite for Naziism in large segments of the US and around the democratic western world, and it is being fed by huge infusions of cash and enabling propaganda from within and without. Trump is merely a useful idiot.
Aquiles VacaBriones 204 days ago
Absolutely true it is an X-ray of the lout tRump !!
Felix Justice 205 days ago
Robert E. Crimo III, Kyle Rittenhouse the Advance Guard in Making America Great Again. Intensification to come.
QueenJuliep 210 days ago
With the revelations of the Jan 6 hearings, I finally have the confidence that Trump had met his Waterloo.
Felix Justice 211 days ago
Will moral character be important for my grandchildren’s generation? Or will Trumpism vanquish the good?
Ann T 218 days ago
These J6 hearings are a real eye opener. It’s no shock to see that Trump has lied constantly about losing the election, but to see the extent he was willing to lie and threaten to try and illegally overturn the election is a new low for him. People have been threatened and terrorized; their homes and families have been terrorized, as Trump and Fool-iani name names and give out personal information of innocent people simply doing their job, all because Trump’s fragile ego couldn’t handle the fact that he had lost.

For all that I have disagreed with Adam Kinsinger over the past few years, he has stepped up big time and has bravely endured the terrible threats to himself, his wife, and his infant child. What kind of people does Trump have as followers? The threat was published and was clearly written by a violent, insane person. You know …. the kind of person that the Republicans think should be allowed to have assault rifles.
Vanessa Minns 230 days ago
You are so so right. I am British, it is so difficult to get a handle on why so many Americans love the guy. We need constantly to remind ourselves that although Americans speak a similar language to ours - they are foreigners. As different from Brits as French, Italian, Arab or Chinese for that matter.
J Joseph 232 days ago
This has elevated my view of the British! Perfect 100% spot on description of our orange jackass Donald J. Trump
Felix Justice 245 days ago
I would also throw in Uncle Clarence and his lovie Ginger or whatever it is in the mix.
Felix Justice 245 days ago
I guarantee you, without exception, it is the merchants of hate, Donald Trump and Fox News, principally, that are responsible for the climate of paranoia which results in the horrors of Buffalo and Uvalde. No other explanation abides.
Felix Justice 253 days ago
Donald Trump and Fox News are tearing this country apart. It isn’t Kyle Rittenhouse. It isn’t Dylann Roof. It isn’t young Dedron. These unformed boys are mere symptoms of a larger malignancy eating away at America’s vitals. Trump and Fox. They’re the ones that are tearing this country apart.
Ann T 218 days ago
Don’t forget Alex Jones, OAN, Newsmax …. all liars and agitators, whipping up anger from the Deplorables with false statements.

You can be sure none of the Deplorables will be watching the J6 hearings. They’d rather remain ignorant than to admit they were completely fooled by Trump.
Felix Justice 254 days ago
How much responsibility does Donald Trump bear for the Buffalo slaughter?
fbfd 255 days ago
Marje Eynon 256 days ago
You sound very angry ! What interests me is why so many people voted for him …..
Man 207 days ago
You have an aversion to anger? Guess what: that’s a normal and valid human emotion. Not feeling or acknowledging it is toxic. Why do you think there’s a Yin and Yang? Many of us get angry at things that disgust us. You’re telling us that you don’t?
Joe Herz 261 days ago
This article reveals more about the writer, and the commenters, than it reveals about the man they hate. Hate blinds and breeds more hate.
Man 207 days ago
No dear. You’re projecting. The author just stated the facts. You were triggered because you saw qualities of yourself in it and are blaming the writer. Hatred is normal for those who are strongly disgusted by things. If you’re not disgusted by this man, you’re part of the problem. And given your reaction, that seems accurate.
J B 270 days ago
It took a Brit to say with utter perfection what 81 million+ Americans know but have a hard time articulating. My hat is off to you, sir.
Felix Justice 275 days ago
Trump has noted that his hold on his loyalists is nearly absolute - that he could commit murder in broad daylight on the streets of New York and suffer no defections. Events have borne this out. The Trump cult is practically indistinguishable from the Hitler cult, with both being supported by a wide-spread, lavishly financed propaganda apparatus. Trump’s Naziism is at one with Hitler’s.
M. Pius Potpourri 282 days ago
Truer words were never spoken. I would also venture to say that Biden is hardly to blame for the war in Ukraine--if blame has to be cast westward, Nato has thirty member states and more on the way.
And if I recall correctly, Neville Chamberlin got things done, too; he did a dandy job of preserving "Peace in Our Time", at least for a whole 336 days. People who are complicit with dictators belong in another age; hereditary privilege is questionable enough, but few things are more disgusting than self-proclaimed royalty. At least Napoleon had discernable talents! I fear, though, there may be a sufficiency of idiots to elect Agent Orange again, now that those who remember Hitler have moved on.
Jerry Barnett 283 days ago
Well,,,a year ago I had a dollar that bought a dollar's worth of what ever. Now my dollar is worth .74 cents. Not cool at all! I won't even mention the raise in the cost of gas.
We all benefited financially from the Trump Presidency. Plus we wouldn't have Putin in the Ukraine killing folks! The Donald would have not allowed that to happen.
I think the writer was right on about Trumps character. A complete asshole! But he got shit done that the present outfit seems to stumble at, at every turn in the road. It's performance that only Mr. Magoo would have been proud of!!!!
Walt Thode 280 days ago
1. Inflation was the result of the pandemic Trump screwed up so thoroughly, messing up the job market and causing delays in the supply chain.
2. The President, whoever it is, has almost no effect on gasoline prices.
3. What makes you think Trump would control Putin? Almost all evidence supports the exact opposite. It’s more likely that Putin saw how well he controlled Trump that he figured it would carry over to Biden. (I wonder if we’ll ever know what Putin had on Trump.)
Lorene Matta 284 days ago
This is the first time I've seen this. It is such a perfect description of this excuse for human being. I wanted the writer to know that so very man of we Americans were and still are horrified this person being president, being anything at all outside a jail cell. I hope the writer realizes that more Americans (I think so) detest this man. If they didn't before he became President I'm sure most due now.
Ray Levesque 285 days ago
Spot on!
Ed Klancher 287 days ago
Sounds like the liberal gang that want men to piss in the women's room is on the loose .
Man 207 days ago
You have liberalitis. Take your meds. And trans people aren’t walking sex organs. It’s what’s on the inside that matters. Their brains are structured like their gender identities, not their biological sex. Just the facts Eddy.
B.P. Barbour 287 days ago
The last line in Yeats’ epic poem “The Second Coming” wonders, “And what rough beast, its hour come ‘round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”Donald J Trump fits the bill perfectly…
Marcia D 287 days ago
Spot on!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!! He is the most Vain person I have ever seen!! If he becomes president again I am leaving this country!! No more Hitler!!
Marie Power 287 days ago
I would love to hear your analysis of boris Johnson .
A lot in common but the British love him
He has done enormous damage to Britain,Europe and the world 😩
Paul Hain 288 days ago
If Donald Trump is not Satan in human form, he definitely is one of the Devil's Angels. No person could do all hateful things and ALL lies all the time with one exception, HIS LOVER BOY, PUTIN, SO WE HAVE TWO OF THE DEVIL'S ANGELS .
Marcia Diebold 287 days ago
Paul Hain. Totally agree!! I believe he is the anti Christ!! Anyone that supports this Narcissist idiot is not a true American!! Why people follow this devil after he attempted to overthrow our government is not an American!! He still has followers even after he praised Putin. These people are cult followers and easily persuaded!
Felix Justice 297 days ago
Making America Great Again means returning to a time when you could call Mexicans stupid, Negroes lazy,and women knew their place. Trump fought hard for these goals
Felix Justice 298 days ago
Essentially, Trump is a showman - he gets his keenest rush from an adoring audience. But his gifts are scant; all of his jokes are mean, nasty, and ever so childish. But his audience members are charmed, they eat it up. That is because, like Trump, they are, in their fright, twisted, perverted, and perilously sadistic.
Felix Justice 299 days ago
Trump is a comedian who isn’t funny. Just mean. And hateful.
Fredrick Hammann 316 days ago
True words and you can add many other names alongside of trumps. For instance; Ron Paul , gov desantis of fl and Lindsey graham
Joseph Sermarini 325 days ago
Trump is icky.
Felix Justice 329 days ago
How does one distinguish Trump from Putin?
Felix Justice 1 year ago
The 2020 Presidential Election is not the first one Trump tried to subvert. He did the same thing in the wake of the 2012 election, which outcome displeased him. In that election, he did not claim voter fraud, but candidate malfeasance, claiming to have uncovered plausible evidence that the winner was foreign born and thus ineligible to serve. So far as I know, Mr Trump has never shared this evidence with anyone. But I may be wrong.
Ann T 1 year ago
No, Felix, he couldn’t share the “evidence” because he didn’t have any. He finally conceded that Obama was born in the USA, but Trump waited until September 2016 to admit it. Lies, lies, and more lies.

His delusional claim that he won the 2020 election “by a landslide” is a thousand times more toxic, as it is dividing our country. Just like the Obama claim, he has absolutely NOTHING to back it up, just his huge ego that refuses to believe that he lost. Unfortunately, he continues to profit on his lies, as Trump’s uneducated fan base continues to throw their money at him. Lots and lots of money.

How ANYONE could continue to support this monster is beyond me. Clearly his base has no clue as to how serious his actions and inaction regarding the January 6th freak show reveals how close we came to losing our democracy. Trump was ready to have the military seize the voting machines in a pathetic attempt to declare himself the winner. The list of Republican cohorts in this illegal and unconstitutional act continues to grow, as more and more evidence is given. And in spite of all the evidence against Trump, his brainless base will simply shrug it off as “fake news,” just as Trump has programmed them to do. All the cons, all the lies, all the cheating, all the greed …. they refuse to admit that Trump is anything but their saintly hero.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
How did President Trump honor Doctor King on MLK day?
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Vladimir Putin would like nothing more than a civil war in the streets of America. In that he is perfectly aligned with Stewart Rhodes.
Jami Updike 1 year ago
Whoever the writer of the article, he encapsulated the adjectives w/precision!! I LOL at Jabba the Hutt-kinda dates us but, so worth including that! Anyway, just throwing my two cents in, favorably toward the writer. It’s been a couple years of persistent proof-we need no more to know what he is, as well as WHO he is, if that in fact isnt giving him too much credit ~of being truly human~The simplistic emoticon is 🙃🙃🙃!!
Bernice Palmer 1 year ago
This is certainly a proper estimation of what I see in Trump but if I wasn't a foreigner, I might enlighten it some. I think this man is thoroughly
corrupt and should be taken to a place where he cannot have any communication to the outer world. There are many Americans that would better
fold into the Conservative works and be an asset to this large country and work to save the country's identity and save it from further intervention
from this man. His followers left in the U.S. government must be closely watched! They may want to redo the insurrection. Trump should be
charged with murder in the last insurrection!. He cannot be corrected. How many innocents died for their U.S. country! Maybe a mental institution
would do but the US must decidedly call that shot.
Sheila 1 year ago
Never a truer word! Right ON!
Deborah Walker 1 year ago
Joan P 1 year ago
Joyce 1 year ago
Nailed it!!!
Mary Kunkel 1 year ago
Best description I've seen! Brilliant writing, Nate White!
Annette Proctor 1 year ago
So brilliant - and so, so accurate.
FERN BEAULIEU 1 year ago
Impeccable clarity - too bad 40% of USA believe this pumpkin head is for them!
Jean Sanders 1 year ago
Felix Justice your comments are sarcasm right? No one is that stupid
Magi 1 year ago
The only error in this article, is that it's not just the British that feel this way about Trump, but the majority of Americans do too and most of the world find him offensive to the human race.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
I would reduce the rise in sociopathic violence and unfettered racism to two words: Donald “knock the crap out of them I will pay your bail” “He is not a legitimate President, he was not born here” Trump. Who disagrees?
Felix Justice 1 year ago
You see how we’ve proved our point? First we have a 17 year old in Wisconsin showing how guns keep us safe, and now a 15 year old in Michigan standing up for Freedom. Without a doubt, by the time you’re eleven - ten, maybe, you should be entitled to full armament, going forth to defend Western Civilization.
Felix. Justice 1 year ago
Cruz: Sleaze made flesh.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Can you believe it? These COVID vaccinations are being given away! Free! To communists, even. Socialism has arrived! To the trenches, boys, if we’re going to make America great again, we’ve gotta make sure the market remains supreme. There’re profits to be made from these drugs, profits squandered by these incompetents in charge.
Morgan 1 year ago
Wow! A summation that could have been made before he became President, not that it would have mattered but, it is a perfect description of him.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
It makes sense, though, don’t you think? If history is going to laud people like Colin Powell and Adlai Stevenson, how are Donald Trump and his twin Lindsey Graham likely to be portrayed?
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Let every Brownshirt worldwide rejoice in the eulogy for Colin Powell by our esteemed leader, Donald J. Trump.
Felix justice 1 year ago
How similar they are, these two figures prancing across the world stage over the past half century: both shameless self promoters - ‘I am the greatest, the most beautiful’ and ‘I know more about Geo-Politics than my Generals, more about the pandemic than the researchers’; both irresistible to women, according to each; both fairly uneducated; both with a habit of labeling their opponents with third grade level nicknames; and both deeply polarizing - beloved and reviled in the extreme. And yet history is likely to grade them divergently. One will be accorded the mantle of greatness. The other will suffer ridicule, dismissed as a fraud and a fool. Who can explain it? Who can unravel this conundrum?
Marilynboutelle 1 year ago
You Brits all seem to have class and charm and Cecil ort. How did so much of Anerican turn out this way? I could mention things here abd there, but gmGreat Britain did some pretty awaful things also. However, I am ashamed and embarrassed by many if not most of what we do. We seem to function on personal gain, Fred and really poor manners. Like we’re all narcissistic!!!!
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Leylah. Emma. You blanketed the world with talent and graciousness today and the world is forever in your debt. Your class and charm assures us who are at life’s end that your generation will rescue the world from the pettiness of Hitlerism and Trumpism. Thank you, ladies.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Leylah and Emma, you are too beautiful for words.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
There is no loser today, Leylah and Emma. You are both great sprits, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Adlai Stevenson, Benjamin E. Mays, beacons of Light. Demolishers of Trump. Love each other.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Emma! Leylah! As Reverend King ceaselessly taught us, you can’t overcome hate with more hate. Only love will redeem. We have endured the putrid presence of Donald J. Trump. Show us now some love, some class. You were both born with those gifts. Thank you for being the light of the world. Those of us who despise Trump and all he embodies could not wish for a greater gift than to have the two of you, decent and valourous, competing to bring light to the world. We can’t lose. Thank you ladies.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Is he a real person? Three dimensional? Or is he merely a mirage? A phantom. A mannequin that smells.
Christopher Tiske 1 year ago
I was born in the U.S. and I currently think America is falling apart. I think America's main issue is there's too much freedom. It's weird to say, but I believe that democracy is the best IDEA, but not the best course of action. This goes especially for a country who is built up of mostly immigrants with all sorts of different beliefs and views. Then, we have two opposing parties that make up our government, with people that are voted in from this mess.

Too continue, there is some incredibly and astonishingly stupid people in America with all sorts of different types of conundrums: lack of intelligence, ignorance, greed, and racism. A fine recollection of this would be that seven-percent of all Americans believe Chocolate Milk comes from brown cows. This fact was surveyed by an accredited university. Now, imagine all these types of people voting for their country's leaders. Thus, we have the United States.

It is my personal belief that if democracy is to exist there must be some type of intelligence quota testing, or evaluation, by an accredited psychologist. These tests should also be performed, with documentation presented, in order to be allowed to vote. Doing this would prevent any unrational voting views.

Many Americans do not even know what our constitution defines specifically, yet they are still permitted to vote. My favorite is Freedom of Speech clause. People think it is set up so you can degrade, or slander individuals, without any consequences. THAT IS NOT WHAT OUR CONSTITUTION ALLOWS! Our Freedom of Speech mentioned in the Constitution gives us the right to speak our opinions or express our beliefs against our GOVERNMENT, not individuals. Actually, slander and degradation is illegal in many states and can result in civil and monetary suites in court, if you can prove it. ASK tRUMP, he sued a member of his hotel clientele for referring him as resembling "the son of an orangutan." This had been published in Forbes Magazine some years back. Yet, he runs around and does the same exact thing. Hypocracy at it's finest. Now, with a mess like this and people who don't actually even know what our constitution actually defines, imagine them all running out to the polls every four years voting for our leaders. Testing is crucially in need.

With all of this said, we get people voted in like tRUMP, child molesting state governers, and idiotic leadership. Nancy,in our own congress, mentioned "Jewish Space Lasers" as a result in an argument amungst our congress representatives. What in thee holy f$%# is a Jewish Space Laser? Can anyone please enlighten me? This is what I, and other coherent Americans have to deal with.

Covid 19 is also no excuse. Americans did the exact same s$%@ during the early nineteen hundreds when the Spanish Flu pandemic was peaking. They behaved in the exact stupid manner they are putting forth now.

*** This being said, I am only a common citizen in the U.S. If the London daily needs any further insight from a commoner in the State of Wisconsin, don't hesitate to email me at the address I provided.
Pat Em 347 days ago
You are correct about everything you said, except gor one thing. It was not Nancy Pelosi who talked about Jewish space lasers, it was that RepubliSCUM nutcase Marjorie Taylor Greene. Nancy is very well educated and would never make such an idiotic claim.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Thank you, Leylah Fernandez, the much needed antidote to the vile vacuous, vulgar Trump. You are the spirit of grace and dignity. Thank you. Happy Birthday. Beauty will overcome the ugly. You are full of BEAUTY.
Sawyer Brit 1 year ago
Adding this to the pile of "look here not there" articles meant to turn ones attention away from the bumbling, embarrassment of the Biden Harris regime which as an American is even more of an eye roller as one would expect more up to the minute articles. Sigh. Trump is the lazy writers gift as the never ending dead horse beating as if sitting around in their p.j.'s in a Covid stupor had taken the last ounce of writers block. 6 airplanes full of Americans sitting on the Kabul Airport tarmac isn't as news worthy perhaps because President Trump lives rent free in their minds. Snap out of it. Americans love their Trump. They 110% do. I mean hello? Biden making deals with the terrorists asking them to lie is such a non event?
Llynne 1 year ago
Wow, you are a credit to the ignorance of the right! Keep up the good work!
Felix Justice 1 year ago
MAGA rally on holloween? Double dipping.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
The real dilemma for the Kluxers and Nazis is that Trump, unlike Hitler, is keenly aware that he is a fraud.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
The former guy didn’t just win the ‘20 election. He won it by a landslide! Let’s hear it for the smartest, fittest, sexiest, purest man who ever lived!
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Senator Cruz. Sleaze made flesh.
Ann Augustine 1 year ago
I offered an opposing view and it wasn't posted; proving how the corrupt media misinforms foolish folks who don't demand facts. Question why Americans want to Make America Great Again and hired Trump to do exactly that. What did we have to lose but a massive criminal construct taking our beloved country down?
Ann T. 1 year ago
Donald Trump certainly did NOT make America great. His constant and well documented lies have ignited a terrible civil war within our country. He lost the election, and the more he lies - and his disgusting enablers lie - the more people like you believe him, and the anger builds up and becomes violence. Trump WANTS the violence. He encouraged it on January 6th. He has used our tax dollars to make a fortune for himself. This is all well documented facts, so you won’t find that information on FOX News, or OAN, or NewsMax, or listening to Alex Jones’ spewing
rants. There are plenty of reliable news sources that you can turn to, but you don’t want to hear any facts, do you? That’s why Trump said that he loves the uneducated. He loves you because you believe every word he says and willingly make fools of yourself for him. Look at that poor deranged Mike Pillowhead. He will go bankrupt if he continues on this path of blind stupidity.

We demand facts. You won’t face facts.
Ann Augustine 1 year ago
WELL over a third, actually a VAST MAJORITY of Americans respect that Trump earned his billions during a lifetime of hard work dealing with the broad spectrum of humanity out to best him monetarily. Unlike politicians who pretend to send Foreign Aid to needy countries only to have it funneled back into their families' accounts laundered through humanitarian aid. Audits and statistical analysis are proving that Trump got well over 75 million votes and, in fact won the election by a landside. Biden's votes were manufactured out of dead, ghost and flat-out fraudulent registrations. Trump didn't have to give up his great life to serve the country he loves; he's in it to return the control of our country to US, We the People. Brits aren't revolted by Obama's treason? Are y'all so stupid as to be played by that fraud? Country Club RINO Republicans are being outed by those of us who stand responsibly beside our legitimate President insisting on lawful, honorable and just policies. I attended a MAGA rally on Halloween where 70,000 showed up to support his re-election in a rural county! This foolish article is written out of ignorance and nastiness. All the points noted demonstrate, NOT that Trump and Americans aren't "nice" but that the author needs to look at the record, ask himself what Americans expect from their tax and emotional investments and recognize that NO OTHER POLITICIAN OF ANY SUBSTANCE has DELIVERED in that regard in the past 4 years and longer! Nate White, you may be "articulate and witty" but you've no skin in this game and when the Arizona Audit report is delivered, you'll learn the sordid truth about the treasonous democrats about to learn; "THE PARTY'S OVER!"
Ann T. 1 year ago
There isn’t a truthful statement in your entire delusional mess of a post. “Audits and statistical analysis are proving that that Trump got well over 75 million votes and, in fact won by a landslide.” SERIOUSLY?? There has been NO evidence presented that will back up your nonsense. NONE. ZERO. NADA. Not even whe they had a chance to present it to the Supreme Court. They had nothing to back up their delusions.

But go ahead and keep sending them your money. That’s all they want from you anyway.
Derek King 1 year ago
You live in Bizarro World. The vast majority of Americans know the truth about Trump and that he inherited then squandered his wealth, borrowed from banks then defaulted on them over and over to the point none are willing to loan to him now. He's a lifelong crook and a cheat and a pathological liar. The pathetic part is you still believe his proven lies and all the nonsense about his "success" and the Big Lie about the election being stolen. Grow up.
Otterpop 1 year ago
Kudos for managing to cram so much bat-shit crazy into one post.
Llynne 1 year ago
Are you delusional? You have a serious problem!
David 1 year ago
Poop for brains
Mike Farland 1 year ago
I've been saying since that jackass was elected that it feels like we're living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. A really bad episode. You have summarized bunker boy perfectly. The scary part is all of the people who still think he's the best. Probably close to 40% of our voters. But that number is getting smaller all the time. He's most likely killed the republican party. We need at least two parties for our form of government to work properly. I guess there's nothing in the rule book that says republicans have to be one of them.
Larry 1 year ago
Cornpoop, you must be braindead!
Cornpoop 1 year ago
Biden lied Americans DIED!
DAVID 1 year ago
Poop for brains.
LunaB 1 year ago
True trump scums parroting everything he says about Biden. Trump and his dirty filthy rhetoric and dung he spews for his cult vermin followers to lap up wade and roll in to saturate themselves to permeate the stench of their decayed spirit, soul and body.
Cornpoop 1 year ago
Memo to the uninformed - Donald Trump is no longer president - Joe Biden's ineptness on full display with Afghanistan - keep watching
DAVID 1 year ago
Poop for brains!
Lisa Nazzaro 1 year ago
Beautifully said. The sad and scary part is the number of Americans who still believe that Trump is a God and the answer to the problems of the world. They make our country look weak and stupid.
Elaine Sensiper 1 year ago
Now do Ivanka?? Pleeeeaaasssseeee?
olivia 1 year ago
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Felix Justice 1 year ago
Patriots! Get back to making money! That’s what America is all about. Don’t be distracted by all of this foolishness about lockdowns and the COVID virus. The COVID virus will miraculously disappear, take my word for it. -Donald J. Trump, the smartest man who ever lived.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
Given the choice of voting for Donald Trump or Charles Manson, I’d flip a coin.
Felix Justice 1 year ago
I find it incredulous that anyone with an ounce of self respect could possibly vote for this empty, ignorant, artificial creature.
Marylene b Tinaz 1 year ago
Illustrious imbecile
Geezer 1 year ago
With all of those qualifications it's no wonder he's the biggest jackass in the history of the universe!
Pete Carroll 1 year ago
He is the American Ebineezer Scrouge. Hopefully they are a cell for him at Rivers island.
Marko Fields 1 year ago
Well said, very well said. As an American, I am often slackjawed, dumbfounded by the fact that so many Americans still revere Donald J Trump; indeed, that such a being can be called a racist, bully, pathological liar, tax cheat, sexual predator, narcissist, misogynist, and sociopath, and that these are simply established facts, and not name calling, is an indictment of our country. Calling him an asshole or - my favorite - a corroded bucket of whale sperm, seems entirely reasonable. He has brought shame to the United States of America. Donald J Trump is truly evil. And that is so very very sad.
Helen 1 year ago
Such an articulate and accurate description of the creature! The sad thing is, America, he has followers waiting in the wings to replace him!! They are equally repulsive, but more intelligent and therefore very scary! Please, please, Americans, vote them out when possible, and for heaven’s sake, write your congress rep and senator and insist they support the federal voter legislation that would protect your democracy from the white supremacist state laws that will destroy it.
Harriet Cole 1 year ago
OMG— best description of the worst President in United States history!!
Jean D Evansmore 1 year ago
Thank you. Thank you. So thankful there is at least ONE writer with the brains to write it as it is. I cannot thank you enough.
S R 1 year ago
Mr White
Oh Lord you have said exactly the correct descriptions of the Dork Trump former head shit in WH. Thank You .🎉👍😀
John Schuster 1 year ago
Spot on!!
Dick 1 year ago
I actually read this piece assuming a British accent (I’m American) and it is absolutely spot on.

Mike Lundrigan 1 year ago
it so very sad to see what has happened to our US neighbours! I never thought I would see the likes of Trump become the POTUS, EVER!! Now that he lost and Biden replaced him, I thought Americans would come to their senses but apparently his followers and most of the Republicans will not accept the obvious truths! Trump is a criminal, Covid is real and everyone, who
does not have a medical exemption needs to get vaccinated!! Common sense is apparently not all that common after all!!
Marymary 1 year ago
Just remember... He lost the popular vote twice.
ej neiland 1 year ago
As an American, more frightening than where we have been is where we have yet to go... this human clusterfuck still has power over his base and his enablers from within. There seems to still be madness brewing in the fringe of his crazy MAGA base, a rebellion in the works of you will. King Orange, General Flynn, Mr. Pillow and others still preach the big lie hoping to incite division/violence. We are not out of the woods as long as the big bad wolf remains on our political horizon. 4 years was only the beginning. Only the steady hand of justice can save us now. The question is will she? And will the MAGA crowd ever accept any truth about their corrupt leader when they believe everyone else to be the enemy? The FBI, Supreme Court, mainstream media... it's inside-out, upside-down insanity. American democracy is teetering and those who truly believe in her are fighting to hold her steady while others continue to shake the walls of our truth and values. We are a nation still rattled by 1/6, but we are hoping and striving for stability.
Steve Lisson 1 year ago
WOW!!!! What we Canadians have been thinking and commenting on since this despicable man came into power. Living beside what once was the greatest democracy in the world, we have been bombarded with this man's rhetoric. I can't believe that half the American public could be so naive. BOY!!!!! how low can you go and all of this in 4 years of power.
Jill I. Holsen 1 year ago
Absolutely spot on!!
Bobbie 1 year ago
I'll just close my eyes and he will go away.....(eventually)!
@Msbwul 1 year ago
Every idea presented in this article evoked a memory. Recently in the news we heard of notes a Dept of Justice official took as Trump spoke with the goal of casting doubt on a fair election. He instructed the DOJ to say "the election was corrupt. Leave the rest to me." My Jeopardy brain kicked in- Lady Macbeth, End of Act I, tells her husband a murder scheme and says, Leave all the rest to me." Yep. Shakespeare shit.
Rosita N Valladares 1 year ago
Spot on. I wonder if they can check if he even has his amygdala intact. Never underestimate the power of stupidity! This is how he won.
Texas Joe 1 year ago
Bulls Eyed 100% factual, every word, every sentence. I want to frame this piece of art.
Donna P 1 year ago
He is just pathetic and disgusting and not worth wasting my breath
David B 1 year ago
A job well done. An embarrassment to mankind and all Americans. The photo catches the smug asshole that he is. Certainly the most despicable president of all times. I wish him the worst and pray that he will be prosecuted and land in the grey hotel. Once again, congratulations! It is so nice to
have this jerk in print
Liesel McCurry 1 year ago
After reading this I can stop crying and start laughing hysterically!
Adam G 1 year ago
Trump represents a cult of lowly esteemed confederate hangers on whose idea of “great America” is to revert to White empowerment and privilege at the expense of lesser minorities and immigrants.
I was once questioned as to what qualifications I had that would justify me being in a better job than that which he had. It is born of the belief that they belong to a superior race that owns America, everyone else, including indigenous people are lesser than they are Add to that the fact that if immigration is not rationed, based on color then they will eventually become the minority.
That is how cults operate, if you do not belong you are the enemy. This is what Trump nurtures
Diana harris 1 year ago
…”a Shakespeare of shit” This is an award 🥇 winning description of Trump‼️💨
@msbwul 1 year ago
Most definitely!
Wayne G 1 year ago
Clearly the most inhuman traits have been shared by the worst leaders in history. Unfortunately, too many people see overconfidence and bombast as strengths. Like the quote says, “if we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.” I don’t think Trump would be actually chosen to be the nominee again and his past crimes are being uncovered.
Randy 1 year ago
My apologies. Will do better on the editing next time.
Randy 1 year ago
Nate White originally write this description if Trump over 2 years ago. It is I'm not sure it could be any better even if the author tried to update it to account for everything that has happened since he originally wrote it.
Gary bailey 1 year ago
Now you can clearly see what you got.
Patsy 1 year ago
The most accurate description of Trump I've seen thus far. You forgot, however, to focus on what an existential danger he is, not only to America, but to the world. He's a fascist determined to regain destroy democracy and crown himself Emperor for Life. Look at the world leaders he's embraced, aided and abetted, including Vladimir Putin of Russia, Kim of N. Korea, Erdogan of Turkey, Lukashenko of Belarus, Xi Jinping of China, Abdel Fatah aSisi of Egypt, Abdul Azis Al Saud and Prince Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Khalfia Nahyan of United Arab Emirates, all enemies of democracy and human rights. He sought some of these alliances for his own personal financial gain, but for the most part, he simply shares their views, and apparently over 30% of Americans are either just blithefully ignorant or share their their views as well. Either way, they are traitors to the country and to the concept of democracy. Not only did he do nothing to stop the Covid pandemic, he deliberately lied, covered up and argued against the advice of medical experts, sacrificing the lives of more than 670,000 fellow Americans all for for his own political gain. Even now, he and his allies in right-wing media and the GOP continue to kill Americans with lies about the 2020 election, the live-saving vaccine and the wearing of masks. Think of how easy it's been for Trump and his GOP allies to con over 30% of Americans into believing his lies and refusing to take a live-saving vaccine, not to mention taking away the right to vote from millions of voters, all in the name of Trump's ego and desperate need to regain political power. His supporters call it "freedom," but it's just racism, selfishness, ignorance and immorality -- all traits they admire in their cult leader, Donald J. Trump. Since January, Trump has amassed over $75 million dollars from voters by claiming the contributions would be used to "stop the steal" and overturn the 2020 election. But, his own financial statements prove that not a single dollar has gone toward fighting the election results, funding fake audits or anything else related to the election. Instead, all $75 million is being used to pay for his own personal expenses, for travel, criminal defense lawyers, staff, his personal businesses, and the cost of maintaining his personal lifestyle. The abbreviation for Republican voters should not be "Reeps," it should be "Rubes." It's like the old cliché, "A fool and his money are soon parted," and 95% of the GOP are fools. Trump has no policies he wants to enact. He's driven to regain the White House only to serve his enormous ego and to once again, use the presidency as his own personal piggy bank, funded by taxpayers.
Pat Em 347 days ago
Brilliant, simply brilliant piece of writing, Patsy! Everything you said is so true and spot on. I worry that the damage is done and he will get back in power. The world would not survive if regains any power whatsoever.
Joanne Lee 1 year ago
Dear Mr. White: I nominate your article to be placed in Trump's Presidential Library. Americans need to be reminded of how dangerous this man was to democracy.
Kerryann Kenney 1 year ago
thank you — this is therapeutic — I wish we had a hero to send him packing to the hinterlands

The hinterlands know better, even obscurity wants nothing to do with him.
Janice Luscher 1 year ago
Good article. We are stuck with a habitual liar because he is poor loser, probably the worst in history. He has always had everything his way so he can't accept reality so he runs around spreading the Big Lie. Every Court in the land ruled against him but the pathetic human being that is can't accept it. His daughter, Ivanka and her husband have stepped away from him because he was blaming his lost on Jared, her husband. He never takes the blame for anything and it is everyone else's fault. The polls said the whole year that he was losing so it shouldn't have been surprise. That's why he started blaming it on the voting even before the election. He is a evil human being causing the Jan. 6 riot by inciting the violence. He will stoop to anything to get his way.
Jody 1 year ago
Perfect. We agree!
Gene Kirkland 1 year ago
Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Many thanks.
AddieM 1 year ago
What a spot on description of a witless, classless, self-centered, narcissistic POS!
Like many others, it is embarrassing for me as an American that the world sees the United States have a LOT of despicable, deplorable, racist schmucks who can stand behind a grifter and continues to allow him to fleece them for his so-called PAC.
Harry B 1 year ago
Substitute Farage or Johnson for Trump in these lines and it would ring just as true. And yet sizable numbers of British people support their versions of mini-Trump. Go figure.
Josef 1 year ago
What you are describing here is not just Donald Trump, but also the psychological underpinnings of a class and a 'race' of people in the US. The IQ level complete with the racism and mob boss mentality that bore the Confederacy through and after the Civil War is alive and well in this man and his supporters. The English writer here has described a lone individual whose psychotic neurosis is the spitting image of the underside of American society; hidden, diverse and mostly invisible but the fact that he could pull 74,000,000 voters is the iceberg tip sinking this Ship.
Frances Tornese 1 year ago
Tom, I’ve been wishing for a long time that Texas would secede.
Frances Tornese 1 year ago
Another from NJ. You couldn’t be anymore correct. I wish more Americans could see this truth and accept it.
Pedro Puckerstein 1 year ago
Sending this from New Jersey, home of Chris Christie and other corrupt politicians - this article is right on!
Trump is bore and a boar, actually he is more like a horses ass.
Ebtissam Ammar 1 year ago
Simply Great and Awesome
Thank you

This amazing funny and “so right on” article needs to be framed and hung in a museum for the ages!!
Thank you for eloquently expressing every thing I ever thought for the last five years and my frustration at my inability to really describe my feelings
Tom Conover 1 year ago
The tragedy is that there are people like Gary Brandenburg 3 hours ago:
“A real hit piece. None of it is true. 75 million voters agree with me. Let’s hear from Biden. A real disaster”
Gary knows how to read and write and gets his point across in few words. Then why, with an IQ, would Gary support Trump?
The fuck if I know!!
Some are religious extremists and some nuts who thing they should be allowed to own their own nukes.
Then there are the white power, racists who still wave the confederate flag and want their slaves back, The group of traitors known as the confederacy lost that war. Many would say the“South” got off. With merely a slap on the wrist.
Well, now they think they will they will be able to reelect Trump in 2024 by gerrymandering, eliminating polling locations, enacting laws that restrict voter’s rights, and by intimidation.
My solution is to make Texas it’s own country, move all the right wing religious. nuts there (we will move Austin out of Texas) and permanently close the borders. Then they can build a wall.
Connie Conover 1 year ago
Spot on! Most of us are good judges of character but our voting system has been Gerrymandered to the point our votes didn’t count for much and when we realized what happened it was too late. The world has suffered greatly with Trump as our leader.
Chris Foster 2 year ago
Thoughts from Canada. Great article. Alas, those who should read it, won’t read it, either because they can’t read or because they will be watching Fox News.
Gary Brandenburg 2 year ago
A real hit piece. None of it is true. 75 million voters agree with me. Let’s hear from Biden. A real disaster.
Renee 1 year ago
Great piece. 75 million Americans sadly were baffled by bullshit.
Dustie 1 year ago
And millions more know it to be true and are so disgusted by it they voted in record numbers to get him out of the whitehouse.
EAK 1 year ago
No, not a "real hit piece", just a piece of utterly accurate descriptive prose about the worst human being to ever serve as the U.S. President. As for 75 million voters agreeing with you, 75 million people used to think the world was flat and that the universe revolved around it. They were wrong then, and you 75 million are wrong now.
Eric B 2 year ago
Perfect description. I couldn’t stand him long before he became president and the last 4 years under his “leadership” have been awful.
Smithy 2 year ago
So very well said and true. Many Americans are done with his antics. That is why we voted him OUT!!!!
Mari 2 year ago
Bravo! Thank you for so aptly stating what. many in the U.S think.
Laura 2 year ago
Couldn’t have said it better! Spot on description.
Teddy 2 year ago
I thought I had enough of hearing shit about this man, but the UK article is bloody refreshing.
Roland 2 year ago
I've been frustrated over the past 4 years at not being able to properly describe the dipshit called tRump. Now I seen it!!
Paul Romanow 2 year ago
This sums up the despicable subhuman creature 1/3 of our country has sworn allegiance to .
Barbara M Trollman 2 year ago
This American thinks this is a brilliant description of the orange Russian asset.
Marcia Baronda 2 year ago
Thank you for validating everything that I have ever felt, seen or heard about Trump. I smelled s—t from the beginning and oftentimes found myself aghast at what he did or said and got away with! All of a sudden decency seemed to go out the window for for the leader of our country! Such dark and confusing days. Confusing because there were actually people who supported his nonsense.. his ego and is hatred. So elated that it’s over and we have a decent human being in the office of the President. THANK YOU❤️
Kathleen Moore 2 year ago
I am British, could not agree with this more. It has been stupefying to me to watch the total buffoonery of this uneducated big head think he could take on the top job in the world. Then continuously praise himself in the third person , while we all laughed. It is so true we cannot understand how so many Americans took up his diatribe/drivel, and are prepared to follow him still, while he is stuffing them for money. In real life he wouldn’t give them the time of day, why can’t they realise he disdains them.
David 2 year ago
Brilliant ,I hope that with a lot of patience someone could try to explain to him what the article says
Mia Marietta 2 year ago
This American appreciates you so very much.
Stellar summation.
Irene Garth 2 year ago
Oh well done Nat, that is exactly how we view Trump he is everything a decent Brit abhors.
Don Larson 2 year ago
I applaud Nate White. He has put into words the feelings I have had for Donald Trump from his beginning. I certainly plan to share this article over and over again.
Rich 2 year ago
A bigly huge correct evaluation of the most wickedly disgusting human being alive. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for sharing. I have had this article saved every science Trump became a thing. I regularly plagiarized excerpts on numerous times on Facebook over the past four days to show my disgust for this subhuman wannabe dictator. My favorite description in the article is: "He’s more a fat white slug. A Jabba the Hutt of privilege." It is such an accurate portrait of Trump and the Picture of Trump in my mind's eye is in his private bedroom in the White House with him lying there only in his underwear eating hamburgers or taco bell with his giant white belly dripping with sauce from the burgers or tacos.
Kay Latsen 2 year ago
Right on!!🦨
Edwin Jerome 2 year ago
Trump has peeled the bad from the onion! He has encouraged and exposed deeply embedded hatred against the other! Unfortunately, our senate and electoral college are slanted to elevate the minority to a position of greater power than their actual number and abetted by a political & financial cult who must seek to maintain power by becoming supporters of this ‘dethroned’ wanna be king! The heroic, draft dodger, Liar in Chief Lives! The pandemic was a hoax , UNTIL he abandoned Clorox when he was airlifted to Walter Reed, while encouraging noncompliance,.
James Metzler 2 year ago
I couldn't agree more. Ive never read a more accurate description of the orange buffoon. As an American, i am appalled and perplexed by his very existence. I am terrified that he was able to attain election to the presidency, i am disgusted at the damage he caused or allowed to the United States and to the world during his hellish 4 years in office, and i am dismayed at the diminished and tarnished impression that many of our allies now have of the American people in the muddy wake of his so-called "presidency".
LAmador 2 year ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please send this over to Fox And Friends! You have said what we all unfortunately know and feel so WELL. This article deserves a Pulitzer Prize!
Curtis A Waring 2 year ago
My Friend You deserve an Olympic Gold Medal, what a spectacular gathering of words ....
EAK 2 year ago
At the risk of sounding like a Trump apologist, it really should be noted that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a real, psychological issue and the sufferers of it seldom realize that they have it. The problem here is that not only does this individual with NPD not know he has it, neither do any of his millions of blithering, delusional supporters know that he has it. In their defense, most of them probably don't even know how to spell "narcissist", let alone quantify it.
Jody 1 year ago
You're right, Eak. It's why he was Putin's choice.
Kerryann Kenney 1 year ago
Journalists continue to amplify this wreck of a human being— I wish they would cover him like a school shooter .. no name no photo. Just call him 45 and let us all move on.
Denese Whitney 2 year ago
You’ve captured Trump and his nastiness perfectly Nate!
Nicholas Cangiamilla 2 year ago
Brilliant description. You should win a prize!
Nicholas Cangiamilla 2 year ago
A complete and accurate description of the orange loser!
Donald Plouffe 2 year ago
(Hear-hear) to the power of infinity.
Richard Bianchi 2 year ago
Mr Anthony has drunk the Kool-aid. Trump got gas so low by ignoring the pandemic, driving the economy into depression like conditions. No one was going to work so no one was driving. That's called capitalism. With regards to unemployment, Trump inherited a thriving economy from Obama who did all the hard work pulling the country out of the recession. You can make a case that the only legislative achievement in this 4 years (the "incredible" tax cut) has set the stage for inflation as it's done nothing for economic growth but blew up the deficit and inflated stock prices (since most of it went to stock buy backs). I won't even bring up the hundreds of thousands of people who died needlessly because of his incompetence and narcissism, nor the riot he fomented on January 6. This man is a loser on so many levels. May he rot in hell or at least an inhospitable federal prison.
KDW 2 year ago
DAVID ANTHONY 2 year ago
David Anthony And yet the US had the best economy and minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, etc) had the lowest unemployment rate in their history. Gasoline was $1.78 gallon under President Trump and already has risen to over $3 gallon under this democratic president. President Trump tried to protect our Southern border by building the wall and now president Biden has it wide open so the democrats can get more votes from people that have not contributed a cent to the economy, yet they want everything handed to them via welfare etc. Don't get me wrong, I would never want this man to marry one of my daughter's of grand-daughters, but his policies had the US booming.
DAVID ANTHONY 2 year ago
David Anthony And yet the US had the best economy and minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, etc) had the lowest unemployment rate in their history. Gasoline was $1.78 gallon under President Trump and already has risen to over $3 gallon under this democratic president. President Trump tried to protect our Southern border by building the wall and now president Biden has it wide open so the democrats can get more votes from people that have not contributed a cent to the economy, yet they want everything handed to them via welfare etc. Don't get me wrong, I would never want this man to marry one of my daughter's of grand-daughters, but his policies had the US booming.
E. Gatewood 2 year ago
Presidents do not set gas prices, supply and demand does. Non citizens can’t vote. Research show that immigrants contribute more to the economy than they receive. The US economy is stronger under Biden than under Trump. The only factual statement you made, is you wouldn’t want him to marry your daughters or granddaughters. It’s sad you would want someone as president you wouldn’t want in your family.
MsDMR 2 year ago
Wow-- I shed a tear for you, that this brilliant, golden piece of exposition is unacceptable to you. Yet 45 ascended to power BECAUSE of you. And the US has entered a state of chaos that may be irreparable ( at least in my lifetime); every aspect of sane civilization in our country has been tainted and ruined and shattered by this boor. And it is a sad indictment on the general condition of the US because YOU PUT HIM THERE, in the Oval Office.
Jody 1 year ago
Thank you, EG!
Melanie Franceschi 2 year ago
I will echo one of the responses below.
Trump is a con man. Well trained and diverse in that art. If you lived in Manhattan , New York you already knew that fact. The % that are beguiled by him, are his stooges, suckers etc. and have no understanding of the art of the CON.
Debra Sirois 2 year ago
I don't consider myself an expert on sociopathy, but even I was fully aware of trump's malignancy & said the RNC screwed us when he got the nomination on their ticket. How in God's name we got to that point while almost every notable Republican in the country made known their derision and disdain of him? Justice must be done on behalf of our democracy in order for us to move forward and heal the disease donald trump has perpetrated - physically, socially, sociologically, and politically.
Taylor Sartre 2 year ago
Every word here is the truth. It is astounding to have a former "world leader" be described this succinctly, without sarcasm.
Even more astounding is Americans' ability to have shown the creature even a modicum of respect.
Thank you for this piece
Rev. W E Shepard 2 year ago
If the words of an 82-year-old American can be heard, and forgiven, when Trump came along I knew that I had never really seen a pile of shit before. Or, if you can’t print that, then use Shakespeare’s “mountain of mad flesh.” I tend to accept people with all their flaws, EXCEPT when they do their best to create suffering. Rev. Fred Rogers, of TV’s Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, defined evil as the attempt to make people think that they are unloveable, undeserving of life. Now I have seen evil, and it makes me sad to see the suffering that “mountain of mad flesh” created. Thank you for your “spot-on” (as the English say) article that made me laugh. I feel less alone.
Jody 1 year ago
Rev, please don't think you're alone. More than 81 million Americans agreed with you and voted for President Biden and the survival of democracy. I still don't believe 74 million votes for T****. Many of those suseptible people were expertly brainwashed, lied to, manipulated and
fed FoxSnooze etc. The truth will out.
Marcos 2 year ago
He is a con man. The 30% of Americans who support him are the marks, suckers, stooges, mugs, rubes.
Dave D 2 year ago
Wonderfully said – you only missed one important descriptive: he is joyless.
Laura Atkinson-Chaffin 2 year ago
SPOT ON!!! Saw Trump just like this but live in the South; where his craziness took hold & brought out the craziness from the Civil War!! They are still worshipping him & Qnon is saying he’ll be back in the White House “tomorrow” everyday & people believe that sh_t! That everybody that is alive is dead & everybody that is & has been dead is alive.
Patricia Shea 2 year ago
So glad to read your article! It could not have been more devastatingly, wonderfully spot on! Good to know that others see him the same way many of us do. Just wish I had the means to move to the UK!
Biden is Hope 2 year ago
Could never have said that as well as you have. I applaud your intellect n straightforwardness. There is not a refined bone in his body. He is soulless n ruthless n prides himself on being that way. Never have I disdained someone as much as I do him. Thank you.
Enuff Alreddye 2 year ago
Thank you for your article. Your description of the subject is spot on. Before the 2016 and 2020 elections, the insurrection of January 6, and the continuing saga of the subject of your article, we didn’t realize how many mentally ill people there are in the USA. Therapists need to advertise more, talk about the benefits of therapy more, and more sane people need to become therapist. Everyone needs someone in their life who cares and can help to keep them grounded.
Brent 2 year ago
Most of all he is a nothing!!’
M. Gardner 2 year ago
Here! Here! Trump is the AntiChrist! The writer’s assessment is right on…My continuing prayers are that loyal America lovers will be forever rid of the “Trump Stink” once he is wearing an orange jump suit with an inmate number across his back!
Lois Benner 2 year ago
Maybe the British people can see what some Americans cannot. Trump is actually dangerous and it frightens me that so many Americans do not see what is at stake for us if we aren't careful in the future. Our freedom should be at the top of the list and I do hope the foolish won't do harm for the
America and trash our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Maybe a little visit with history, like what happened to the democracy Germany had, might be
helpful in opening eyes nice and wide. I thank Nate White for his eye opening article.
Pam Strom 2 year ago
I love this piece. I think the one thing the author failed to mention is that Trump is undoubtedly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, mentally ill. That so many millions of Americans are willing to follow, believe in and support him in the face of all his lies and delusions has the makings of a real life Shakespearean tragedy.
Sandy Pozniak 2 year ago
Oh! That was fabulous!!! Describing Trump the Terrible to a “T”. We here in America are not all mindless of madness. We have put up with this aberration (we hope!) for 6 years and counting. He won’t go away!!!! He’s a nasty fly who keeps bothering everybody, incessantly making a pest of himself. Now he has people believing all the lies he spews for his own self-interest or, not really believing them, the politicians use them for their own self-interest, for appealing to his base. If they believe the lies, I’ll say I do, too, so I can get re-elected. It’s an awful mess. AWFUL. And what makes it even worse, despite all the analyzing and theories, possibilities, probabilities, books, articles, investigations, allegations……no-one knows how we’re going to be rid of him! Those of us who are reasonable and, yes, nice people wonder how his followers have gotten so lost, how they’ve become seemingly brainwashed and have thrown all the good things we’ve stood for down the drain, tossed it all aside for someone so unworthy of them. That’s the dilemma with live with every day and we keep asking ourselves, “”What happened?” “How did it all go so wrong so fast?” And if we knew, would we be able to go back or is something in us irretrievably broken? Like I said, it’s an awful mess. AWFUL.
Sonia Zayas 2 year ago
This British writer says it in the most detailed, spot on clear way why Mr. Trump is not liked by me and many others. Wealth has nothing to do with good manners as I was raised poor but the values of respect and kindness were taught in my family.
Virginia 2 year ago
As an American who agrees completely with this assessment, I must remind you of Brexit.
Let’s hope we all survive the pandemic of stupidity!
Flashback James 2 year ago
I’m reminded of a humorous sign, posted in many American beer joints in the 1950s; our 45th president has inspired this slight twist on that sign’s question:
“If you’re so goddamn rich, how come you ain’t smart?
Harrie Ellen Minnehan 2 year ago
Traveling in Australia during Trump’s presidency it was clear to us that many Australians shared this British opinion. I think my favorite comment was the rather elegant lady at a concert one evening upon discovering that we were Anerican tourists said, “ My dear, have Americans lost their minds?” Looks that way….
Dr. William Watters 2 year ago
So perfect in its detail, I laud you as what we here see you, as the English articulate Brit. For us, Trump was almost like an alien arriving from some other planet and taking over. We are a crass, pretty much simple people, all trying to get along with one another, in spite of our two party government concept. But Trump is the Devil's son, lacking in any and all inner sensitivity as to how the people around him feel. He cares only for himself and anyone who attaches himself to his bizarre mind, or lack of one. Remember the comment he make over and over again, " I so smart that doctors tested me and found I was brilliant." Hugh Grant (whom I love) could come over here and run our country better than Trump. Trump is dangerous, insane, a liar, a thief and a con artist.
But, this is what most Europeans don't get, and this is where Peewee Herman has a wonderful line in one of his films, Big Top Pee Wee, "Everyone has a big "Butt." The "But" is what Europeans don't understand: Most US-educated, university/college citizens see Trump for what he is, a liar and a thief. Sorry to upset you, but the USA have millions of totally uneducated people who will wallow in the inanity of his speeches, lacking the mind to do else. We are NOT ALL Wealthy.
Kathy Van Voorhis 2 year ago
Thank you! From everyone who in America has survived the nightmare, and is praying that we do not have to endure another bad dream with a second dose of Trump.
Cris 2 year ago
Such an expert analysis with masterful writing! The Shakespeare of s*** LOL this was amazing to read.
Chris G. 2 year ago
This article has expertly outlined the reality of Trump. For those concerned about the GOP, they know precisely what they are supporting and promoting, not because they necessarily agree with it but because the GOP sees their tacit and active approval as being their best path to securing power for themselves. Trump is merely a symptom of the outright corruption of Republican politics which cannot find an audience in a reasonable, rational, thoughtful, informed population.
Eileen O’Brien 2 year ago
I’m a Canadian and that individual scares me considering he was VOTED in to be president the citizenry concerns me. What are they thinking? AND continuing to support the sanctimonious bouffant.
No disrespect meant.
Caprice Sweatt 2 year ago
He’s a bloviating bag of meat
Babette Venetianer Neil 2 year ago
I agree with every word you said. It is too bad the republican party has lost its collective intelligence and cannot see him for what he really is, meaning, just as you described him so eloquently.
Marilyn Mayo 2 year ago
TRUTH. The very best description ever written about the oaf. Thank you.
Eula 2 year ago
All I can say is THANK YOU so much for writing what the majority of the people in the US are feeling again thank you
Don Ladig 2 year ago
This is a beautiful article. It should be made available everywhere. I found it on Twitter, but my Twitter is somewhat serious.
Steve 2 year ago
Thank you for your insightful ness. The head Troll has a legion of not so smart trolls.
Elee 2 year ago
I could not have said it any better
Gigi 2 year ago
Insightful and perfect. Not British but believe me, absolutely agree! He’s got no soul, no intellect and certainly no wit.
Michael Moulton 2 year ago
This is as good as it gets and even better.
Joan 2 year ago
A wonderful piece! Thoroughly accurate.... So many memorable quotes to take away. Perhaps my favorite:
"He’s more a fat white slug. A Jabba the Hutt of privilege."
---Greetings from Northern California
Theresa Cloud Dancer Buchanan 2 year ago
WELL SAID. Many of us Americans can't stand the man either and you hit every point perfectly. He is an embarrassment.
Yo 2 year ago
Wish I could have written this. Cudos
Bettina norton 2 year ago
Superb put-down. One fact not mentioned however: can you recall the times he smiled, compared to the scowls and frowns? He is a buffoon. Next step: waking that cult.
Frances Tornese 2 year ago
Yours is a perfect analysis of Trump and the mystery is why does anyone admire him. What is in the hearts and minds of any man and more, any woman that causes them to adore and almost worship a creature like Trump?
LJ 2 year ago
This article is 100% accurate. I could not have said it better myself—excellent, and bravo to the writer. There are tens of millions who feel this way, and this description is well expressed.
Hind AlMehadi 2 year ago
Thank you, every word exactly describes how I feel and think about him and those who still support him.
M Sparks 2 year ago
Spot on!
Mike Harrison 2 year ago
Brilliant and spot-on. It seems as though that the one-third of Americans who voted for Trump either didn't bother to learn anything of his past prior to his TV show (it takes no particular skill or talent to spit out "You're fired" on-cue) or they knew of his past and didn't care, or knew of his past and found his qualities attractive. Those of us who have lived in the New York City area during the last 50+ years, however, have always known Donald Trump as possessing the character of a mobster and the intellect of a juvenile.
Gale Frant 2 year ago
As a USA citizen I thank you for your entirely correct summary and the fact that 30% continue to bow down to him is beyond embarrassing. It shows how uneducated and easily culpable a large portion of our populace is. It shows the massive rotting underbelly of the USA
Michael Burnam 2 year ago
I agree with the earlier statement from Sojourner, as an African American, this is the side of white America we have always seen and attempted to warn others about. People like him will be the destruction of America if the rest of us don't get serious about boxing them out and wresting control of government from them, because make no mistake, these are the people that are in control of our governing system right now. This why we can't have things like decent roads, a living wage or any kind of social safety net, because this petty worldview doesn't believe in common good, only what's good for them to the exclusion of others.
Catherine Louise Forsythe West Bombara 2 year ago
THANK YOU; for putting my feelings into words!!!
This piece of writing is classic and unfortunately too true.
Anthony Daraio 2 year ago
My name is Anthony Daraio and this is how I feel about Donald Trump. Believe Me Most sane Americans have the same thoughts about Donald Trump that you have said on this page. Don't think all Americans Are stupid, have no class, can't see thru Donald trump. You have described him perfectly. Yes he probably may have a fan or two here in America but that's about it!
Perry White 2 year ago
Most of us here in the colonies don't like him very much either, but unfortunately our constitution gives disproportionate weight to rural areas where he is adored. (Is there any chance you would take us back?)
Darryl McGuire 2 year ago
I gratefully join the chorus! I have never read such a perfect description of this awful man. It somehow relieves the constant irritation of having to see and hear his asinine attempts to keep himself on the world’s stage. Thank you!
Brian 2 year ago
You nailed it / him it / the GOP 👍👍
Lamine 2 year ago
70 million people voted for him: that’s the tragedy.
Garey 2 year ago
Ha you ever read the daily mail arent you the jerks who made rupert murdoch?
Rachel 2 year ago
Actually, I believe Australia gets credit for Murdoch... :) but England gets credit for Australia, so in a 'round 'bout way...
Rebecca 2 year ago
He is the distillation of everything that is wrong with the USA. The black tarry ribbon of race hatred, bigotry, greed, stupidity, anti intellectualism, corruption and ethnocentrism that runs through our damaged country. In some ways an awakening (by some of us )of the knowledge that America was founded by genocide, fueled by enslavement and corrupted by capitalist greed. In the end, if the human race survives, we will possibly be the better for it.
Mia Marietta 2 year ago
He is this dark Gollum that is brought to life by the energy of the inane...
James Ruxin 2 year ago
ALL Brits do not dislike Donald Trump because, like the US, there many selfish people who prefer to find his drivel well suited to their own tastes. The Brits speak a more beautiful English, but that does not make them intelligent, especially those of them who admire him. Brits are people too, and like Americans, many will forever disappoint.
Jerry Pang 2 year ago
What Nate White described on a couple of pages about Donald Trump as a person gives a better description of the man than the totality of all the books that have been written about him! Very cool!
Ryan, MD Philip J. A. 2 year ago
Absolutely the most comprehensive and actually succinct analysis of all of this failed experiment in humankind exhibits. If we are lucky he will soon be removed from public intercourse along with his sociopathic progeny
E Yanowitz 2 year ago
Why don't ALL Brits not like Donald Trump?
Tami Turner-McCall 2 year ago
A brilliant summation of Trump and my ex-husband. Thank you.
David Ritchie 2 year ago
Without question, the best and most accurate characterization of this most despicable imbecile. The Brits have a way of putting it in plain and discernible language.
Cherie Cooper 2 year ago
Your eloquent article made my day! Thank you! “Picasso of pettiness” and “Shakespeare of shit” are right on.
Baum Willar 2 year ago
Spot on!
William C. 2 year ago
We all hate him and do not understand how 30% of this country could be so easily and willingly hoodwinked. And thanks for saying that most Americans are nice!
Myrna R Guthertz 2 year ago
well stated, thank you for that detailed description of the worst president we've ever had.
Cindy Hidalgo 2 year ago
Yes! Exactly! How true your words. He has a psychosis. His psychosis is fed by greed, mounting debt and resentment of others. His cherished loves of money and attention and superiority. He actually wants to fulfill his dreams of being a King of all. The world to bow down to only him. Not even realizing that others use him for their own psychosis of grandeur. Ergo the world should beware and stop his and others madness for power.
Edward Essick 2 year ago
This is brilliant! The “Shakespeare of Shit” - absolutely brilliant.
Kate 2 year ago
OMG! This is not only the funniest description of him, but a nail on the head hit! Still laughing at the “boxed set” in the last line. Unfortunately as an American I’m still dealing with his fallout. Had prayed for spontaneous combustion,looks like that isn’t happening. Thanks Britain.
Dean 2 year ago
I wish this article appeared in 2015.
Twitter Henry 2 year ago
Beautiful well said 👍🏽
Anna May Casagranda 2 year ago
Nailed it! He is an embarrassment to our country and I will never understand the people who still follow him. It is scary.
RFDeeley 2 year ago
You just made me realize that I am far more British than American, thank you
Cbryant 2 year ago
Excellent description of the “real#45” ! I loath him !
John McManus 2 year ago
You hit the nail on the head, in that it doesn’t take much awareness to realize how flawed Trump is, yet he has this following of millions. The British aren’t alone in this recognition-most Americans feel the same.
Wilfredo Rovira 2 year ago
This is the most accurate description of this abnormal and overbearing intention of what is supposed to be a human being.
Sojourner 2 year ago
@Robin, and those who try to deny Trump isn’t truly representative of America, yes, he s indeed. Trump was not a momentarily lapse in American judgement, as Robin has suggested. Black Americans, of which I am one, have been ringing the alarm and singing like canaries, during and after slavery, about the white supremacy and terrorism pervasive throughout American society against Black Americans and even indigenous Americans. This includes the police force, military, education system, medical institutions and practices, and politics.

There is clear pattern here of black progress being met with violent and strategic white backlash. The Civil War win against the Confederacy and the following strides made during the Reconstruction Era (with active black American input) resulted in a backlash of about 100 years of American apartheid: Jim Crow. The passing of the Civil Rights Act resulted in the war in drugs that saw many black men disproportionately shepherded into prisons (the new slavery) for crack, while white American use of a different form of that same drug barely registered. Obama’s presidency resulted in very vile, vitriolic, vulgar and visible characterization of the darker side of America: the crude, cruel, and crass Donald J. Trump. Even Michelle and Melania were very visibly opposites in the same regard, so decisive was the backlash.

Trump isn’t a lapse, as many Black Americans will testify. He is a symptom- a manifestation- of a long-existing cancer in America: racism. And that cancer isn’t even done spreading, because too many “well-meaning” white Americans (and even many immigrants) either refuse to see or downplay America’s original sin. They will even continue to arrogantly gaslight black Americans and tell us we didn’t see, heat, experience what we said did, even though we are bona fide experts on picking up on racism.

This is why America deserved the vile exposure Trump provided, although I’m thankful he is not currently president. Trump is the bandage that was brutally ripped off at the count of one when the ripper said they’d take it off at the count of three. Yes, I went there, because the fulcrum of white supremacy is actually anti-blackness and black lives have paid the price and will continue to do so as long as America tries to placate and negotiate with terrorists (i.e., white supremacists, including the evangelicals).

Yes, other non-whites, and even poor whites, suffer and will continue to suffer, too. Yet, unlike many Black Americans, too many of those groups are naive enough to believe they’ll get to share in some of that wealthy white power and privilege. But, neither power nor wealth operate like that- there needs to be disempowered and poor people after all; so, equality won’t do. At the very least, those groups can expect crumbs or GMOs of power, especially if they ally against black Americans (as some African and Caribbean immigrants in the US have foolishly done before and after Trump called their countries $h!tholes). At the most, they can expect varying degrees of that violence (e.g., physical, economic, etc.) to land on their own doorsteps.
Sojourner 2 year ago
Please parsing the typos. I was typing from my phone and rushing at the same time. Not a good combo.
MIchael 2 year ago
Your comment is IMO brilliant, accurate, and truthful about the long, sad history, as well as the present day reality! 👍🙏
Bob 2 year ago
I naively and hopefully thought our nation had finally turned the corner when Obama got elected, Your words, however, frame the backlash that ensued all to well.
Bob 2 year ago
too well
Judy L 2 year ago
Very well written sojourner!
Linda B Scanlan 2 year ago
spot on in your description of trump...the worst person alive ....but sadly you deftly describe trump And his entire coterie of miscreants..cons..grifters..and other ne'er-do-wells of horror and shame...
Anne Lesieur-Brooks 2 year ago
Thank you for this article. I gave up all hope the day he let it be known he was running for the Presidency. He’s a piece of shit that deserves to be scooped up and flushed into the sewer though the sewer is too nice for him.
Tom Cochrane 2 year ago
As an American I must admit, with no small amount of embarrassment, that your description of Trump is spot on.

I suppose what horrifies so many Americans like myself is not the knowledge that such worthless, bags of excrement exist in this world, loaded with money they acquired in the most dubiius of ways and leaving a trails of destruction in their wake. What bothers us is that we found him simply by holding a mirror up to our national character.

No nation is perfect, but lord, are we THAT bad?
theresa milstead 2 year ago
It must be difficult to make sense of his jabberwocky mind but you have done an excellent job of it. Reading this, seeing this peels back another layer to his depravities. They are endless and you have given us a textual look at it out in sunshine.

Thank you for this written sanity.
Brian 2 year ago
You have captured Trump in all of his qualities. If you can see this, it is amazing to me why people who support him and the GOP cannot see this.
Cynthia 2 year ago
You wonder with all the flaws Trump has, how could he feel like he is superior. He keeps company with White Supremest and is willing to hire the most unqualified people as long as they are loyal. We can all see the vengeance he seeks when he feels someone has been disloyal. VP Pence could testify. His relationship with Blacks are awkward at best but he seems to crave their approval, in an odd kinda way. If Trump had gotten a second term he could have easily destroyed the entire planet.
Michael Elias 2 year ago
Even without any more Trumps, this planet is doomed unless we as a global society find a way to negate and reverse the worldwide fossil fuels lobby's horrible century+ of bribery, owning politicians and steering our planet toward irreversible destruction.
Alita 2 year ago
Trump is an aggressive cancer. His family members are malignancies.
However, none of this would have been possible if the Republican party had not only withheld treatment, but actively nourished - nourusheS the killing cancer. They simply do not care if the patient -the country - dies, as long as THEY are in power if and when it happens.
helen r evans 2 year ago
Best description of trump ever- and the truest. Brilliantly written! Thank you! Now to get those americans who support him to see the truth
B.Joseph 2 year ago
And he poops his pants, but his cult does not notice the stain. Sad.
An Droid 2 year ago
In Germany, we say:"Den Nagel auf dem Kopf getroffen".
F. McReynolds 2 year ago
This is the best description of trump that I have read. I wholeheartedly agree with every word.
Corky Westman 2 year ago
True, so true, so very, very true.
dusko 2 year ago
he forgot to say ;he is rich with debts
Kerry L. Potter 2 year ago
If you're worried about wasting American tax dollars, let's finally convict him of some of the federal and state charges against him, put him in prison, and let our tax dollars be used correctly. Although, where would he get his orange make-up and hair dye? I don't think he'd be very happy.
Candace Flanary 2 year ago
I am a Texan. I hated Trump then, and I hate him now. You hit the nail on the head.
Robert Evans 2 year ago
As brilliant a description of this man as I've ever r read, Deserves a Pulitzer prize (or as Trump himself might have said, a "Noble" prize :)
John Hoffman 2 year ago
I’m from the Midwest of the USA, and can affirm every point made. Mostly, I am saddened by the inability to keep this bully in Queens, NY from where he was spawned. Also, that we will have to continue paying to protect his fat ass with our tax dollars.
Robyn Ray 2 year ago
The Shakespeare of shit. Best line I’ve read in a while. From this american, I salute you. Thank you thank you thank you PS not over 1/2 of Americans support this idiot thankfully a majority of Americans want to vomit from him. That’s why he lost in 2020. But still too many to not be vigilant and VOTE the liars out no matter what. Never let him near the Oval Office again.
Shar 2 year ago
Brilliant article. The mental picture that my mind conjured was #45. Sad and Scary.
Bob Todd 2 year ago
More than half of Americans are in awe and despair of the absolute stupidity and cravenness of our American brothers and sisters who cannot recognize a souless fraudster when they see one. Thank you for this... I will copy it to present to my idiot friends.
Don 2 year ago
At least he had the gumption to deal with the issues and not like#46 who is using a socialist platform. It appears that you might want to look at history as when things like this appear. It is a report of what was done long ago by other nations.
Mark 2 year ago
Socialism is the new Communism thanks to Fox News...when in fact it's not at all the same thing. Most European countries have socialized medicine and education, and it works pretty darn well.
But tRump managed to con millions of maga morons to make the super-rich even richer. But muh guns !
Alita 2 year ago
Congratulations on a perfect exhibit of a trump rube. Complete with ignorant references to "socialism" and "history". Truly amazing.
Robert 2 year ago
“… a Picasso of pettiness and a Shakespeare of shit…”

Wubie 2 year ago
Spot on portrayal of the twice impeached former President.
Tooraj 2 year ago
Brilliantly written, though missed an important point: we created this monster by craving for his TV show and laughing at his cruelty. He is the survived aborted child of our superficiality.
Matt 2 year ago
As an American, I 1000% agree and approve this article.
Jude 2 year ago
Well said! As an American I couldnt agree more, why so many are fooled by this pos is beyond!
judith holderness 2 year ago
Absolutely accurate and well said.
Bill 2 year ago
Well done, sir! You’ve hit the nail on the head!
Ron Seiler 2 year ago
After the last election my doctor noted to me that my blood pressure returned to normal. I could not imagine going through another 4 years having to put up with insanity 24/7. I can honestly say that I have never heard stump speak ONE word of truth or anything that made any sense.
Philip Chan 2 year ago
What you describe about Trump aptly describe about all his followers. Can’t America do better?
Neptune The Dog 2 year ago
As an American, this deconstruction of our Tangerine Turd is a “brilliant” takedown. Thank you!
Helen Caldwell 2 year ago
I find his grip on the Republican Party and such a significant amount of Americans is baffling to me. Perhaps if I could stomach the steady stream of lies, conspiracy theories and bullshit being emitted by the myriad groups that promote them I would understand better, but I can’t. What I do know is he has emboldened the seedy drudges of American society. Personally, I suspect the sudden rise is gun violence and mass shootings can be attributed to him and his Party, rather like the ‘guerilla warfare’ tactics of the Vietnam era. Knowing they could never win the war they would like to wage, they opt for the coward’s way.
Meredith McCulloch 2 year ago
You forgot that he has no intellectual curiosity. He does nor read! Not fiction, nor nonfiction, nor newspapers, nor Wikipedia, only a teleprompter.
James Brouhard 2 year ago
I agree he is a very uncouth person
Marsha Martin 2 year ago
Difficult to understand how he managed to stay in the White House for 4 long years, then incite an insurrection and now continues to try to destroy democracy. I’ve lived through a lot of Presidents..FDR was the President when I was born .
Allison S. 2 year ago
Brilliant. Very well said. Nailed it. Bravo. Spot on! - An American Democrat in Georgia, USA who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020
Sam green 2 year ago
I loath the man, but listing every positive human quality, and saying he has none, is not insightful or brilliant.

You may not find him charming or charismatic, but many do, and so, to them, he is. He was born with privilege, yes, but many people are. Only a few become president.
Stacey 2 year ago
Perfection in portraiture! Please believe me that millions of us on this side of the pond very much concur with your assessment. What happened to the others? I can only guess they are genetically unique and chemically predisposed to mutate into dictator devotees with the slightest suggestion they might join the rich white boy club.
W Newman 2 year ago
It is not blindness. It is willingness. That he resonates with so many brings great sadness. It is very well written.
JOHN SKAIN 2 year ago
This writer is SPOT ON in regards to Trump. Your across the great pond and you see exactly what he is while millions of his supporter's right here in America are too blind to see what he is while he is right under their nose's. At the age of 75 years I have never felt any other President regardless of affiliation were near as inadequate as Trump was and is. I'm not at all ashamed to be an American but I'm ashamed Trump was presented to the world as the leader of the United States of America. I am embarrassed for my fellow Americans that supported his reign of terror and continue to do so.
Sharon Flippin 2 year ago
Perfect!! He is disgusting and it’s good to see the rest of the world agree!!
Rose Kinsey 2 year ago
This is the Truth and Nothing but the Truth. The word allegedly doesn’t need to exist in this report. Gosh every word is true. Someone paid attention. Thanks for this Great article.
The Pimpernel 2 year ago
Jolly good!!!
Nikki Schaeffer 2 year ago
Brilliant, incisive description. What can we say about his base?
Trina Firey 2 year ago
Nate White’s response is the perfect summation of Donald J. Trump. Trump must be the most boring date on the planet. No amount of money will make him likable. Trump is friendless.
Joy Drewfs 2 year ago
He is a perpetual embarrassment to our country, and I’m stunned that his followers are still willing to follow him. There is no reasoning with them and they are the ones who don’t/won’t get vaccinated. He is a a craven coward and a murderer who should be tried for treason.
Graeme Walker 2 year ago
Over the last 5 years i've frequently struggled to sufficiently articulate what a loathsome, amoral, irredeemable character Trump is. Nate, you've nailed it! Now i just need to point to this piece! Brilliant!
Lisa P 2 year ago
This writer is a genius. As an American I agree with every word written.
Human Being 2 year ago
He is the same as all political monsters that find themselves in a place of power. His cult is mostly those who have no power, and this man is their way of "getting back" at a world that they despise for a myriad of reasons. Then there are the neo-wealthy that believe they will ride his coat-tails to freedom from the rules of a society that tries to take they wealth through various means. One cannot talk to them, for they simply don't care about anyone or anything but themselves. Uneducated, poor, gun mad, greedy, the list is long and this buffoon discovered early on that pandering to the lowest denominator adds up to quite a few votes. The rest of us discovered you can't fix stupid.
Tom Figurski 2 year ago
Nice, insightful comment. “Getting back” seems to be the best explanation of the MAGA voter’s motivation. Somehow Trump must appeal to their resentment and hatred. I can only hope enough citizens are able to oppose and ultimately reject this selfish uncivil negativity.
Carol L Burns 2 year ago
I am American...agree with all, every word regarding this despicable, grotesque, soulless, Spawn Of Satan. The majority ~65% find him truly EVIL! He is an avid student of Hitler/Goebbels NAZI Propaganda playbook tactics. He has used the BIG LIE, blame, deflect & PROJECT tactics prolifically. The angry, defiant White Supremacy Nationalists found their leader in Trump. He speaks their language. 5yrs of Trump has been nauseating at the very least. Angst, anger, depression, frustration with 45 & GOP Congress who immediately pledged him their total loyalty allowed his Rogue Presidency. That’s a Federal Crime, but no justice has been served. Then came HIS 1/06/21 INSURRECTION..DEADLY & violent. We are in peril. Democracy hanging by a thread. He’s still walks free! GOP are acting on his word for instruction. Treason!! GOP is not a legit party now. GOP is Trump’s Crime Syndicate now. America is in trouble. 🙏🙏🙏
Deb 2 year ago
In dam SERIOUS Trouble!!!
Alita 2 year ago
Very well put
Chaz 2 year ago
Impeccable! I ran this piece through my homemade word synthesizer in an attempt to boil it down to its core essence. The printout was gibberish, “liveD ehT”; that is until I held it up in front of a mirror.
Trina Firey 2 year ago
Rosie Waller 2 year ago
Spot on,and beautifully written. Bravo!!
Roy Kavanaugh 2 year ago
I'm an American and have never been so embarrassed n my life of not just Trump, but the people that have believed his bullshit, lies, hypocrisy and hatred.
True humans, regardless of where they're from, treat people with more respect and dignity. The good news is that the "Trump base" has significantly dwindled and evangelicals r now firmly split down the middle on his beliefs and behavior. You've described Trump superbly and succinctly. The remaining cult members for Trump will never change since as we've heard before......." you can't fight stupid"!
Chris Kresge 2 year ago
Is there a Pulitzer for what you just wrote? If so, you genuinely deserve it.
Jennifer Smith 2 year ago
And those who support him are the people he loathes the most!!
Mark Johnsen 2 year ago
Be assured, Mr. White, that most Americans agree wholeheartedly with your assessment, and can't fathom why so many others adore hi
Nicolr 2 year ago
Hope they will remember when it will be time to vote
Pied Piper 2 year ago
Bravo, sir, bravo!
Sandra Ankney 2 year ago
Bravo! Eloquently said.
Jezanna Osier 2 year ago
What a great job! DT to a tee!
Eugene Niemierzycki 2 year ago
Thank you Mr. Schmidt for this enlightning article. Its catharctic in more ways than one!
Cathy Hickson-Jones 2 year ago
Epic.... and spot on assessment of the monster.
Jane Urban 2 year ago
Kathleen Casper 2 year ago
I read this once before. It describes trump to a T. Thank you so much.
Frank 2 year ago
May I say, bloody brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
S mason 2 year ago
So accurate I still can’t believe people support this troll
Steven Schuit 2 year ago
Yup, that about sums it up for me!
Tom 2 year ago
Can’t top that depiction. Well said!!! Thank you!!!
Wilma 2 year ago
So awesome great writing love it
Elle 2 year ago
Nate White describes Trump perfectly…a slug.
Paul 2 year ago
It took a British writer to enlighten us on the worst POTUS in US history. Thanks!
G Nagel 2 year ago
I’ve heard Trump described as the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving who no one wants to engage and everyone prays he’ll pass out soon, or the know-it-all at the end of the bar who actually knows nothing! Your description nails Trump with much more incite! We Americans continue to be baffled by those who believe his is smart, sexy, or strong!
Belle Lynne 2 year ago
“My...God...what...have...I... created?!!!”
His mother similarly voiced that question.
Guillermo Tejada 2 year ago
There are sayings like: a country elects who they deserve , another is history creates conditions for a leader to emerge. As an immigrant citizen in the USA , I say this country deserved better than him. The majority of Americans are great people. Racism was the elephant in the room always , he brought it to the center of USA politics.
Michael Elias 2 year ago
The Republican elephant in the room. These midterm elections are crucial for all aware citizens to expunge the cult of racism and suppression that the Greed Over People have become. Smart voters can do this by voting Democratic in all FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL elections henceforth. It all matters.
Lizzie 2 year ago
Perfection! Sheer perfection! As an American I can say in utter honesty, never has anyone so perfectly, acutely & astutely summed up this worthless piece of humanity! You get the award! Thank you, you made my day!
billy boy 2 year ago
Surprisingly, many of his followers would agree with your assessment of the man, but they dont care (the hateful) or see him as less bad than the alternative (the "christians"). As long as he is insulting someone they hate, he is their man. Unfortunately for them, all the white working people of his base ever got from him was ,oops, nothing but rhetoric and tax cuts for the rich.
Gary H. 2 year ago
Nailed it.
Cheryl L. 2 year ago
Two thirds of America is just as confounded as the rest of the world by "the Shakespeare of shit's" (what a fitting epithet!) hold on his base. The answer, unfortunately, is simple: they embrace his racism. For context you might want to read Confederates in the Attic. They are a base of deplorables, and we're shocked and alarmed by them, too.
Jackson 2 year ago
Any person responding to this article that defends Donald Trump is a lost cause. No one who understands that he is a narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopath (look up the definitions if you need to) should waste any more time attempting to understand why his disciples continue to support his positions. It is nearly impossible to rationalize the irrational.
Lois 2 year ago
Brilliant from a very proud US citizen.
Ombre 2 year ago
A prerequisite to reading this witless and infantile list of random insults is to strike yourself in the head with a board with vigor; in order to to lower one’s intellect to the author’s commitment to producing work with the smoothest brain possible, in order to appeal to the smoothest brains possible.
Ryan 2 year ago
Someone is TRIGGERED.
Vivien 2 year ago
Another prerequisite would be to engage your brain. This is an amazingly accurate description of one of the most divisive, evil and egotistical humans currently dominating world news.
Stephen Callahan 2 year ago
Both brilliantly and accurately penned. For you to know him so well when 30% of our population can’t see what you so easily saw.
Ieta 2 year ago
You described him perfectly, the nail is right on the head.
David Pasquariello 2 year ago
Phenomenal! (But, sadly, so true. He is a cornucopia of embarrassment to America.)
Anne 2 year ago
I was going to say you're familiar enough with Trump by looking at his astral twin Boris, but as similar as the two men are, Johnson has "class." Tons of class in the literal sense. And aren't you licky.
Nori Curtis 2 year ago
One word…..Brilliant! I hate being American.
Kay Keelan 2 year ago
Nori, please don't let Trump influence your self-worth in any way. Americans have stepped into the breach in two world wars and helped save the day. The US is going through a tough time at the moment, but this too shall pass. Trump will never become President again and his followers will eventually see the light. Keep the faith!
Aba 2 year ago
if you hate being an American than leave the country.
P. O’Brien 2 year ago
I think I just fell in love with you ! Absolutely 100% spot on !!! Thank you
Miriam 2 year ago
Thank you. A complete summation of his hideous essence.
Kaushik 2 year ago
Agree completely. Now do Boris Johnson.
Connie Clark 2 year ago
This is absolutely the best synopsis I’ve ever seen of Trump. I have never liked him because of all the traits you detailed.. even before he cheated & was “elected”. It baffles me what this many Americans see in him. He is a danger just as Hitler was.
TommyN. 2 year ago
Thanks for putting into a few insightful paragraphs just what Trump’s countless flaws are! I can’t come up with a single decent quality he exhibits. No wonder he & Putin are such buddies: they both have no souls.
Lanie 2 year ago
You have given us the final description of TFG. The man is so despicable and desperate to have people groveling at his feet; he will do and say anything to please his minions. They only believe in him. Let us hope that here in America, what goes around, will fall off the face of America. To believe in a Donald Trump or Hitler is to be a failed human being. Yet, they continue to do so.
Deb 2 year ago
ALL he wants from them (minions) is that -> FREE MONey…

NOT One (1) CENT have yet been spent to the 'so claimed' reason for why was 'collected' to begin with..
ALL LIES; the Man is DisPicable CROOK/CON ArTiste..
Chuck 2 year ago
Be kind, laddie. As a lifetime hater of all things of/people related to the trumps, I now have vast pity for that clan: they all suffer a daily cerebral hemorrhage of demonism that warps their every word and action.
CcB 2 year ago
As an American, I apologize for what my fellow countryman have unleashed on the world. I am personally, deeply embarrassed.
JJ from MN 2 year ago
Not a tRumpy word salad....a 7 course gourmet meal. Bravo.
R adams 2 year ago
Veronica Feinstein hit the nail on the head with her accurate description of trump
Mercia Crying 2 year ago
Chris Gasteier 2 year ago
Masterfully written.
Emmi 2 year ago
Oh how I wish I had said all that. Perfection.
Veronica Feinstein 2 year ago
"A Shakespeare of Shit" is THE best descriptor EVER for the 1 term, twice impeached loser.
Deb 2 year ago
Australian Citizen 2 year ago
Nate - please do an article on Australia's Scott Morrison. Please.
Satilda 2 year ago
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Robert Clayton 2 year ago
Well said
Patti 2 year ago
I was interested in your writing until you implied George W was dumb. That clearly revealed your flaws.
pilot 2 year ago
This article is quite accurate. Including assessment of geo w (WOMBAT) WASTE OF MONEY BRAINS AND TIME. Barely could put sentences together. Grades were barely C's. But since TRAITOR tRUMP is a complete MORON with lack of knowledge & education, gw bushit looks smart.
Deb 2 year ago
WELL SAID 'pilot'!!!
Jonny 2 year ago
He’s gone, & thank God for that! Hopefully, next time he’s ‘high profile’, ‘twill be when he’s admitted in a psychiatric ward, or better still, prison. He didn’t deserve being re elected for any ONE of the following reasons, but he transgressed on ALL three:
1. He ignored the State Department, the CIA & the FBI as regards reports that Russia had meddled with the previous election. He then asked Putin, “ Did Russia interfere in our election? “ Putin answered, “No”, & the blond oaf took that answer as gospel truth, thus undermining USA’s official agencies
2. In February 2020 he proclaimed that the Pandemic would be over by Easter (ie 2 months later!) What an asshole to ignore scientists & doctors
3. He admitted to drinking detergents & the like!

From 2016 to 2020 we had an oaf for POTUS. only losers win one term!
Eva Lele 2 year ago
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jim buciak 2 year ago
After reading the British article, I felt sorry for the subject of the article. It's the first time I ever felt any sympathy for the "subject", and don't mean that anything said was not accurate, but the depth and breath of the article conjured up a sympathetic feeling. Maybe that sympathy should be directed to the poor lady who must live with that man. That would be sympathy more appropriately directed. In our family the biggest question was how long it would take before they would experience a divorce.
Alita 2 year ago
Melania, that poor lady, backs up trump's hateful rhetoric.
After all, who could forget the back of her jacket which stated "I really don't care, do u?" while on her way to a forced visit to migrant children who were being kept in cages?
She is no better than he is.
Scott 2 year ago
Jorge Elivice, Besides the fact Trump is going to jail and none of what you posted has ever come true (except for the throngs of mouth breathers following him), you're spot on.
Judy Hashi 2 year ago
You should talk. You have Boris(Boorish) Johnson
Jorge Elivice 2 year ago
The following is a response to this article. It's a parody of Sinatra's "That's why the lady is a tramp titled "That's what we like about Donald Trump"

His Dad built buildings when he was a teen
He's been our POTUS since 20...16
his base adores him the Press; thinks he's mean
That's what we like 'bout Donald Trump

He'll hold a rally...most...anywhere
He wears a red hat hair
his critics loathe him and don't treat him fair
just 'cos his name is Donald Trump

All the RINOs...may...think he's so bad;
though we get mad...his folk...think...he's woke!

His wife Melania much class
He doesn't care he's crass
Macron and Merkel think he's a gas
He's quite a guy, that Donald Trump

He is a POTUS who's... stable...and smart
Some who vote for Walmart
He is a genius who...has...a big heart
That's what we like 'bout Donald Trump
Some mock the co-lor...of...his wild hair;
he doesn't care; no joke...he's woke!

He'll make a trade deal...with any Land
he doesn't count stars...or...grains of sand
The Rolling Stones is his favorite band
He's really hip that Donald Trump

He's become pro-life...this makes some mad
His views on Israel make us so glad
And he speaks his mind and...that's not so bad
That makes us down with Donald Trump
Though you may...think that...his fans are bad;
though you get mad...his folk...think...he's woke!

You can impeach him a name
ridicule his style...his fortune and fame
He's always one step...ahead of the game
De Niro can't stand Donald Trump

He likes the news isn't fake
He has no time for...Pols...on the take
He owns a Golf Course that's near a big lake
Drives Chuck Todd crazy, Donald Trump

You mock the food...of...his dining fare;
he doesn't care; his lips smack; for a Big Mac!

He serves our country with...all his might
He keeps Pelosi...sleepless at night
he brings a knife fight
What's not to love 'bout Donald Trump?

He chooses judges that...lean to the right
If you attack him, he...knows how to fight
No one controls him...try though they might
He's not done winning...Donald Trump
And that's how we feel 'bout Donald Trump.
Trina Firey 2 year ago
Trump has no friends. He has to pay people to come to his ego feeding rallies. He’s not pro life. He’s not conservative. He’s not logical. He’s not interested in you. He wants your money and attention. When you stop giving these things to Trump, he will have nothing more to do with you.
Jorge Elivice 2 year ago
The following is a response to this article. It's a parody of Sinatra's "That's why the lady is a tramp titled "That's what we like about Donald Trump"

His Dad built buildings when he was a teen
He's been our POTUS since 20...16
his base adores him the Press; thinks he's mean
That's what we like 'bout Donald Trump

He'll hold a rally...most...anywhere
He wears a red hat hair
his critics loathe him and don't treat him fair
just 'cos his name is Donald Trump

All the RINOs...may...think he's so bad;
though they get mad...his folk...think...he's woke!

His wife Melania much class
He doesn't care he's crass
Macron and Merkel think he's a gas
He's quite a guy, that Donald Trump

He is a POTUS who's... stable...and smart
Some who vote for Walmart
He is a genius who...has...a big heart
That's what we like 'bout Donald Trump
Some mock the co-lor...of...his wild hair;
he doesn't care; no joke...he's woke!

He'll make a trade deal...with any Land
he doesn't count stars...or...grains of sand
The Rolling Stones is his favorite band
He's really hip that Donald Trump

He's become pro-life...this makes some mad
His views on Israel make us so glad
And he speaks his mind and...that's not so bad
That makes us down with Donald Trump
Though you may...think that...his fans are bad;
though you get mad...his folk...think...he's woke!

You can impeach him a name
ridicule his style...his fortune and fame
He's always one step...ahead of the game
De Niro can't stand Donald Trump

He likes the news isn't fake
He has no time for...Pols...on the take
He owns a Golf Course that's near a big lake
Drives Chuck Todd crazy, Donald Trump

You mock the food...of...his dining fare;
he doesn't care; his lips smack; for a Big Mac!

He serves our country with...all his might
He keeps Pelosi...sleepless at night
he brings a knife fight
What's not to love 'bout Donald Trump?

He chooses judges that...lean to the right
If you attack him, he...knows how to fight
No one controls him...try though they might
He's not done winning...Donald Trump
And that's how we feel 'bout Donald Trump.
Alita 2 year ago
Jorge Elvice. Perfect example of one whose brain cells have been infected by the brain fever of nationalism.
Abbie Moore 2 year ago
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Felix Justice 2 year ago
From Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump. What happened?
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Martin Luther King liked to point out that for evil to succeed, it only requires the silence of the virtuous. How many sane, decent Republicans will follow John Boenher’s lead In thoroughly denouncing the mad, corrupt Trump? Hold your breath
Felix Justice 2 year ago
How is Hemingway’s self-invention nobler than Trump’s?
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Serious-minded people who have watched Mr Trump up close have not been kind in their appraisals of him. One of his Staff Chiefs called him “an awful human being,” Two others referred to him as an idiot. Perhaps Me Romney was most on the money when he said “Donald Trump is a fraud”
Felix justice 2 year ago
In 2004, I was seated next to Alvin Attles at a public function. I’d never met him before that afternoon, and, making conversation, asked Al who in his opinion was the best basketball player of all time. Without the slightest pause, he said Elgin Baylor. That’s it. Class. Talent, Dignity. Humility. The polar opposite of The loathsome Trump
Felix Justice 2 year ago
I trace every mass shooting of the past two weeks to be in response to the hateful, malign utterances of the monster Trump. Every one.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Putin wanted to divide Americans. He wanted to weaken the Atlantic Alliance. Look how clever he was in choosing Donald J Trump to be his agent in meeting these objectives.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
As we suffer through the agony of the George Floyd trial we would do well to remember that no single person has contributed to the legitimization of divisiveness and hatred as much as Donald Trump. You can see him on tape promoting police abuse and mob violence; of course his racist pronouncements are legion. He is a pitiful, deformed creature. Reminds us of Adolf Hitler
Judith Horton-Holm 2 year ago
So right on. No humor, no irony, no goodness poking through—- just the abyss of crassness!
Witty 1 2 year ago
The follower of Trump
Kiss his stinky fat Rump
as he spews out the trash
they just give him their cash

74 million bigots
who don't give a F!ck
Whether you're dying of Covid
Or lost your job had bad luck

Those QAnon idiots
Who think lizards rule us
Those QAnon followers
Are society's puss

Raise a glass up to trump
As you lick up his rump
You are such a dumb fool
And that's really not cool.
Leo 2 year ago
"I'm BAAAAACK - COVID! COVID! COVID! heh heh heh..."!!!! "I'm gunna make 'Merica, grate agin.."!! "Im also gunna move the Witehouse to Floridea"!
Marje Eynon 2 year ago
WOW ...! You sound very angry.......
Why has this man affected you so much .? What I wonder is why so many people voted for him.... twice !
I think they are the ones we need to be concerned about............Adolf comes to mind .
James M 2 year ago
Exactly - so many American Bigots! Such a shame
Amanda cox 2 year ago
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Gretchen 2 year ago
🤥 is gone!! My hope is that Biden will help unite us, but in order to do that, there must be compromise between parties.
James M 2 year ago
But what can Biden do about the +70m American bigots that took trump to power - they were there all the time like rats under the flooring. Trump out the Maga cheese in front of them to draw them out.
Linda Segal 2 year ago
Your comment is sick. I would say you are a bigot when it comes to your remarks about President Trump! I'm sure you think you're witty. My interpretation is that you are saying more than 50% of the American population are rats. Not very nice. People are becoming so over-sensitive about any criticism that makes people laugh! (And there is PLENTY to criticize when it comes to American politics.) I found President Trump (and he won the election) to be very funny. He was not groomed to be an aristocrat but the owner of a construction company!! Obviously you have never been acquainted with anyone from working-class America.
Trina Firey 2 year ago
You have clearly misinterpreted this man’s ingenious response. He nailed Trump’s character. That doesn’t make him a bigot. And, Trump is definitely not funny. Nothing he says is remotely humorous. You have to be intelligent to be witty. Trump is mentally lame.
GrayV 2 year ago
Think a lot of us reading your comments are praying you get a grasp on reality soon, it’s TFG or Ex President and just hope this doesn’t shatter you completely, he was born into immense wealth and wouldn’t know a “working class American” if he fell oner one.
Jeffrey Steinberg 2 year ago
“Fat white slug” is perfect but you’re denigrating slugs !
Ines 2 year ago
Agree 💯 %!! This is exactly what I see about trump. There is more that could be added to this description but we don't want to use that kind of vocabulary . I belong to the 87 million that voted against him. Those that have class and are smart and see him as what he is, the lowest of the low. Thank you so much for this description of him that fits him like a glove!
Linda Segal 2 year ago
87 million?!?! At least 20 million were fake or overturned votes (changed from Trump to Biden). That's provable, by the way. This site represents the snowflakes, it appears, those who don't see or care that our country is in peril, that we're likely to be over-run by Communist China! There will be a day when you will be praying President Trump returns. It's only just begun.
Ryan 2 year ago
Pray every day he returns?….more like pray every day he has a stroke..a massive stroke…at the podium…with the cameras rolling…I want to see that sack of shit hit the floor…I want to hear the thud…and I want it on a loop.
Trina Firey 2 year ago
You’ve made ridiculous claims. There was no evidence of voter fraud found in the November 2020 election. If you had evidence you failed to provide it. Trump is the only fraud associated with the 2020
election. There is an abundance of proof to support that. Do genuine
research. Facts matter in America.
Daryl Roberts Sr. 2 year ago
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Daryl Roberts Sr. 2 year ago
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Tison 2 year ago
Time to stop with the ice dude! Check yourself in to a good rehab centre.
Daryl Roberts Sr. 2 year ago
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Remo 2 year ago
There must be a shorter DOT to define this IOTA... But I recommend a memory figure at the foot of Mount Rushmore.... Turned Upside Down and facing the Dirt... in significance of his deeds! Further the bottom serve as a recipient flower base for Yellow flowers up his ARSH!... DOT definition at the Bottom Please!!!
Texas BLUE 2 year ago
FINE! I will ask Bill Maher to have Ted Cruz on his future panel to clarify what exactly the 70 million really want. Or maybe FOX should 🙄
Ann T 2 year ago
For what it’s worth, there are many sites that fact check news organizations (radio, TV, and print materials) for their reliability and bias. I found an excellent, unbiased source for fact-checking the news, if anyone is interested. They post fact checks on individual articles, too. For example, Infowars claimed that China invested $400 million in Dominion voting machines. That claim is FALSE. Attacking Dominion has been a staple of Fox News for the last two months.

I’m not sure how this site is set up for direct links, so I will type it as mediabiasfactcheck(dot)com Use a period instead of the (dot)
Dawn Daisley 2 year ago
call me naive.... there is a division in America which neither side can understand each other. I think this writing was ACCURATE to MY sensibilities... but states of the so called 30% which is well over 40% and closer to 50%. They have families, children, work hard for support of family, have grandparents that they are caring for... just like all of us. I admit that I don't know what this percentage want. Do they want guns, do they not want equality or no diversity, are they Suprematist. I am confused....I think we have to bring the this remarkable country to a table of conversation. This is a great democratic country that founded on equality and we have made major mistakes in our attempt... but that was our goal, our grace, our purpose at least.... I naively believe. We all need to be heard no matter of race, religion, economics. "the protection of fundamental human rights". Those 40% Proclaim What? I struggle to understand.... WE are a country have to infold them and understand their concerns... I am at a loss and trying to grasp what is their goal and what they need and wants are. I am at a loss to how to start the conversation, BUT believe they can not be neglected just because I don't understand or agree with the sensibilities. They are in fact almost half of our country... the two party system for self correcting..... I cannot stand on the sideline and feel justified that they don't have a voice just because it not mine. I think that is what got us all here to this place and why Donald Thrump is their hero.

Just saying.
Ann T 2 year ago
Dawn, that was very refreshing to read. If more people asked the questions you are asking, and worked together to understand and voice our concerns, the tensions would ease. We would find common ground. Not overnight, but gradually.
I know of two Trump voters in my extended family. Why did they vote for Trump? Because they want to believe that they can go wherever they want to go, be with whomever they want to be with, get their kids back in school, and wear masks only when required by the law. Donald Trump’s words and actions say that it’s all OK, and this will be over soon. Common sense and concern for others are not applicable here. That’s one explanation for Trump voters that I know of.
I also think that Trump supporters get their news from unreliable sources, as well. We are probably all guilty, to a certain extent, of listening to the news stations that tells us what we want to hear.
Linda Segal 2 year ago
WOW...someone who can see!! I so appreciate your "Just saying" comment from 69 days ago!! God bless you and may you continue to see truth (and be able to distinguish truth from lies)! I believe our country was taken over illegally and pray justice will be done no matter which "side" one is on.
John Anderson 2 year ago
Well said and comment that 1/3 of American’s support him needs further clarification......I assume you are referring to all Americans and of course almost 1/2 of our popular votes or
70 millionth so Americans felt another four years of Trump was in the best interests of the United States and the World. Thank your lucky stars another 80 million or so disagreed.
Jenny B 2 year ago
Such nice wishful thinking 1/3. Hope that helps you sleep better at night.

But the reality - closer to 1/2. So sorry for America! Land of dreams dashed and hope fading fast! Just lock uo the nukes real tight when your civil wr inevitably starts.
Linda S Segal 2 year ago
Our country was overtaken by liberal socialist Chinese communists (and others not supportive of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."). So very sad. I'm definitely (at age 73) looking forward to the day when justice will be done, no more pedophiles, human traffickers, satanists... Waiting for the majority to rightfully overtake our government as described in the U.S. Constitution when a government no longer is "for the people" but for themselves, the "elite."
Sam 2 year ago
Trump said he did a lot for Americans, but when you check to see if it was done, you would find out its propaganda. Yes, he serves BS all the time. He is the greatest con artist and he has so many racist followers to repeat his fake rhetoric that his base believes every word. They believe he is a God which would be laughable if we didn't have real problems. People are dying and that is the problem. We needed a real leader with at least a tea spoon of intelligence. I am so happy we have a President who can really lead this country. Thanking God.
Linda S Segal 2 year ago
Are you ever delusional.
Lloyd Taylor 2 year ago
To Thomas Harvey,...
Hope you’re not Black,..
For not only will your nieces and nephews be addressing you
in that truncated version of your first name, but the general public will also.
Seems like you didn’t just drink the Orange Kool-Aid,...
but mainlined it straight into a head vein.
Follow Ya Master down to Orange Land and oh yeah !...
Clean that brown crude off you nose
prior to getting a tan down there !
Truth Teller 2 year ago
Tom, Tom, Tom stop watching TV!
Jim 2 year ago
Yes, or stop watching Fox News or OANN. Anyone who watches untainted, and actual fair and balanced TV know that Trump is the worst president in American history.
Thomas Harvey 2 year ago
Yes he can be a jerk. But this jerk accomplished allot:
Trump’s Accomplishments
Focus on immigration, the importance of border security and the cost of illegal immigration, including U.S. citizens killed by the undocumented. Cut flow of illegal immigrants.
Target the ruthless Salvadoran street gang MS-13.
Focus national attention on the opioid crisis, including a look at doctors who overprescribe and. $6 billion to fight opioid epidemic
Pass a tax cut and cut federal regulations , spurring new employment and company formations.
Refocus immigration debate on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to force Congress to deal with "Dreamers,” brought to the USA illegally.
Signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubled the maximum amount of the child tax credit and lifted the income limits so more people could claim it. Created the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit equal to 20-35% of child care expenses, $3,000 per child & $6,000 per family + Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) now allow $5,000 in pre-tax $ for child care.

Signed into law a $2.4 billion for the Child Care and Development Fund, providing $8.1 billion to fund child care for low-income families.

Signed the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act allocates $1.8 billion to help people with autism and their families.

Provided more funding for Historically Black Colleges than any other president.
Police fatally shot 9 unarmed blacks and 19 unarmed whites in 2019, down from 38 and 32, respectively, 4 years earlier
Signed the First Step Act, a criminal justice reform bill aimed at reducing recidivism and reduce harsh penalties.

Black and Hispanic Unemployment at lowest rate ever prior to pandemic.

THE ECONOMY (Pre-Covid 19) Greatest Economic Boom in US history
Highest employment ever.
Unemployment at 50Yr low
Median Income highest ever
Nearly 4 million off food stamps
Create 3 million new jobs
US stock market continually hit all-time record highs
Defeats ISIS; begins withdrawal of U.S. forces from foreign countries
Eliminates terrorist leaders Soleimani and Al-Baghdadi
Pushed NATO Allies to invest $69 billion more on their own defense
Moved US Embassy to Jerusalem.
Brokers’ UAE , The Sudan and Bahrain recognition of Israel.
Increase sanctions on Soviet Russia and key Russian oligarchs.
Confronted China on intellectual property theft and abusive trade practices while signing a trade bill promising significant purchases of U.S. agricultural products.
Signed Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act
Brokers deal normalizing relations between Serbia and Kosovo.
Pull the United States out of the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal; they were violating anyway.
Begin a dialogue with North Korea about ending its nuclear weapons program.
Pulls out of the Paris Agreement on climate while U.S. exceeds pollution goals without paying other countries; none of them having met their commitments.
Trump signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) to fire failing employees and establish safeguards to protect whistleblowers. More than 4,300 Veterans Affairs employees were removed, demoted, or suspended.
Trump signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act. that streamlined the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing disability claims.
Trump signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, funding the post-9/11 GI Bill, which provided educational benefits to veterans, service members, and their family members, including tuition, fees, books and housing..
The President signed the V.A. Choice and Quality Employment Act to authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) allowing vets to access civilian medical resources.
Trump created a new White House V.A. Hotline, staffed by veterans and family members, who will provide our nation’s Veterans with a direct, dedicated contact line to answer their needs and concerns. Since 2019, the White House VA Hotline has surpassed 250,00 calls.
Trump signed The VA MISSION Act, which works to integrate the VA healthcare system and modernize it for the 21st century while providing Veterans with more choices in their healthcare options, whether from VA doctors or the community.

Sought Judicial nominees that are constitutional originalists
Aggressively supported pro-life and religious freedom legislation
Called on Congress to ban late-term abortions
Blocked funding for international organizations that promote abortion
26 January The American people should not be worried or frightened by the Corona virus. It’s a low risk to the U.S. said Dr Fauci
29 January Trump establishes the Corona Virus Task Force.
31 January Trump declares a public health emergency and bars entry by foreign nationals who had recently visited China and put American travelers from China under a quarantine ..
29 February Dr Fauci regarding COVID- 19 There is nothing to worry about and it poses no threat to the U.S. public at large
11 March WHO declares COVID-19 can now be characterized as a pandemic.
6 April USA Today reveals the US Federal Emergency Stockpile was depleted by over 70% between 2012 and 2016 during the Obama Administration and it failed to refill the stockpile.
Through the crises Trump received praise from many governors including Governors Newsome (D. California) and Cuomo (D. NY)
22 April. Dr Fauci There will be enough tests to begin reopening the U.S.
NOW. Here in Ohio the Health Director predicted (in April) there would be 62,000 new cases per day and ordered a state shut down. So far there were never more than about 30% of that estimate a day.
TRUMP leads
For decades the health industry has thrown away billions of face masks after one use. ...Trump asked, “Why are we throwing them away? Why not sterilize them and use them numerous times?”

…. gets hospital ships readied in one week when it would have taken a bureaucrat weeks or months.

… gets temporary hospitals built in three days.

… gets auto industries to restructure to build ventilators in a business that’s highly regulated by agencies that move like sloths.

… asks “Why aren’t we using drugs that might work on people who are dying; what the hell do we have to lose?”
Ann T. 2 year ago
Thomas, you poor thing. Do you actually BELIEVE that nonsense? You aren’t the first Delusional to post this List o’ Lies, False Claims, Deceptions, Deflections, Crappola, and Piffle. This list was put out by the Trump Administration, which is well known for the tens of thousands of lies told over his four-year Reign of Error. And ANYONE who is stupid enough to try and spin Trump’s horrific and irresponsible Covid -19 neglect to be anything but a unnecessary tragedy is a gullible, ignorant fool. It’s 400,000 deaths and counting, Harvey. And it has been revealed now that Trump had NO PLAN to deal with this pandemic. He’s known for a year about Covid, and had NO PLAN in place. They had nothing to hand over to the Biden Administration. Unbelievable ineptitude.
Donald R 2 year ago
My dear Thomas, you have to learn to tell Fake Trump bend the truth news from real news.

Cut flow of illegal immigrants.

Pass a tax cut and cut federal regulations , spurring new employment and company formations.

Signed into law a $2.4 billion for the Child Care and Development Fund, providing $8.1 billion to fund childcare for low-income families.

Provided more funding for Historically Black Colleges than any other president.
Police fatally shot 9 unarmed blacks and 19 unarmed whites in 2019, down from 38 and 32, respectively, 4 years earlier

Black and Hispanic Unemployment at lowest rate ever prior to pandemic.

THE ECONOMY (Pre-Covid 19) Greatest Economic Boom in US history


Pushed NATO Allies to invest $69 billion more on their own defense

Moved US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Increase sanctions on Soviet Russia and key Russian oligarchs.

Signed Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act

Pull the United States out of the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal; they were violating anyway.

Begin a dialogue with North Korea about ending its nuclear weapons program.

Pulls out of the Paris Agreement on climate while U.S. exceeds pollution goals without paying other countries; none of them having met their commitments.

Sought Judicial nominees that are constitutional originalists

Aggressively supported pro-life and religious freedom legislation

Called on Congress to ban late-term abortions

Through the crises Trump received praise from many governors including Governors Newsome (D. California) and Cuomo (D. NY)

… gets temporary hospitals built in three days.

… gets auto industries to restructure to build ventilators in a business that’s highly regulated by agencies that move like sloths.

… asks “Why aren’t we using drugs that might work on people who are dying; what the hell do we have to lose?”
Linda S Segal 2 year ago
Thank you, Thomas Harvey.
Mia 2 year ago
Your copy-and-paste propaganda is transparent crapparooni.
bea mills 2 year ago
Gordon's comment is both accurate to a limited degree and sloppy on the other. He does not speak for those who never liked, let along respected, Trump. Is he a disenchanted Trumpista? The skepticism and the disrespect for what he sees as an elite political class merges with a distaste for education and skills acquisition that some Yanks have acquired (and look what the amateurs, the ideologues like Betsey DeVos to name, but one, have done on their jobs!) Sadly, what isn't acknowledged is the determined effort not to see how the US class system plays out: the thugs who stormed the capitol and the "Americans" this person is speaking of are, at best working class (oh, with a sprinkling of politically illiterate, better off, neo-fascists) in a country where the working class isn't working. When it comes to the thug end, Trump, despite his ill-gotten wealth, is just as uneducated and ignorant as they are; and that's the reason he is so loved by them. The ex– (HALLELUJAH!) the ex-president, however, cares less about them, helping them, or righting the wrongs they've suffered. Note that he pleaded for their help for HIM, not for the collectivity of them: all Trump ever cared to receive from them is applause. He gave nothing. Sense of humor? Well..... Yank pop culture depends upon some of that same cruel mockery, frat boy humor, stupidness that Trump has (take a look at what's offered on Netflix), and less and less on anything that doesn't insult one's intelligence. To some degree there's some humor on the late night political commentaries (but, egad! isn't John Oliver British? Trevor Noah, South African? okay, we've got Stephen Colbert...) And, surprise, surprise, some of the better humorists come from the groups most discriminated against.
Rodolfo Navarro 2 year ago
Michael Gordon: An average Joe rising to the top of his own volition...? I hope you’re not confusing such an admirable quality with Trump. Daddy’s money and influence got him everything, then bailed him out after his business ventures flopped due to his ineptitude. Please, find a better example.
Michael Gordon 2 year ago
This article makes several good points, but as an American, I think this article contrives, or maybe fails to understand, many aspects of American society.
The first is that Americans are deeply skeptical of bureaucracy in a unique and extreme way. This stems as far back as the Revolutionary War. Unlike in Britain, where social norms favor upper class manners and values, Americans value, and to a certain extent even fetishize, the image of the average Joe rising to the top of his own volition. We generally hate the idea of government itself. We also worship ideas of rugged individualism and frontier justice. This is a major part of our culture. As Ronald Reagan once said, “the worst 9 words an American can hear are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”
Americans aren’t unable to see Trump’s flaws; in fact, they was his greatest selling point. Many Americans wrongly assumed his flaws would be the perfect thing to disrupt the back door dealings of Washington.
This didn’t work for two simple reasons. Yes, the US government is an insider’s club run by rich people and lobbyists, but sending a person with no idea how to navigate that corrupt system... is not going to fix the corrupt system. The second reason it didn’t work is because Trump is one of those corrupt lobbyists himself.
Also, what’s this malarkey about Americans not having a sense of humour? Just because we’re more blunt and direct than the Brits, doesn’t mean we’re less “sophisticated” or lacking in nuance. The US is a brain drain for the rest of the world. Many of the world’s greatest comedians have come out of the US too.
Jim 2 year ago
Michael Gordon speaks for 30% of Americans. Most Americans have seen right through how Trump is a shell of a man and was actually the biggest impediment to making America great again. Although a majority of republicans believe the election was stolen. Our democracy was pushed to the brink, and even though radical right (not left) rioters stormed the Capitol, it's republicans like Michael Gordon, who sounds like an educated man, that are complicit. Thinking that the 'conservative' values that Trump promoted are more important than the assault on democracy. Trump is an awful human being and does not exhibit a single traditional republican value. Yet they drank the Kool-Aid. It hurts my heart and seriously diminishes my faith in my fellow Americans. I just hope we can recover from everything that this evil man has done to our great nation!
Paul 2 year ago
As an American I say “Amen Harriet, ...Amen”...
Harriet 2 year ago
Let this be the last that we think of least until he is convicted.
Dan Sersen 2 year ago
Thank goodness he lacked the skill and vision to expand his influence beyond his wretched base. He is a misspelled obscenity tattoed to America's forehead forever.
Momomi 2 year ago
Wow... we can breathe again. Another wrote, ..”. he is an effluvium, a discharge from the bowels of a diseased system; a funk that has now been sharted” Let’s all move on.
Matt Eastwood 2 year ago
New Yorkers detest him too ... and they generally love their own. Speaks volumes about Trump.
Suresh Malavia 2 year ago
Brits could get it right -millions of Americans could not - What a perfect presentation of most disgraceful human being -now the world can heal -Thank you
Judi Kueterman 2 year ago
Perfectly put.
Julie Bucknam 2 year ago
So well said and with the famed British humor😂😂. That’s why I woke up today happy and excited. We now have a new classy, competent, and caring President of the United States. We’re, baaack baby !!!!
Carolyn Rice 2 year ago
Your description fits him to a T what a nasty disgraceful human being now the world can heal Thank you for saying what the world was feeling and seeing
Nancetta Shannon 2 year ago
No soul, simply no soul; he sold it to Satan.
Just realizing this man never smiled, not once!! That’s crazy ‘his flaws have flaws’
Sheila Palmer 2 year ago
Margarett Floyd 2 year ago
YOU NAILED IT!! Thank you! Blessings, ❤️
Tony Bardnardnik 2 year ago
My family were loyal to the Crown during the American revolution. I would like to come home now, please.
Sarita Brown Smedley 2 year ago
As an American living in London who detests trump, I'd like to point out to my esteemed British commentators below that 80 million Americans did not vote for trump nor his ill humour and dull tirades based on fantasy. We have a very good sense of the ironically absurd and we've been working really hard to get our country back from the hooligans.
We just had such an abysmal choice in the 2016 elections it was hard to muster up any enthusiasm. 'How bad could it be?', we sighed after he won.
We had no flipping idea the depths of disgusting this man could reach.
So decent and good natured Joe is more of a scrapper than a talker, but as a bonus we
will be giving you Kamala Harris, who is not only intelligent, charming, Witty and incisive, but joyful. With killer instincts
gtr 2 year ago
You certainly did have a warning of how bad it good be. Trump had many priors in his history. You were just lazy and ignored the multiple demon spore droppings in his past.
Mike Benefield 2 year ago
Spot on! Many Americans sadly need to be reminded of the fundamental qualities that most kids are taught in our country. There has always been an understanding by many Americans that one day our idiots would escape from the national closet for all the world to see, thus exposing our grand illusion; that national exceptionalism requires constant hard work, personal responsibility and education. National exceptionalism doesn't result from waving flags, arrogance and false bravado.
Michael Gordon 2 year ago
An American here.
Your highness, may I remind you that you’re entire system of modern government was rebuilt on the foundation of the American experiment, which was born out of a revolution against your tyrannical kingdom.
Also, authoritarianism is on the rise worldwide, not just in the United States. Boris Johnson is a real nice bloke, no?
Jim Holt 2 year ago
You fairly covered it all and it fits. Thank God he’s gone and hopefully never too return.
Joan. 2 year ago
Well written. No one does it like the Brits. 👏🏼👏🏼Number 45 charisma is like the charisma that Hitler had.
How did that story end again?????
Tell lies and Build on the resentment and fear of the population , speak to the arrogant and greedy powerful racists. Created a new sexy term for lies .... Alternate Facts...... . He has released the kraken of America 🇺🇸 Exposed the underbelly of the nation. Good luck America. Your new President and his administration has their work cut out for them. Lots of prayers going up for your nation and I don’t mean the prayers being spouted by your White Evangelicals. ( giving a bad name to Christians and setting us up to be called Haters and for persecution) Those of you who have a knowledge of Bible prophecy known There have been many Anti Christ’s / false prophets since the beginning of time. Well, we have just lived through the reign of one , but God!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽Stepped in. The nation and the world need to turn back to God and the teachings of his Son Jesus Christ. Love, joy, Righteousness, peace. All Kingdom principles. We must have Hope in the midst of the ⛈ storm. Hope floats !👍🏼🙏🏼
Howard suss 2 year ago
All true. Only one thing. He’s the most effective president that we have ever seen
TruthHurts 2 year ago
The most effective horse's ass the world has ever known. The end.
Stephanie Kinney 2 year ago
Could you please define exactly what you mean by "effective?"
phyliss kirk 2 year ago
Effective in spreading hate, fear, racism, cruelty, rage, bullying, and most effective at being the greatest loser ever. He has no leadership skills other than causing death and destruction. Mussolini got the trains to run on time... He was effective.... does that make him an effective leader?
Tom Terrific 2 year ago
Well, he was successful - in a short span of just 4 years - in nearly disassembling our rocky but still functioning Democratic Republic. I suppose some might style that as an accomplishment (for example, V. Putin). Politics aside (though it never really is), I must agree that his utter lack of empathy and humor are truly unbearable.
Jean - A very mature lady! 2 year ago
Hence the huge embarassment we carry as a nation! Hence the long, challenging & cruel-natured last four years with this Un-Republican, Un-statesman, Un-compassionate, Un-civilized, Un-educated man who would be dictator if it weren’t for the fact that he lives in a democracy! It’s not a time to be glad the republicans are no longer in power. It’s a time to be glad Donald Trump is no longer in power! He took the “patriot” out of patriotism & completely gutted a perfectly respectable Republican Party for his own selfish interests! I am not strictly a republican or a democrat & I vote for what makes us a great nation but I believe in the system of government Americans have fought for all these years. Only now do I realize how fragile it is. Thanks for this article!
Linda Hart 2 year ago
Thi is SPOT-ON!
Jimmy Mack 2 year ago
That is simply some amazing writing! You captured him for me. So embarrassed as an American but he's out of here. Just curious, though...would you be up for providing a similar analysis of Boris Johnson? I got's to know!
Jeff Ellis 2 year ago
Even though the BRITs do speak funny, they have a way with words that I never could. And this is a brilliant description of an odious man. And I thank you for it.
Kristin 2 year ago
Well said!! Unbelievable ignorance and arrogance. And I too believe this was Americans response to a black president. When are we going to get over this stain on America? When are we going to see that hatred and racism are taught and not inherent in our souls? When are we going to grow up and lose the fear that drives us? It’s time America- cmon! Stand up and truly be “one Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”.
Luis Carpizo 2 year ago
Just a perfect description of a very nasty piece of garbage...
Linda 2 year ago
Love this did you post
Ken Carrasco 2 year ago
Very good, although I read something similar from the UK sometime in 2017 which added that Donald Trump doesn't even own a dog, and the British people don't trust a man who doesn't own a dog. Is true? Trump would have so many lackeys who would be eager for the privilege of cleaning up after Donald Trump's dog.

My theory is that there are so many people in the US that got so ticked at the election of a black president (!) that it brought racism into the open, and Trump feeds that hatred. (Ironically, I am sitting here in the US writing this on MLK Day).
ejneiland 1 year ago
Ken isn't Lindsey Graham his lap dog? I agree Obama is at fault. (lol) You are correct, sadly his being elected unleashed the ugliness with us; racism, hatred and eventual violence.
Theresa H Hall 2 year ago
You have panted this canvas honestly and insightfully. My DNA is 61% British, the rest European, so I think along the same lines as you, especially when it comes to the subject of your article. Thank you for getting straight to the point. Perhaps some of those followers of his will examine their staunch admiration of this zero, hollow, commander-in-cheat of our country.

President Obama was a difficult success to follow. There couldn't be a more marked difference between them. Imagine our shock and unhappiness having to be Americans under DJT.

We are counting down the hours for our incoming and genteel administration. The world may join us in breathing a huge sigh of relief. Decency matters.
Fred C. 2 year ago
While on a vacation a few years ago, my wife and I encountered a British couple waiting for the same tour bus. Inevitably, the conversation came around to politics and Trump. His poisonous candor was relatively new to us at the time yet we sensed that things would only get worse. I then said to the Brits, “On a GOOD day, he is a bag of human excrement.” They were astounded I blurted it out so matter of factly and with such assuredness.
Larry Jordan 2 year ago
As an American, I'm so embarrassed and ashamed on one hand and inspired on the other. Our judicial system held up and saved Democracy, as we know it, free of partisan politics. That is what I would like you to take away from this horrible chapter. Now, watch what happens going forward.
Robin Pierce 2 year ago
I personally am embarrassed that we have submitted the world to the troll. Please don’t judge us by this momentary lapse. I have been horrified for four years hoping that he doesn’t blow up the world before we get him replaced.
Tony 2 year ago
Robin, we will replace him in a few days, but not the 74 million that voted for him. The US has a problem bigger than you think. He might be the idiot that galvanized and brought them together, but their next one will be more cunning and dangerous.
Sherrel 2 year ago
Every sentence/paragraph in this opinion got better and better. The majority of Americans agree with you. At least we know seven million more voters do.
Jeff Ellis 2 year ago
Unfortunately, it’s a very slim majority. There are still those 70 million voters that do approve of him…
Afraid Pandora’s box has been sprung open it’s gonna be hard stuff all those probmems back inside. We are done with this yet.
Jonny 2 year ago
I bet that had he won the election, & was therefore in charge of rolling out the Covid vaccination, he’d try & set up a system to ensure that only those who’d voted for him would receive the jab, & those who voted for Biden would be ignored.
He is THAT evil!
Catherine A 2 year ago
Jose 2 year ago
Is rubbage meant to mean rubbish?
Michael Caputo 2 year ago
Brilliantly described Trump to our Countries Embarrassment!
Gloria S. 2 year ago
You hit the nail on the head!! 100% correct. What an embarrassment to us here in the States, and to the rest of the world!! Good riddance!!
Susan T 2 year ago
Ronnie Walker 2 year ago
He is a business man who gets things done, not a polished politician; and he lives under constant attacks from the media and the radical left throughout his presidency.
MG Henderson 2 year ago
Businessman? Do you not know the difference between being a mob boss and a legitimate person of business? Go find out. It's pretty easy.
Jonny 2 year ago
A FAILED businessman! Was he not bankrupted 6 times?
Ann T 2 year ago
The “constant attacks from the media” is the media doing their job and reporting actual news, complete with supporting evidence, of the kind of activities that Trump doesn’t want us to know about. The kind of activity that Trump falsely claims as “fake news,” and his disgusting revolving door of spineless liars (press secretaries, aides, lawyers, GOP) denies, deflects, and fails to defend any of it.

He acts like a mob boss, as someone else just pointed out, and thinks that the country should just do whatever he says, irregardless of the legality of his actions.
And if you think the left is “radical,” how in the world would you describe the shameless, lawless, ignorant human scumbags who tore apart the Capitol and
terrorized those inside?
If you had any critical thinking skills whatsoever, you would realize that not only has Trump exposed himself as the unhinged despot who threatens anyone in his way, but he has exposed his followers as the stupid fools he has trained you to be. The whole world saw that mass of ugliness on TV: Trump supporters. Fools.
Laura Corker 2 year ago
Wow. I’m an older American who has never been able to understand that guy’s “charisma”.
You have nailed all my feelings which have been difficult to fully articulate about exactly WHY his behavior is SO low.
Unutterably sad that my beloved homeland now has this claim to shame, but you can’t fix flaws you can’t see. This sad chapter has revealed much. We must now face the work needed to bring our land out of the dark attitudes that were hiding in plain sight. Maybe we will leap ahead!
Keith Horner 2 year ago
The best thing, not just for the US, but even for Donald Trump would be if he committed suicide; he has absolutely NOTHING to live for now, as what he’s not already lost, he’s gonna lose in the near future!
C White 2 year ago
Hopefully the crisis of Trump will even help resolve the willingness to be deceived by so many people. Our rationality rating is a great cause for concern.
Daniel 2 year ago
Unadorned unfestooned utility of language. Spot on. Thorough and truthful in so many ways. If ever there were a hollow being it is he.
Boore 2 year ago
What a piece of precision in description! Beside the fact that Trump is an absolute AH, I think he is a good specimen for psychiatrists and psychologists to study and revise their theory on how base a human being can be. I think the current thinking is that Hitler was the "basest" of all. I am sure that needs to be revised.
Kathy Miguel 2 year ago
As an American, I concur. Hoping for a brighter future under our new administration.
Michael Scott 2 year ago
So sadly true in every word! Such a disgrace to the human race and to too many Americans to espouse to such an idiot. I apologize for them all, though that maybe just too little, too late.
Marie Moir 2 year ago
Absolutely Spot on!
Riki Wilchins 2 year ago
Yes, the British *always* side with plucky underdogs. Like the current British establishment's assault on the small, desperate minority of transgender people in the UK and transkids.
Natalia Spencer 2 year ago
A precise description. But I always try to compare my opinions and conclusions with the professional ones in a given sphere. Here they are, first of all, psychologists and psychiatrists; then sociologists, historians and economists to explain the phenomena of his popularity among a big number of Americans; of course politicians, his colleagues, friends and family members who were close and knew him for many years - that could make an objective description. You can see all of those in the movie UNFIT, that’s now popular on Netflix. However only your eyes and some common sense is enough to see what this Brittish journalist writes about Trump, the sad thing - nearly half of Americans have problems with seeing that. These problems existed before Trump and not easy to be solved after he’s gone.
John Ujong 2 year ago
No More! No Less, I guess the Brit Summed it up best for the rest of us - non Brits. The aberration embodied in Trump and Trumpism is a universal explication captured in the Brits view point.
Beth Martin 2 year ago
Trump has perpetrated the biggest con on the American people that anyone could ever have imagined. He is a charismatic cult leader who has managed to corrupt and destroy the traditional 2 party political system of government we have successfully had in this country for over 200 years in the space of 4 years. He has spread more lies and disinformation than any other political leader of all time and has caused the Republican Party to distrust media sources for verifiably provable facts telling them only to believe what he tells them is true and they not only listen to him, they ignore verifiable facts and evidence and believe what he says even though what he says is verifiably able to be proven false. That’s cult like behavior. A large portion of the Republican Party are now Qanon followers and White Supremacists. The racists probably always were republicans but now they’re out about it and proud to own it. You’ve got Congressional Representatives too scared and morally vacant to take a stand and call out the lies because they’re afraid of being primaried and being voted out of office so they went along to get along. Trump lost the election. He knew it, Congress knew it everyone knew it. He wasn’t going to be seen as a loser though so he created the BIG LIE. All of a sudden Black votes/ Hispanic votes in majority minority Counties in States that Trump lost were being challenged. Only those votes. Not down ballot races just the presidential race and just in majority black cities/counties in States Trump lost. Good God! Can’t have Black and Hispanic people picking our president now can we! Especially a president like Trump! So, that knowledge backed up with the scapegoating of mail in ballots turned into “I won this election by a lot and they stole this election from you!” THE BIG LIE which was told by RT wing media for 2 months over and over and over and eventually led to Trump inciting an insurrection to overthrow our democratic government. A freaking attempted coup by the president of his own government. Truly unbelievable!
74 million people voted for him, he has a 29% approval rating but still fairly popular within the Party. The Party is a mess. Has no platform, has factions of Qanon, white supremacists and regular ole republicans who still have core values of what the Party used to believe in. What will they do?
Trump has destroyed the Party, nearly brought this Country to civil war and that risk is not yet 0. Where do we go from here because Trump will NOT help us out of this mess. All he would have to do is simply tell the truth. The election wasn’t stolen but he won’t. The Senate needs to convict him and make it so he never holds another office again. He’s a danger and has done enormous damage and his impact will be felt for years. He will go down in history that’s for sure but it won’t be for all the things that presidents are usually loved and remembered for. He will be famous for all the evil and destruction to the core and values of the fabric of the American way of life. You need truth and a basic understanding of facts to have any confidence in your president. Without that you’ll never achieve a unified Country
Marcie Neilson 2 year ago
Amazingly well written. Spot on. And not one lie or misleading statement. Something Trump could NEVER achieve. I can’t wait for Biden to take office. They will have to fumigate the White House and Congress first to get rid of all of the rats/traitors to America that have infested DC in the last four years. Not a Patriot to be found in the the whole bunch of Trump and his sycophants.
I Felix Justice 2 year ago
Remember, he was not only opposed to Obama’s policies, he was appalled by OBAMA! He couldn’t abide seeing Obama sprint up the steps of Air Force One - like a little monkey, he said, beneath the dignity of an American President. Thank you, President Donald John, for restoring dignity to the office, making us proud. And how about the falsity of the Obama couple, always grinning before the camera like a couple of chimpanzees. We Americans chose wisely for a First Couple in the Trumps, whose tender devotion to each other is palpable. Their deep love is so wonderful to behold after having to endure that awfully artificial Barack Hussein and Michelle for eight miserable years. The lovely Trumps are Real Americans of whom we could not be more proud. A Patriot.
ChristoZ 2 year ago
It's hard to determine if you originally wrote this tongue-in-cheek or if you seriously abide by the completely bizarre drivel you wrote about the Orange Pissflap.
Luke 2 year ago
Wow, calling the Obamas Monkeys and Chimpanzees?? Real nice. But you're funny...lovely Trumps? There is NOTHING lovely about Trump. What a chump....Donald should have never been elected president. Horrible! So glad he's out the door. Counting the days!!!
This article was well written and on point!
Leo 2 year ago
Heh heh heh! Your comments are a riot! Well, I guess you can't spell 'Patriot' without 'riot'! Heh heh heh! You should write comedy. Oh, wait, you're already doing so!
Erlinda P. 2 year ago
It's so hard to believe how so millions of people are completely brainwashed into believing to all the garbage coming from this twice impeached president. Even one promise he made that's been clearly a lie, they still don't care like "Mexico is going to pay for the wall" bs. They were even able to raise fund to help build the wall instead of confronting Trump about his broken promise! What kind of stupid love do they have for this guy? They're like this wife whose husband keeps beating her, and still stay and hope the husband will change because she loves him so much, and she is so dumb to leave.
I think if Trump gather them all and tell them it's over, there's nothing they can do to keep him another four years in office, they will all go to jail with him so they need to drink his poisoned drink to prove their love for him, they will all do! Bless all their hearts!
gtr 2 year ago
His buddy Steve Bannon embezzled the money that was donated to build the wall and Trump pardoned him Jan. 19, 2021 for that crime.
If you read about the so called wall, it actually turns out that what were remote inaccessible places with cliff faces and other obstacles were blasted and had roads built there which actually create new smuggling routes.
Elaine Engel 2 year ago
Perfect! I am one of those Americans who is witheringly mortified and embarrassed by "the one who must no be named". I have had interactions with those who hold the man in high regard, basically Neanderthals and that is an insult to a Neanderthal. Hopefully soon, they will crawl back into the caves from which they came!
INHe appeals primarily to fear and resentment. If you listen to the fuming fascists on Fox, that is all you get. He is uniquely qualified to deliver this message, because Trump himself is consumed with fear and resentment. It is frightening to realize tha 2 year ago
He appeals primarily to fear and resentment. If you tune in to the fuming fascist hosts on Fox, that is what you get. Nothing else. But Trump is uniquely positioned to convey such a message because he himself is a vessel of self-loathing and resentment. The scary thing is that there are so many fearful, resentful white people in the United States receptive to his message.
Paul K 2 year ago
This is,by far, the best description of Trump I have ever heard ! It still shocks me to know so many people still support him, or ever supported him !
joann calleia 2 year ago
Yes, yes and yes! Spot on. Trump is a pathetic little man! He will go down as the worst President in history!! Good riddance to the biggest loser of the universe. He is slime!😡😡
ngpal 2 year ago
There could’t have been a better portrayal of the outgoing orange haired clown called POTUS
Michael W 2 year ago
A Yank here. You are spot on. Sharing widely.
Diane Souza 2 year ago
You Sir, are absolutely right!!! Well said!
Ronald Ollerenshaw 2 year ago
BrillIant. From your Ebay friend in Nottingham, UK.
Karen 2 year ago
My God so well written & true.
From Ontario Canada most see the same thing
BJ Price 2 year ago
A beautiful piece of prose describing an ugly, soulless “man”. As an American, I found him to be an embarrassment before he was elected to office and after, where he has continued to shock us with his next new low, whether it be deed or utterance. It will take a long time to clean up the aftermath and mend this nation.
Linda L Weaver 2 year ago
Absolute perfect description of #45, he can’t be gone soon enough !!!!! I am not a fan of our current two party system as it is failing miserably, I do offer up prayers they can get it together enough to impeach this sorry piece of human protoplasm & prevent him from ever bringing his incompetence into Federal office again🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Laurence D Beck 2 year ago
Thanks from the bottom of my american heart. But this guy will not go away on his own. He must be hounded into irrelevance. No accountability will only mean more trump.
Don Sayre 2 year ago
So true that if I didn’t laugh I would cry.
Gloria L.Feimster 2 year ago
“Describes him perfectly !”
Pat 2 year ago
He can’t be gone soon enough
Pat 2 year ago
He has been a terrible President.
Michael 2 year ago
Apart from that he is quite a nice chap !
Deborah 2 year ago
Spot on! Made my day. Proud to say I never voted for him!
Bob 2 year ago
A brilliant piece. It was so good that it sounded as though it had been written by the late great Aussie Clive James. Beautiful paced with tremendous rhythm. The crescendo of the piece was “ a Picasso of pettiness and a Shakespeare of shit”
MMB 2 year ago
This has made my day ...greetings from a Brit who is happy to see the back of this embarrassment to the USA
Carol Wirth 2 year ago
Could not have said it any better. Bravo!
Marilyn Lucero 2 year ago
SPOT ON. Thank you from Arizona💯🎤🔥
Jo Ellen Felix 2 year ago
I must be British, I couldn’t agree more
Joyce M 2 year ago
This was epic🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Patricia Merino 2 year ago
Read the article before......a very accurate description of this man. I always thought him thrash’s and I’ll manered and UGLY inside and out and a sorry excuse for a human being!!!
valerie mellor 2 year ago
As a former Brit, I loved this piece. It summed up the Orange Fascist so well! Not sure I’d dignify his name near “Shakespeare’s( the Shakespeare of Shit) However, all else was so on the mark. The comparison with the witty, erudite Obama was great. Even the Queen got in a dig, wearing the brooch Obama had given her when meeting Trump. She very happy she won’t have to have dinner with him & his atrocious family again, I am sure!
Peggy B 2 year ago
Wow. Nobody has said it better.
Linda 2 year ago
To the T
Jeffrey 2 year ago
I could not have described he better!!
Cornelius Finn 2 year ago
I really hope that Trump reads this, everything you said was 100% accurate. I just hope he knows how stupid he really is. His vocabulary is Limited to that of a skunk.
Lanny robins 2 year ago
Fantastically well written piece, I recall when Trump was running for his first election the British were voting on whether he should be let into the country, majority of people thought that he shouldn’t. One legislator opinioned was that you can’t prevent somebody coming into England just because he’s stupid. Unfortunately approximate 30-35% of Americans don’t see that, The British seem to have far more perceptive intuition.
Dale and Debby Wolf (Illinois) 2 year ago
Well said sir. Please know that there are MANY that did not vote for him (either time) and wish his time was over.
We feel terrible that his term is giving all of us a bad name. We are hopeful that all of the world knows that the GREAT majority of Americans want to be a part of your communities once again.
brian r sanford 2 year ago
Funny, isn't it, that "some" Irish and Scottish feel the same 'bout British "people"?
Mike Boaler 2 year ago
Scottish and Irish people are British.
Jonny 2 year ago
The article was flattering. Recent events have shown he’s FAR worse. AND, we’ve yet to look forward to the 20th January to see what he has in store for us!
What a despicable piece of sh-t!
Simon 2 year ago
Absolutely spot on. Nail firmly, and squarely struck.
Robin 2 year ago
This may be the greatest thing I have ever on!!
Jeanne 2 year ago
And why did British citizens flee your country to America ???
TonyP 2 year ago
The same reason they are still there Jeanne. To rape and pillage the great natural resources of a Continent. To escape the life here they made their own world in North America and look what a mess the US has made of the opportunity. You're welcome to it.
DONALD R CONNER 2 year ago
What you British can't understand is that he does what he says he will do and he gets the job done I will take that over a smooth talker any day. Of course, I am a 'deplorable . . .'
Ann T 2 year ago
Yes, Donald... he “gets things done,” alright. He promised trouble over the election results, and he delivered! Five people dead. The Capitol building vandalized, lawmakers terrorized. Security guards chased and beaten. Why? Because Donald Trump’s huge ego couldn’t accept that he had lost, in spite of more than 50 court decisions against him. The whole world heard his words, calling for violence, over and over again, and a vicious ugly band of Trump’s Thugs delivered. “Deplorable” is far too kind for Trumpkins.
Paul 2 year ago
There are legitimate issues with the voting in the US. There are plenty of irregularities. He is allowed to contest. It is now moot. He has said he'll step down. The protest got out of hand and was infiltrated by Antifa, you know them right, the Democrat thugs of a few short months ago. Best POTUS in 50 years.
Ann T 2 year ago
No, Paul. The “Antifa” nonsense was disproved, and that claim was recanted, but I bet you won’t hear about that on the right wing propaganda sites. It’s ANOTHER lie from Trump and his groupies to try and deflect the blame away from Trump, but we all HEARD him ask them to march on the Capitol. Stay tuned. There appears to be more damaging news for Trump coming soon.
Jay T 2 year ago
I can assure you Donald, the majority of Americans also don't understand. In fact, only trump and the deplorables seem to have that peculiar understanding. The rest of us can't figure out how someone who can't seem to drink a glass of water with one hand gets from one end of the day to other.
Patricia 2 year ago
You mean the worst potus ever in the great US of A!!!!!!!!!
Pat 2 year ago
No Paul
The election was a fair and accurate response to the criminal actions of a leader that has gone rogue.
gtr 2 year ago
Donald you mean the new smuggling routes that Trump had built by illegally moving funds that were budgeted for something else.
If you read about "his" so called border wall, it actually turns out that what were remote inaccessible places with cliff faces and other obstacles were blasted and had roads built there which actually create new smuggling routes.
Kelly 2 year ago
I envy the fab comments made. We should speak more like the British. So descriptive🧨‼️
Chris Mundwiler 2 year ago
This is the most complete overview of The Complete Twat! Thank you Sad. Very Enjoyable and completely Accurate
Felix justice 2 year ago
After four years of his depravity on full display, his bigotry, his sadism, his estrangement from the truth, seventy five million Americans voted to re-install him. To me, this is most horrifying of all.
Ann T 2 year ago
Equally horrifying, Felix, is that those people refuse to believe anything other than Trump’s insistence that he “won in a landslide.” After more than 50 court decisions that ruled otherwise, (including Trump’s hand-picked judges all the way up to the Supreme Court), willfully ignorant Trumpists believe that Trump is telling the truth. Donald Trump, the man who lies CONSTANTLY. And they believe Trump, even though he and his absurd cast of laughable, delusional “lawyers,” have failed to produce ANY evidence to support their claims! Trump keeps on making up bullish!t and the Trumpists keep believing and spreading the lies, even though THEY haven’t seen any credible evidence.
ChristoZ 2 year ago
Spot On!
JulianGiulio 2 year ago
Absolutely. Been saying the same for 2 years now. It is satisfying to see articulate words express my own thoughts and feelings
.I do not think many in the US people see how dangerous, unhealthy, and sociopathic he is. His one-dimension that they see they think is evidence of charm? Creativity?
And it's all for attention. No attention should have been given to this extreme sociopath; it (not he) should NOT have a job anywhere near power,-as others have said here!
When I first saw him, just for 5 mins on the US's 'Apprentice' a decade ago, I just COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS Beholding: this man was 100% inauthentic, plastic, egotistical.. and he was getting away with it. No one else seemed to notice there. And then IT GOT TO BE 'PRESDIENT.
Veronica Hambacker 2 year ago
ANYONE who has even had a shadow of a thought that Trump wants to do good for or help better the USA or its citizens has zero capacity to analyze character and humanness !! For all of his 70+ years, now, and into the last minute of his life, this monster, this con-man, bully-boy, manipulator, gangster, thug, liar, thief, crook has NEVER designed a thought to do good for anyone but HIMSELF. He won’t, can’t, doesn’t and will never do/be good for anyone but Donald Trump. He doesn’t have the capacity because he is missing all the capabilities that makes an individual fully human: no shame, no sympathy, no empathy, no compassion, no sense of right over wrong, truth over lies, kindness over crude criticism, manners over sloth or love over manipulation. And he never will. He is psychologically deranged and dangerously narcissistic! He is unfit to lead and should NEVER be given power over people in any form or context
Ronald Balkin 2 year ago
To Judy Reynolds.
He ONLY fights for his fights. He cares nothing about poor people, blacks, native Americans, sick people, people who need financial assistance, children, clean air, clean water, people with pre-existing medical conditions, etc. He only cares about MONEY. He and his family should all be in jail. They are ALL worthless, horrible disgusting, UnAmerican people.
Rosemary Robinson 2 year ago
Trump isn’t fighting for anything for anyone except himself. He’s just conned everyone into thinking that he is.
Judy Reynolds 2 year ago
He. Is the only man in office willing to fight for all our freedoms that are being stolen by big businesses and congress. He is not perfect, or even close, but his heart is for America.
Ann T 2 year ago
I can’t believe that after the appalling events of the last few weeks, there are still people who are willing to believe that Trump gives a damn about anyone but himself. Encouraging the thugs who broke into the Capitol, and only denouncing it AFTER he was shamed into it. Placing at least two threatening phone calls to Georgia election officials, insisting that they “find” exactly enough votes to win Georgia. Lying constantly about the election results, knowing full well that all phony claims had already been checked out thoroughly.

He isn’t fighting “for all our freedoms.” He is trying to take them away, most noticeably is the First Amendment. How about the right to breath clean air or have fresh water, which he thinks is less important than Big Business?

Trumpkins proved exactly willfully ignorant they are by their disgusting display at the Capitol. In doing so, they showed the entire world exactly how unhinged Trump has become.
Ruth Peltason 2 year ago
No, Judy Reynolds. You are very, very wrong. Trump’s heart isn’t for America. It saddens me that a man holding the office of president is so deeply lacking in patriotism. And yet, and yet: He conned YOU. That’s even sadder and more pathetic.
JulianGiulio 2 year ago
Haha, his supporters say 'he's not perfect', a curious observation.
HE is EMPTY INSIDE. He has no heart for you or for anything.
MP 2 year ago
You started off perfectly: no class.
Eleanor 2 year ago
Yes, no humor, no intelligence, no sophistication, no reason he should ever have become president of our United States of America’s.
Bob Wedl 2 year ago
He is both a comedy and a tragedy
Harald Soevdsnes 2 year ago
Perfect statement, "pure bull eye hit" further, I suggest Donald to be promoted; "The wisest fool in Christendom"
Dr. Dianna Wuagneux 2 year ago
Eleanor 2 year ago
Perfect description. My thoughts exactly.
Randy 2 year ago
Thank You! Your description has made my day.
WV Republican
Sandu 2 year ago
Some ritzy said about Mozart... too many bsrs, notes and wasted ink... same here...
Leah Jeffrey 2 year ago
Awesome! May I quote you?
Carl E. Cluck 2 year ago
The British are so much more adept at painting a picture with words. So as the Brits would say.......... hear, hear! Or is it "here, here?"
Pat 2 year ago
So ever right! Hit nail on the head! He is disousting
Brenda Baglio 2 year ago
Tap on photo and hit view full artical
Lynn Pruitt 2 year ago
Thank you for your honest assessment of a despicable sub human. He is so self involved that it boggles the mind to think of how many of my good friends and neighbors think the thing walks on water. Maybe he does. Most slugs do.
David Bercuson 2 year ago
Great article. Thank you Michael. I agree with the tragic, very funny but unfortunately spot on description of Trump. The way ahead will be difficult and the true believers will never realize or accept the facts. Consequently we all must continue to be vigilant.
Jonathan Biatch 2 year ago
I am so impressed and grateful for these observations from across the Pond. We in the United States have been distracted and disgusted by his persona, but rarely has anyone put what he is and what he is not so succinctly and frighteningly. We will be quite glad to get rid of him.
Cheryl Przytula 2 year ago
Spot on! Every word! And again, please accept my apologies for this person in our government.
Samantha Chastelaine 2 year ago
I’d laugh if I wasn’t so thoroughly disgusted with our government. The most disgraceful degenerate thieves ever magicians cool misdirection I think we weren’t looking I’ve sold of this country lock Stock and barrel by the time they finished.

It’s not a nation with people anymore. It’s a board game of finances and human beings don’t count in the game. Deeply ashamed of my government, and we will never recover from this.

I loved my country, it’s freedoms, it’s supporting the underdog fighting to give everyone a fair crack of the whip. After all that’s why so many people ran here to settle because they weren’t as safe at home. Those days are long forgotten. With all our media in Someone’s pocket, it will never be a matter of historical record either❗️😢
Leo 2 year ago
The good ole USA! I don't think there has been a most corrupt sophisticated nation ever! Trump is just the tip of the iceberg that is the moral nadir that is the USA. Many Congressional & Senate Republicans are still standing by Trump in his attempts to overturn the will of the people. What does that say about these Republicans and importantly, what they think about the much vaunted ideals of the US Constitution. Even conservative people in other countries elsewhere, are confused with what the Republicans stand for. It appears 'doing the right thing' even in it's minimal form is beyond them. Sad, because this Nation gave & still gives the World many positive things.
A great article. And as an American, I would say it has a great deal of British refrain, that Americans do not have in equal measure. So let me say it with a tad of a John Wayne. It is an ugly truth that 1/3 of Americans are too stupid to know how stupid they are. But know that the other two thirds of Americans would gladly curb stomp the man without hesitation. Where we find ourselves is at an inflection point in our country. We have had some serious weaknesses exposed by Putin and his corrupt, Narcissistic Moron. We will put him in a sad little corner, or I will buy the first round to my new neighbors at your local neighborhood pub.
Sharon Brooks 2 year ago
As you can see....there’s a fair number of ignorant fucks that think he is the best thing since sliced bread.
Angela S Garcia 2 year ago
An obscenity in motion, lacking in any redeeming social value.
Nick 2 year ago
I’m a expat Brit , recent US Citizen and all I can say is : Nailed it! Classless, petty-minded guy and any achievements he’s made are overshadowed by the more vile things he’s said and done. As far from being an inspirational leader and statesman as a human can get, sadly.
Bren 2 year ago
Anyone can echo the Media and the anti Trumpers, put it into writing, but still not endorse journalism, which is exactly what this literary (and I use that description kindly) shows.
True Journalists research their target or subject.
Obviously you did not do that.
Had you visited the Government website, or the White House website or even observed and listened for yourself, you would have seen what this man has accomplished during his term, and I might add, without any help from a Congress who should have been working with him instead of having secret basement meetings concocting imaginary crimes he was supposed to have done so they could try to remove him from office, (which they never did). All because of their hate for him for exposing their corruption, that we would never have known about but for his revealing them to us.
They could not expel him on any charges, because he was not guilty, so resorted now to treason, which if there is any fair justice left in America, will be their demise, not his.
Dave 2 year ago
Like most Trumpers, Bren, you completely miss the point and try to steer someone else's writings and opinions to land at your own destination. The author isn't even yet discussing Trump's accomplishments (or complete lack thereof) - he is most brilliantly describing what kind of human he is .... (and completely isn't). Every single description is spot on and make no mistake, there are more people that agree with them than do not -- hence the election results that I'm sure you don't believe in, either. And you have got to be joking with your comment about Trump doing it alone "without any help from Congress". Wake up and smell the corruption, Bren! His sniveling, Senate GOP enablers have made Trump's destructive journey of trampling all over our way of life possible. Had more of their whimpering, spineless numbers actually stood up for what is good and right, Trump might have felt like he was being kept in check (notice the actual function of Congress there, instead of what the yes-men, GOP troggs produced over this dreadful term). What planet can you possibly be on!? Distain for Trump doesn't expose anything distain for Trump - and all mindless oafs like him (um... yup, that's you). Trump's be expelled alright. I'd quote all the records of the election in case you don't know them but I'm sure you don't accept any of that silly election nonsense as truth like the good Trumper that you are. Trump will go down in history ranked on the list of presidents right where he belongs.... on the very bottom. And people like you will fade in history as a reckoning of how close we all came to something truly disastrous.
gtr 2 year ago
Bren, Trump made a mockery of the Government website. He had false information posted there.
He silenced scientists and had accurate scientific information removed from the Website.
Trump and his administration are the poster boys for corruption. Trump and his cronies are the swamp.
Trump has been corrupt for decades.
Soon the USA will have decent leadership that will have to waste time and treasure repairing all the damage Trump has done.
I am a New Yorker. I have never liked trump. He is to braggadocious, to vile and to common. He thinks having wealth equals class. It doesn't. I personally know 3 people who are contractors, that he screwed over for thousands of dollars. They are still in court fighting for their money. When we would take trips to Atlantic City, N.J. to gamble, none of us would ever step inside of one of his casinos. I am so glad he lost his re-election bid, to a man with humility and class. Joe Biden. He will have a tough time fixing all the damage done by trump.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Small wonder that Mr Trump won the election by a landslide. Just look at the feeun tastic jube he did in halting the dreaded COVID Virus. The American people will be forever in his debt.
Francis m Chiovaro 2 year ago
Wow, you nailed it !!!’n
Mischa Spark 2 year ago
Brilliant description of the moronic cocksplat.
Dr. Steven H. Smith 2 year ago
superb, and so accurate one could hardly call it invective. Trump is a human pustule.
Jan Cross 2 year ago
" A Shakespeare of Shite" indeed. And Trump's theatre for daily performance is FOX NEWS, a mind control device craftily devised by conservative right Republicans to direct the static mindset of the empty skulled average American bloke who never reads anything, can't spell "science" or comprehend the words "integrity", "empathy" "decorum" "nepotism". Trump "Making America Great Again" for the promotion of bigotry, hypocrisy and mass ignorance. As the Trump family motto states "Truth is not important. Perception is all important. What America has proved to the rest of the world's people is that IGNORANCE is a positive trait and worthy of passing on to your children. Oh SHITE..what a mess in the US.
Susan Haynes 2 year ago
I do not agree with this,Trump may come off as this person but no matter his past he actually had each and every American in mind as he tried to turn around such an unruly and self-serving government .Trump sees the big picture most of us do not. He has been trying to right so many wrongs done to the ordinary trusting people of our country, now I’m afraid as Joe Biden takes over , we will start losing again. I have no faith in our government anymore, our hard earned tax dollars are used like party money for everyone but the people who pay the taxes. My eyes are wide open to this twisted government we have, it makes me sick to see all of these degenerate people we entrust to keep us safe. Truly sickening
Independent 2 year ago
Susan Haynes - Heil Twittler moron. You need to lay off of the Faux (NO)News entertainment channel and stop drinking the coolaid. You sound pre-programmed like the rest of the trump moron cult members. HE made the swamp deeper and more vile smelling than it was before. How does if feel to be deaf, dumb, blind and ignorant?
Bren 2 year ago
Susan, I totally agree with you. The “Government” who has tried to get rid of him since he announced he was running, hate him because he knows that they are milking America and her people and is exposing them. They have tried so hard to remove him but couldn’t because he is not guilty of their charges. So now they have resorted to treason to try and remove him. A move that will probably be their demise.
Ann T 2 year ago
Bren , WHO is “milking America”?? The answer is Donald J. Trump. He knows he has lost the election, but is prolonging it as long as possible because willfully ignorant folks like yourself have sent him MILLIONS of dollars for legal funding. MILLIONS of dollars, Bren, and it all goes to Trump, and the longer he lies about the election, the more time he has to take your hard-earned money for his own corrupt family. NONE of the courts believe him, but YOU do. Congratulations, you are a fool for Trump
A. Attavar 2 year ago
Rather amused by your worry about a government misusing your taxes for partying and not realising Trump has done exactly that by not paying any taxes and without being in government too! Securing a second term would allow him to get away with it. Atleast now you should be happy he will be liable to prosecution for his party life of private jet and other luxury at your expense.
Betsabe 2 year ago
Beautifully written and a million times accurate! We will never understand and accept how in the world we went from a fantastic man, Barack Obama, to the sorry excuse of a man we have, but do not call President. Just a few more days...
Deborah Shaikh 2 year ago
I have never read a more or less accurate description of someone as vile and despicable as Donald Trump and have to say you have still been kind to him while hitting the nail on the head to some degree. I myself cannot find words in the Queen's English or those used in polite society that could describe this "Reject"
Felix justice 2 year ago
Bill Cosby should be at home with his wife and children and grandchildren.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
There is surely providence in our experience of COVID-19 and Donald Trump concurrently.
Felix justice 2 year ago
How could the beauty of Flamenco Sketches and the hideousness of Donald Trump coexist?
Gianna 2 year ago
Brits hate bullies? Then what the f‘k was all the global conquest and brutalizations of colored folks all about? India? Africa? The Tasmanians? The aboriginals? The falklands? I never got the announcement of their retreat, but, oh well, if you say so. Otherwise a brilliant article. You put the salt on that fat white slug (though I’ve never seen a skinny a slug). His demise will be greatly appreciated, but if history prevails, he will live long and foment trouble and worse get a revisionist history reputation makeover which is a very American trait.
Shirley 2 year ago
Right on Point!!!!
Jeff 2 year ago
Good points all.
Mischa Spark 2 year ago
Truth to power.
Michael 2 year ago
A little ‘over the top’ but no what you’re tryin to say
JulianGiulio 2 year ago
I disagree.
I think it is as OUTRAGEOUS as this!
I think people resists - and this is understandable since it is scary, -just how empty and dead inside this 'human' is. I notice people doing this from the US usually - as if 'president' is a bit like 'pope' and it somehow makes it a bit better!
Margaret re 2 year ago
Beautifully written. On target
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Yes, and then the little lemur press secretary gushing over the omniscience of Donald Trump and Jesus Christ. In that order.
Solomon 2 year ago
If we think that the 20 January 2021 is the LAST we all hear about that freak, we’re all gonna be disappointed; he’ll STILL be around in various law Courts in NY!
Hear Hear!
Bren 2 year ago
And the cases that he has against everyone involved in this treasonous election. Hear hear. ☺️
Jonny 2 year ago
Things MUST be getting to the clown; he’s stopped dying his hair, & it’s turning to its natural grey!
Bren B. 2 year ago
And he looks very distinguished.
Best President ever!
Trump 2024.
Biden will never be my President.
A. Attavar 2 year ago
The change from an Orangutan with a peroxide comb over is an improvement but distinguished. .umm beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder I suppose, even blind ones!
By any chance was King Luie from the Jungle Book cartoon based on Trump???
gtr 2 year ago
Bren why are you so attached to the grifter Trump family? Is your name really Eric?
Trump and his idiot family have done nothing other enrich himself at tax payers expense and attempted to use the presidency so that state criminal charges would run to their term limits. Fortunately that did not work and he legitimately lost the election.
Andrew Watkins 2 year ago
Good summary, although you are a bit too easy on we Brits.

Remember the upper crust’s ability to humiliate and bully, while being exquisitely polite, also their ability to arrogate wealth to themselves at the expense of the poor and middle classes - the neoliberal experiment, red in tooth and claw
Frederick Okoi-Obuli 2 year ago
Absolutely..... Very disturbing that over 74 million people actually voted for this aberration.
Lawrie S. 2 year ago
I’ve been very concerned to observe the Australian extreme right suck up to Trump!!
Now Trump has gone (almost) and so has a large proportion of our trade and good will with China
PS like Trump the Chinese Leaders don’t have any sense of humour
Liz marsden 2 year ago
The ozzies don’t like their government either. On the bright side their sucking up to trump has made them even less likely to win the vote next time. They too are a government who are slow to embrace climate change and the need to stop mining coal . Spot on article.
Joe Shmoe 2 year ago
I never felt that SATAN was more than a theological concept, but now I realize that SATAN is alive and well among us and he is Trump.
Steve Moore 2 year ago
A man who is completely without a soul and sad to think so many Americans either missed, ignored, or rationalized away the glaring omission.
I regret to think of how we, as Americans, are being perceived when this blithering fool steps to the podium or sends yet another toxic tweet.
I can only hope the Biden era will bring us back to a time of decency, compassion, leadership and humor.
God Bless America. We really are mostly very good people.
Tracy T 2 year ago
Ha, I can tell I have mostly British DNA! Great article. I also read an insightful and oddly comforting editorial recently in the Washington Post by Matt Bai, “What will history say about Trump?” It explained all the factors that converged to allow such a person as Trump to be elected. Here’s one paragraph that stands out: “The history texts will note that by 2016, a leaderless Republican Party was primed for a hostile takeover. Into that breach stepped an accomplished huckster and TV celebrity, playing the role of garish billionaire and anti-immigrant populist.” Basically, Trump was a last-ditch effort by some to restore the past. But time marches on and things change, like it or not. The next 10-20 years should be interesting!
jane cowperthwaite 2 year ago
I think Trume is great as a President I doid not like him as a man when he was young. I am 93 and old school.
SJ 2 year ago
AKA ... Old Racist!
Bren B. 2 year ago
You have no manners at all and you want to call someone names?
gtr 2 year ago
Bren, you do not have sound judgement and you have the cheek to tell someone they have no manners.
kevin b carter 2 year ago
Why do you have to insult Frankenstein like that? Those that think Trump is an "OK guy" are merely bigots and lunatics. Yep, we got way too many of them slithering around within our borders. a way, it's actually good Trump has drawn them into the sunlight. Now POTUS Biden can get to the business of cleansing our nation of them.
T. Lorenson 2 year ago
Three things I really dislike about this article. One, I’m not smart enough or witty enough to have written this. Secondly, I’m not British! I’ve had to live with this Jabba the Turd for WAY too long! Good bye BDOTUS!!! Biggest Dick Of The United States!
Karen Kim 2 year ago
This is perfect! The man is witty and concise and, to use the vernacular , hits the mail on the head!
Katie Duncan 2 year ago
Who is his Frankenstein? Matt Groening?
Felix justice 2 year ago
If I could just find three or more loyal people like Kayleigh, who see me for the genius that I am, I would be President for Life, just as it should be
Felix justice 2 year ago
Bill Barr, poor lawyer, awful person. Claiming we didn’t WIN, when everybody knows we did. What’s the world coming to? We already had the worst AG in history with that weakling Sessions, and we traded him in for THIS??
Wyndham 2 year ago
So my brother, what are the States and US Supreme Courts are for? If you were accused of being a dam crook and I cannot prove it through the Judiciary hence, NO evidence, what should be your punishment, put you in jail?
Felix justice 2 year ago
I thought she was brought in to correct his spelling and organize his sentence structure. Instead, she’s turned out to be a Doctor Goebbels wannabe.
Solomon 2 year ago
The trouble with ‘your’ Trump, & ‘our’ Boris is that they BOTH think that they are the most important people in their countries, if not in the world. Hence Trump NOT conceding, & Boris only looking after HIS personal standing with Brexit now very much in the balance.
Very well said Biden when he described Boris as “A physical & spiritual clone of Trump”.
Two sub humans who cannot be trusted
JulianGiulio 2 year ago
Johnson, for all huis dodgyness, for all his lying, is not a tenth as sociopathic as Trump! I do not like the Johnson., but come on, notn in the same ball-park.
(and please stop calling him 'Boris'!)
Bill 2 year ago
We voted out the Fake President but are left with the real COVID nightmare !
LkStevensuser 2 year ago
“he is a Picasso of pettiness; a Shakespeare of shit.”
*chef’s kiss
Kali 2 year ago
I am an American, and I endorse this message.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Gil Hodges - All that is beautiful and gracious and beautiful about America. Donald Trump, everything ugly, hideous.
Ray 2 year ago
America, like other countries, occasionally makes mistakes. We made a huge mistake 4 years ago when we elected Trump. But fortunately, we corrected that mistake this time. Your article states very eloquently, what 78 million Americans felt and thought as they cast their ballot for Biden / Harris. It will take time, likely more time than Biden / Harris have, to right the ship and restore dignity, compassion, and truth to the Office of the US President and, to, the United States of America. There is a lot of rebuilding to be done around the world and I am hopeful we can once again restore the respect of our allies and friends and reengage in world diplomacy. Thank you for your great essay; I hope many Americas will read it.
China Frazier 2 year ago
Thanks to our British brothers and sisters. I am
as baffled as you are except to say that we are plagued with racism which you are not on the scale of the US which is the larger part of the problem that created Trump the Frankenstein of our times.
Cathee 2 year ago
Talk about truth. 🙌🙌🙌✌️✌️✌️
Denise Roberts 2 year ago
Anna Figueroa 2 year ago
You sum it up perfectly. Millions of us have felt this way since he began campaigning the first time around. Sadly, his lack of all of the characteristics you describe will haunt us for a long time.
Lynne Gibbon 2 year ago
Brilliant commentary, succinct summary. I voted for Clinton and Biden. Our close brush with the loss of our democracy has been more than a little frightening and is, by all means, not over. The entire anti-Obama, pro-Trump movement has been challenging on many levels.
Felix justice 2 year ago
You have repeatedly asked the question in disbelief, how could there be so many nazi fascist Trump supporters in the US? The task before you now is to answer it
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Where is the Republican Establishment on the question of election fraud? Speak up, Bob Gates. Condoleeza Rice, Bush family, General Powell, Senator Hatch, all of you respectables. Weigh in!
Fishbelly 2 year ago
You live in an alternate universe sir. There was no fraud, none; your lame dick President is playing for "BIGLY" PAC monies and you for a fool. The fraud doesn't even rise to the level of verifiable incidents (that exist outside of the alternate universe the gullible Trump supporters live in). The level of fraud has us at not one single bit of proof can be shown to any sitting judge level of NO fraud and your side keeps churning out conspiracy theories defended by only Proud Boy vigilantes. Now there was a Pennsylvania man who tried to pass his dead mother's vote for President Trump, so you want to go to the bench again and again and lose? Step right up; the US people have spoken 7.2 MILLION VOTES over your enough in each state to take the Electoral College. You may sir go follow President Trump to the seditious alt USA which will only place you folks at odds with the duly elected of a non cronyistic [sic] world. Sore losers the lot of you!
Glenda Buckley 2 year ago
Nste White. You have hit all the nails right on the head!
I am an American who does not understand how someeAmeticans can condone Trump's behavior. It is even worse that they enable and encourage it.
As the whole world is witnrssing, he is not accepting the fact that he lost our presidential election . He and his enablers are putting oiur democracy at risk.
President-elect Joe Biden has an enormous mess to clean up and Senator Mcconnell will try to thwart every positive step forward. But our Biden/Harris tesm know what the mess that they are inheriting and they will dedicate all their time, talents, and efforts to restore America's Constitutional government and respect with our allies and the rest of the world.
Vickie Preston 2 year ago
Thank you for describing Trump so perfectly. I saw who he was years ago. I’ve watched him on TV and wished I could get ahold of him and ring his neck. Never have I hated anyone but Trump I hate. He has spread conspiracies, lies and hate that America is divided. Now not accepting the loss of the election is evil and his minions believe his BS. He won’t go away after January 20th. He will continue to tweet his desperation.
Donna C 2 year ago
As an American, I’d just like to say, “How right you are!” Thanks. And the truly frightening part is that we won’t be rid of trumpism when we’re finally rid of Trump.
Hilda Oriaku 2 year ago
Well said no compassion lack of respect for any one vengeful mean wicked selfish to me this is one person that do not have one good quality
Christine László 2 year ago
Wonderful analysis and scary for the US and the countries which depend on his decisions. Thank you very much
Michael J. Gorman 2 year ago
The scary thing is that over 70 million Americans and half of Congress really prefer Trump to any man or woman on earth. It's not just that they like him more than either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. They love Trump and hate anyone who doesn't support him. He really is Jim Jones, David Koresh, and even Adolf Hitler in his early rise in the 1930s. He is a dangerous cult leader who must be stopped. This election will stop his political career, and he may face criminal charges that will force him to run to Saudi Arabia, Russia or some country that will have him. But his worshipful followers -- in Congress and the public -- will still carry the baggage of his racism, his xenophobia, his misogyny and his disgust for the US Constitution and the rule of law.
Bruce Kelley 2 year ago
Well said, Michael.
pinhook 2 year ago
Close to 80 MILLION Americans voted for Trump and will/would again. He said the right things 5 years ago; we weren't sure he would follow through (most do not) BUT HE DID and did way more than we had hoped for. IF he goes down I hope he uses the last month to decimate whatever he can of the deep state, congress, fbi, justice dept, Sup Ct., and burn it up with Executive Orders. Get our troops out of the rest of the world. Finally, he should start a TRUMP Political Party. He already has 80,000,000 followers and would get more. It would be the best revenge on both Republicans and demon crats. I want to see both parties die. The demon crats cheated and the republicans sat by and watched. Dammm them all.
Ann T 2 year ago
There was NO CHEATING by the Democrats, and anyone who believes your absurd comments is a brain-washed delusional idiot. There has been NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to support any of the insane lies from Trump and the flunkies. NONE. NADA. ZERO. If Trump’s hand picked 1/3 of the Supreme Court refused to hear his big old nothingburger of a case, maybe you should give it a rest. Trump has made a FOOL of you.

Since Trump and the Loony Tunes lawyers haven’t produced ANY evidence to support his claims, maybe you know something that nobody else knows. Let’s hear it, pinhook. What makes you believe Trump is telling the truth for a change?
S Brennan 2 year ago
I guess you don’t mind a dictator like Adolph Hitler to run the country! You favour corruption, habitual lying, cruelty to innocent people and children, total immorality and ammorality, a sexual predator, to name a few! Will never understand your thinking and those like you!
N. J. Gebauer 2 year ago
I cannot match the eloquence of the British writer but would like to add that once we agree who Trump really is then the next shock surely must come when we realize how many Americans voted for him. At latest count well over 70 million voters checked off his ballot, mind-blowing and scary to see this Great American Divide. It is my fervent hope that in four years time you won't have to put up anymore with drooling old politicians and lawyers who just don't know how to retire gracefully. Trump's often used motto: "Make America great again" has finally come to fruition. Good riddance!
Young 2 year ago
Well, at least he is not a hypocrite like you.
Ann T 2 year ago
Do you know the meaning of the word “hypocrite”? Look it up. There will be a picture of Trump beside it. Or are you trying to say that the writer is a hypocrite? If so, cite examples, please. In the words of the great Inigo Montoya, “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”
Frank L. Miller 2 year ago
You forgot the part about having five children with three wives all whom he cheated on and his rampant misogyny and the fact that he has lied, cheated, and stole most of what he was given by his equally dastardly father Fred. But have faith....once the head of this snake has been removed from his gluttonous torso, or he merely slinks back to Mar-A- Lago or some backwoods golf course where a hungry gator is waiting for a Christmas feast, all of his "fans," all those cowardly, spineless IDIOTS, will disappear like a fart in the wind, and the rest of us, the honest, caring, hard-working Americans will shine once again.
Fouad Kamal 2 year ago
I can add he is a thug
Donna 2 year ago
Hit the mail on the head..... Well said.
T McSwiggan 2 year ago
Obviously you only listen to CNN, all they do is lie, and have even less
Intelligence than yourself, you do not have any idea of what he accomplished, because the swamp, was against him, and 93% of
the media, all paid and directed by a few billionaires.
S Brennan 2 year ago
He is the swamp!
Debbie West 2 year ago
Well expressed...sums him up completely
Paul LRocque 2 year ago
Expresses exactly my feelings about this POS, but best part is saying he is the "Shakespeare of shit". Just perfect!
John Maurer 2 year ago
I keep wondering how I could sneak this into the Conservatives Today Facebook page and get people there to read it.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Should Trump be institutionalized, as concern for public safety clearly dictates? Or should he be allowed to remain at large in pursuit of the larger, nobler end of National Reconciliation?
Josie collins 2 year ago
Hands down, the very best and truthful description of trump!! He has no soul and is masquerading as a Christian. Jesus wept!
Felix justice 2 year ago
It will be firmly established that his sadism traces directly back to his self loathing.
John AIREY 2 year ago
It's easy to critizise something of what you DON'T know. TRUMP has done many good things during the last 4 years. You, Mr. GOOSE, follow the FAKE NEWS DEPARTMENT, get your facts, at least half right. He may be a bit strange, in his ways, but he is not a Politician. We could do with a Trump in Australia. The Pollies, did the same with Pauline Hansen. They attack her now. At their peril. The trouble with Trump was that he didn't learn to lie, B4 taking office. He was attacked by the CRATS, from the 1st day that he was sworn in. "I never had sexual relations with that woman.". Now. Who said that?
Ann T 2 year ago
Surely, John, you are not serious when you said that Trump “didn’t learn to lie B4 taking office.” Cheating on three wives? Tax returns? How about his claim that he saw “thousands of people celebrating on rooftops” on 9-11? How about his claim that his people were bringing back evidence from Hawaii that Barack Obama was not born in the US? Remember when he said he was “smarter than all the generals”? The list goes on and on, John. He has told some whoppers, before and after the election.
Kevin O'Neill 2 year ago
John, your comments suggest that you are are a follower of Pauline Hanson who, like Trump and Clive Palmer, became an elected politician simply because it was novel and many Australian voters felt disenfrancised by the two major parties. Now in the years later Clive is done and gone and Pauline is down to just herself in Federal Parliament. Why? Because the fun for the voters is over. So it will be in America. At least Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer and their stupidity hasn't caused the deaths of nearly 300,000 Australians. You will get over Trump as will 70 million Americans. The rest of us, both Australians and Americans, will continue to nurture our democratic rights.
Katie 2 year ago
As an American, I am so relieved that this past four years of tRumpleskins is about over. It is difficult to fathom the many tRump supporters who believe he is an intelligent, good person! Ugh! What has happened to people? So many bullies and stupid people who fell for his lies and hatefulness! Have we become a nation of selfish morons? I like to think not so. But, unfortunately, about 1/3 of the population have been fooled by him. I pray that the new administration can heal the wounds he has caused and restore calmness and caring to our citizens and neighbors.
Zappo 2 year ago
Article and comments, both sides are rubbish. Does no one care about facts. Does anyone have a handle on what Trump has or has not done. We live in an extraordinary and complex time and half the World has wasted the past four years obsessing on and blaming Trump for everything. Can we have some thinking?
Jem 2 year ago
And you Barry Ellsworth are exactly the kind of person I allude to. Please read what you wrote. You have added nothing of value. I will not respond to any other posts by you. An intelligent, mature person would disagree respectfully. You sir, sound identical to the people you are mocking.
Barry Ellsworth 2 year ago
No Jem, Americans did not vote Trump in because they were tired of old "play the part" presidents. They voted him in because they have a significant population of gullible, stupid citizens. The underbelly of stupidity was thus exposed with his election, and the pool of stupidity was a lot deeper than previously thought. Why else would 80 percent of Republicans believe it when Trump said the election was stolen from him, that it was rigged?

Americans barely passed the IQ test by electing Biden this fall, but still 50 million cast ballots to return the worst and most dangerous American president in history to the White House. As I said, stupid. Yes, there are intelligent Americans, but their numbers are much lower than previously thought.

Thanks, Trump, for turning over the stone and showing us how many Americans are just ignorant, stupid, gullible clods. Thanks to the author of this piece for pointing out how degrading is the man called Trump.
Jem 2 year ago
Sadly, it seems the same can be said for many people. He certainly has flaws. Speaking and acting the so called part does no good if the person is only acting the role. He did just as much for our country as other presidents. Take an honest look at everything. Judge the whole book, not just the cover. It's obvious that people were tired of the years of the same old "play the part" presidents and that is why Trump was voted in. His message was different and people liked it, until he went too far. Maybe something can be learned from this by both sides? Try to find the good in everyone and even if you don't like what you see or hear, do your part and show respect. What I have read in the comments, does not speak highly of the people that wrote many of them.
Sharon 2 year ago
Wow, I could not have said it better!! So insightful but unfortunately so very true.
Jem 2 year ago
Sadly, it seems the same can be said for many people. He certainly has flaws. Speaking and acting the so called part does no good if the person is only acting the role. He did just as much for our country as other presidents. Take an honest look at everything. Judge the whole book, not just the cover. It's obvious that people were tired of the years of the same old "play the part" presidents and that is why Trump was voted in. His message was different and people liked it, until he went too far. Maybe something can be learned from this by both sides? Try to find the good in everyone and even if you don't like what you see or hear, do your part and show respect. What I have read in the comments, does not speak highly of the people that wrote many of them.
Nana Kate P. 2 year ago
This was a very well-written article that sadly captures the dysfunction of our current (but not for long) Commander-in-Chief. Donald Trump would be a pathetic figure had he not achieved the highest office in our land. He once said he was the "chosen one". I thought that was awful until I had an epiphany. He is the chosen one. He was chosen by the universe to show Americans how low we can go. We have dumbed down our society with mindless entertainment (Some people really think Maury gives a crap who Sally Jo's real baby-daddy is.), poor quality education that does not encourage critical thinking (11th graders with fill-in-the blanks worksheets in class) and social media that discourages accountability. No wonder we are ripe for the con artist that claims to make America great again. International scammers make billions off of gullible Americans, so why are we surprised when a home-grown scammer can build a "base" of blind followers. It was disheartening to see that half of the country chose to ride the "Trump train" in 2020. If they do not wake up to his game, we may all wake up in the clutches of despots like Putin.
Lm 2 year ago
This American and 80 million more full heartily agree. He’s a disgrace and will go down in history as such. Nothing to say about his supporters but cult members at this point. Stupidity is an understatement for them. Excellent article!!
Mary Cahill 2 year ago
Nate, your sediment is also most of the people in the USA except for his bots 🤖!
Auntie irene 2 year ago
Best way I ever read it put so nicely. This guy should some kind of award
Mario Bonifacio 2 year ago
The writer's sentiment is shared by an overwhelmingly huge number of Canadian citizens, and especially me.
Jonny 2 year ago
And now we have the other clown, Rudy Guilianni, who seems to be yet another Trump clone, & hence also a laughing stock—-holding a Republican Party press briefing outside a porn shop, has his hair dye streaming down his face, & apparently couldn’t stop farting at another meeting. Trump’s chosen few sure hit the jackpot!
The next POTUS elect?
Judy Rohlf 2 year ago
And there is no such thing as family to him. Never seen a casual picture, a Christmas Day photo, anything to show he is somewhat human.
Judy Rogers 2 year ago
Well said and very well written.
Dedie Carroll 2 year ago
This was well thought out and written. Any way we can send it to him in all his wonderful ness?🙀🤬😱
Marion Nassy 2 year ago
Couldn't have been more accurate in your description of Trump
Lois Frankel 2 year ago
Yes! This American is glad you get it!
Arthur E. Norton 2 year ago
Trump fills a gaping but invisible void in millions of resentful Americans who feel ignored, put upon, left behind. Left behind by whom? By the compassionate, the thoughtful, the educated. Like Hitler, he cleverly exploits that smoldering resentment and fans it to full flame. He understands those people because he is one of them. Yes, he has (inherited) money, and lives well, but that has not saved him. At heart he is a soulless, resentful, spiteful, and lonely human being, a cowering, friendless, loveless shell who is still terrified of his late sociopathic father. Men like Trump punish the world for their own inner demons. They destroy and kill. They know no other way.
Very well said. I couldn't have said it any better.
Anita Owen 2 year ago
So well said. My sentiments. Thank you, Nate. I still cannot understand how so many U S citizens still love Trump and follow him???? What does it say about our society??? How did we get that way???
Mike Hotchkiss 2 year ago
Sam why advertise what a moron you are?
Sam 2 year ago
Hey you Trump hater can you compare President Trump Accomplishments over any of you Boneheads British Leaders also How are you doing with immigrant Muslims that taking over your Country because your Leaders are Idiots also your Economy as fail, I would take President Trump over any Bonehead Leaders you have. So sad to see Corruption Prevales in your Country also
George 2 year ago
You are the worst, person, not quite as bad as trump, but close!
trump has done bugger all, for this country, except, has made it the laughing stock of the real world!
He is a crook and traitor, liar, and only interested in his self importance
How dare you decry Great Britain, a much better country than here
He is ,now, in a position, to put this country in danger
Please make an appointment with a psychologist, for your well-being, and possible sectioning
Paul 2 year ago
Trump is the definition of corruption!
If Trump had only bought Greenland, you, him and the rest of the supporters of the Giant Creamsicle (orange on the outside, white on the inside, has frequent meltdowns and has a stick up his arse) could settle their to live in your alternate reality.
Janet 2 year ago
Wow Sharon you must be overdue to take your meds. Maybe ask them to loosen up the ties on your straight jacket because its making the blood rush to your head.
I think the article is great with a couple of exceptions the Americans are not nicer than the Brits - well not in my experience anyway. And as a Brit living in Australia I would say that most of Australia would love the article too.
Liz 2 year ago
Smitty 2 year ago
Love the Shakespeare of Shit.. What a freak’n Bonehead!!!
Evon 2 year ago
Sharon, shut up! I'm an American. And the truth hurts you demons when you are put in the light of truth, like all vampires! Vote blue Georgia.
Melani Sweet 2 year ago
This is the greatest description I have heard of our outgoing President. I am so ashamed that the rest of the world has this view of Americans. However, I will point out that 80 million of us turned out to vote him out! Thank you for every word.
Red Sox Nation 2 year ago
He is a classic bully. I’ve never heard a sentence from him that has a word with more than one syllable. BIG, MANY, LOTS, I WON, are classic examples. Good riddance to the buffoon
Carl 2 year ago
Thank you for your high-resolution depiction of our Thug-in-Chief. As to the alarming number of forward-marching, blank-eyed, armed zombies who are at his beckon call, remember what George Carlin once said: "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that". Trump's diabolical genius is that he has managed energize that previously politically inert other, lower half. Whether they will return to their obscurity once their demented messiah is consigned to the sideshows of right-wing media is an open question.
Diane 2 year ago
Sharon Zeigler 2 year ago
No one cares what you British think of our PRESIDENT. He is the greatest President ever. We kicked you out years ago, can’t you take the hint. Stay out of our country and stay out of our affairs.
Richard Jenkins 2 year ago
Sharon ... Put down the bong. Wipe the Cheetos dust from around your mouth. Get out of granny's basement into the sunlight. There's a world out there separate and apart from the Fox echo chamber. Give it a try.
Ann T 2 year ago
Sharon, are you twelve years old? Tweeting mean girl tweets from study hall? Grow up, Sharon. You are making a fool of yourself. Trump is making a fool out of you. He’s laughing at folks who believe whatever he says. All the maskless people around him are getting sick. Dr. Fauci was right, and the worst is yet to come because Trump refused to show leadership and still pretends this all going away. And you think he is the “greatest president ever?”
Paul 2 year ago
Of course we care what the British think! You're either a typical Trump sucker or a Russian troll. Let's assume the former: why does Trump and his suckers want to make enemies of America's closest allies? It's bizarre!?! You have to go back to the Roman Emperor Nero for comparison to this American Iconic Moron. Just go away. Please. That's how we make American great again.
Malik 2 year ago
Sorry, check again
Chantel Webb 2 year ago
This is spot on! Fortunately, a majority of us Americans voted him out. Many of us are ashamed he was ever elected.
Jose 2 year ago
This article is a remarkable psychiatric report of the animal
Michelle Ogburn 2 year ago
My biggest worry is the number of my fellow Americans support DJT. (Including my own brother)
Jutta Koebernick 2 year ago
But what about your Boris??? He sometimes seems to me like a smaller Trump, somehow trying to imitate the big master.....
Glenn S. 2 year ago
Wonderfully said. Not just spot on, a direct hit. Not just as an American but just as a reasonably intelligent human being, it perplexes and appalls me that this individual has created the base following that seems to exist. Most of it appears to be made up of those single-minded individuals that believe one race or religion is better than the rest, a line of thinking that is archaic as the flintlock. His accusations are all based on accusations and signed affidavits - but not yet a shred of solid evidence of any malfeasance by anyone, anywhere. What I feel is driving all of this as he takes his lasts, desperate swing at the Governor of Georgia to “ask” him to get the votes changed, is the fact that he will be up to his orange chin in litigation from former apartment building tenants, the City & State of New York, as well as the IRS and he no longer will have a hidden door to duck out. Why? Because he finally got what he has always wanted - the world’s undivided attention. For him, it couldn’t have happened at the worst time; for the rest of us, we may finally get the truth for a change. His family has been playing the shill game with money for so long, it appears that the Trump House of Cards is about to meet a mighty breeze.
K. Bedard 2 year ago
An absolutely spot-on description of this man.
Gail Shanley 2 year ago
Very well said. The most Accurately said✌❣
Lydia 2 year ago
I’m a retired American and TOTALLY agree with all of this! This pretty much covers the description of this awful man-child! A straight jacket, as well as duct tape across his mouth is something that’s been needed since even the first time he was elected! I’m fearful of what’s taking place as we speak from him and his followers!
Jed Schwartz 2 year ago
" he is a Picasso of pettiness; a Shakespeare of shit." nice description.
Michael Daniele 2 year ago
Best comment: Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laughs; he only crows or jeers. And scarily, he doesn’t just talk in crude, witless insults – he actually thinks in them. His mind is a simple bot-like algorithm of petty prejudices and knee-jerk nastiness.
Sandra N 2 year ago
I, as an older American, am truly appalled at the number of my fellow citizens who admire and condone the behavior of this evil, racist, bigoted, truly flawed individual. It is as though he held up a mirror to hell and we can see all its denizens leering back at us.
Rosemarie Johnson 2 year ago
It boggles my mind that the millions of people who voted for him cannot see him for the megalomaniac and pathological liar that he truly is. As the sayijng goes, "There are none so blind as those who cannot see."
Roger Keeling 2 year ago
Speaking as an American ... this is spot on. One of the best short summaries of Trump I've seen! Not necessarily the worst of his traits, but the one that stands out for me, is his utter lack of humor, so I'm glad it's mentioned in a bit of detail here. Believe me, over half the American citizenry do profoundly believe Trump is a depraved degenerate. A man with not one single redeeming quality. To me, his very existence is utterly humiliating for America. His inexplicable continuing popularity with some 45% of the population is nothing less than terrifying.
Kari Smith 2 year ago
Trump is literally a disaster to humanity
Usope 2 year ago
Peggy, some fouls did send money for the election fraud allegation, and now some are asking for a refund. Lol
Peggy 2 year ago
Finally someone who actually sees him for who he truly is. I am so totally baffled by the people who listen and watch him and can't see him for who he is. Now the Senators, they support this liar and all of his dastardly deeds. They should either do the right thing or get voted out office. I hope that all the people sending him money to support his election fraud allegations, can laugh when they realize it was all a hoax and a waste of money, because he was the only one trying to steal the election.
Patricia Horn 2 year ago
Lmao, finally some good new reporting. You have checkefd your facts well.
Roberto 2 year ago
I’m glad it is well understood, on the other side of the pond, that only 30% of Americans like this guy.
Solomon 2 year ago
Just wonder that had the USA a normal human in charge the past 4 years, what would have been the death toll from Covid 19?
Michelle Ogburn 2 year ago
The great tragedy in all of this. And still his base supports hime.
David 2 year ago
Pretty amusing article !!!
How the Queen doing ?
Patricia 2 year ago
Very insightful description of the man.
patricia 2 year ago
All I can say is ,I sleep much better knowing he is BYE BYE.
DedeSage 2 year ago
Description is absolutely incredibly correct. He will be gone in 46 days and let us pray he does no more damage to Americans than he already has.
JoAnne Rogers 2 year ago
He has broken all 10 commandments. His behavior and lack of leadership with the corona virus has caused the death of
thousand of Americans and constitutes murder.
BARBARA K M 2 year ago
Basically, you read him exactly as he is. He scammed me for $40k in the 90s. Who went bankrupt TWICE in the casino business then? Trump is a brilliant scam artist. That's his only successful career. He has never owned a successful business with his own money. Those who still support him are STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!! I'm tired of being tactful about you morons. He just scammed you for $200,000,000. He's not running again. HE CAN'T, WON'T PASS A SECURITY CLEARANCE, you idiots. He's taking the money and running wherever. Likely to jail.
Patricia Horn 2 year ago
U need to share your story more. I have said for years he is con artist, im sorry the rotten bastared scammed you. The bad thing, he never pays for his crimes
Stuck in a Corrupt Country 2 year ago
The Character of the politician is only the mask you see- What they make the people believe - People are vacuous if they can’t see beyond the politicians mask - these same people would rather go to a Surgeon who is kind and understanding with not so great of a track record but can sell his services .. rather than take the surgeon who’s skills are superb but who is socially inept - it’s called seeing the real picture and going beyond the personality- Politicians are like Covet Narcissists . They’ll poke you in the eye and make you believe you did it .. oh and sell you the Brooklyn bridge too! It not so much the character of the person - but the job they have done - Not everyone will be kind or a people person to do a good job especially in business - it’s to the point - Come on to the USA - everything is free - this is Why most all countries love it - you do not have to prove your married when you come over you get double the benefits for free on the tax payers money .. than if you worked your here your whole life ... the people who are poor have no rights suffer more than anyone can imagine ... so many homeless hungry poor .. the country is goin grown fast by all the crooked politicians pocketing the tax payers money - government in America Only makes their friends very rich - for years - I pitty the other Nations that don’t see this ..
Kathy wood 2 year ago
Spot on !!!
Valerie 2 year ago
Stan Pohl, you Totally missed the point of the article. It’s about a flawed man. It’s not about political issues.
Jimmy C 2 year ago
I hope all you "Trumpians" don't stop posting all your nonsensical, contrived and sometimes hilarious arguments once he is not President anymore. Nothing makes my day more than pondering the intellect of the individuals that post this Trumpian garbage. Please I beg you, keep up the great work. I don't know what I would do if I can't disrespect you any longer.
Stan Pohl 2 year ago
This piece of shit is trying to convince people that the side that supports looting, burning buildings, destroying history, race baiting, silencing opposition, killing and defunding police, baby killing, gender denial, corrupt media propaganda, destruction of Christianity, crime and drug infestation is the superior side. Having been to London and seen the deterioration over the last decade he might focus his addled mind and condescension and arrogance on his side of the pond. His so-called British sensibility is nothing but the result of the demise of a great empire where the subjects are cowed by their own corrupt history of abuse of other races to build what they have. His ego of his own superiority clouds his mind and all of the liberal cultural megaphones and educational systems have penetrated his psychology to the point that he can not longer think for himself and arrogance is the vestige of the fool.
Jimmy C 2 year ago
I just love how you assume the author who has simply stated his observations and opinion of Trump automatically supports "looting, burning buildings, etc............." and all the rest of that crap you wrote. Thank you for letting me ponder your intellect. It was very entertaining.
Ann T 2 year ago
Stan, all that crap that you wrote in your first sentence... that’s exactly what Trump has trained his uneducated “I don’t need no stinkin’ facts” base to believe. NOBODY here has said they support looting and burning. Biden himself said very strongly that he is against it. Biden is also against defunding the police, when Trump and his loony cronies want you to believe that “defund” means to get rid of the police departments altogether! Nobody is trying to destroy
Christianity, but the separation between church and state must be observed.

And if you want the perfect representation of “addled mind and condescension and arrogance,” read your own post first before you cast stones.

I agree with “Jimmy C” above. The Trump base is making themselves look more and more insane every day. Unfortunately, our amusement has to end with the drastic responses (death threats) by the base to those election officials who are doing their job to ensure the votes are fair and legal. Just because the Trump base doesn’t like the results, they seem to believe that everyone who stands up for the truth, whether it’s a certified poll worker or the Republican Governor of Georgia, should be subjected to ridicule and death threats. It’s insane, and it starts with Trump himself and his shameless, endless, childish, and inflammatory tweets. Anyone who sees Trump becoming completely unhinged for the whole world to see and STILL thinks he should be re-elected, is out of their minds.
Melanie Girouard 2 year ago
Stan Pohl
I’m sorry but you sound like another Republican loon
JoAnne Smythe 2 year ago
I agree Ann. And Stan "His ego of his own superiority clouds his mind" might just be your self description.
Samuel O’Connor 2 year ago
Trouble is, many Americans know T**** is a piece of s***, but they voted for him anyway, because they believed he would be able to overturn Row v. Wade.
They would hand over their country to a narcissistic wannabe fascist dictator demagogue draft dodging poltroon, for the chance of stripping a woman of her legal right to choose to have an abortion.
They know T**** is a horrible person. They know he would burn the country to the ground to save his own a**. They know he is doing everything in his power to shred the Constitution. They know he is a habitual liar, a conman, a grifter, a pervert, an adulterer, a self righteous self absorbed s***hole of a human being. They know T**** is the worst president in American history.
They know. And yet, they’re willing to let him continue to destroy the country - for the off chance he would ban abortions.
Not just a fringe few. Tens of millions of Americans voted for T**** because he claims to be “pro-life.”
Lisa madden 2 year ago
Who’s that idiot yank Lance, know your history about the war of independence, if it wasn’t for the Spanish and the french and the Dutch and of course the USA, USA would not have won, England was fighting all four nations also 1812 where the USA tried to invade Canada and England came to the rescue and kicked your ass and burned down the whitehouse and world war 2 it was England who won the Battle of Britain, you yanks joined the war 2 years later so know your facts LANCE, your just like your pathetic president talking rubbish. Dumb ass americans
John Rice 2 year ago
Oh good God. Trump has failed in so many ways that the list is long. His unneeded tax cut added trillions ultimately to the debt. Mismanagement and disinformation (lies) about covid killed thousands and cost him his te election. His make Mexico pay for the walk is a joke. His goal of repairing infrastructure has simply not happened. Our airports are still a national embarrassment. China and Japan are killing us with high speed mag level trains that may end up traveling at 600 mph making domestic air travel obsolete. His cabinet picks like Betsy DeVos are a disgrace. He had the highest turnover and most conflicted cabinet we have ever seen. Count the fired. He plays golf instead of doing the nations business. Will not support masking and urges people to reject safety measures. A climate denier for his entire term insisting it will get colder. No basis in Science. Read Rage and comment after you have read Donald’s own words. He is all about Trump and no one else. And he regularly takes trips to his golf resorts and Mara Laga charging the Govt $650 a night for secret service rooms. Disgrace. Has never released his tax returns because he is under audit which is not an excuse. He has lied at least 23,000 times. Insults foreign leaders Truly this man is simply not smart. He hid is college records so no one can see his poor performance. And on an on. Glad he is soon gone and maybe we can make some progress in the next 4 years.
Svensen 2 year ago
Actually Trump has done way more than Obama for people of his nation. Obama gave stimulus $ to failing companies like Chrysler, Bank of America (who never helped small businesses in need), and terrorist country of Iran... Trump issued checks to US citizens.... he filtered out the bad immigrants just like Canada does, yet he got nothing but bad publicity from something very important that he brought to our attention “fake news” our brain washing no facts all emotions news stories and fake Chinese propaganda. Point being, he made promises and kept them unlike any other slime ball president, and yes he’s not as sleek as other crooks before him, but his policies were to protect a nation from one world order mindset that will kill all cultures and individuality
willem 2 year ago
Its not just liberals that loathe trump. Hes a disgrace to any sense of Burkeian conservatism. He's a corrupt moron and his fetishist cult members are even dumber.
Keith roberts 2 year ago
Obama to me is a manakin with a big smile.. On rhe other hand trump is like Jesus on a mission
Stan Pohl 2 year ago
The problem with this piece of shit and all other liberals is their lack of self awareness. They totally focus on Trumps character but forget to ask themselves why so many millions of people despise their world view so much that they would vote for someone like Trump. That is what really galls them
M. H. 2 year ago
Finally I have something I can just link to Trump supporters so that I don’t have to subject my consciousness to the torture that is that discussion. I’d say it’ll be less impactful coming from a foreigner, but I doubt Trump supporters understand the concept of Britain not being part of “‘Murica” anyway.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Have you heard the latest outrage? Now they’re claiming that Kayleigh is actually partly JEWISH!! How low can these left wingers go? Kayleigh is as Christian as they come and Stephen too if you erase a few generations of European History geneology. He a Christian, Stephen
Richard Lewis 2 year ago
While everything you have written about trump is obviously true the greater problem facing America is the fact that seventy million people actually want him to be their Fuhrer
Sasha Dewen 2 year ago
If ever there was a wimp in a Wimpy’s burger Trump would be it! And I am an American!
jonny 2 year ago
By saying that he’ll be back in 2024, he is, by implication, conceding. But he’s not man enough to say it loud & clear—-does he not realise that there have been many better Presidents & indeed many better human beings who’ve lost elections, & admitted so—-he’s not ‘man enough’; in other words, a sissy, a wimp, a coward—-add these attributes to the many many ‘negatives’ he’s already earned, & so well described by Nate.
But in any case, 3 or 4 years from now he’ll be languishing inside a NY jail, but pretty sure he’ll be given a tablet or whatever, so he can follow the election from a VERY safe distance—-iinfact they ought to throw away the keys!
Skill 2 year ago
Trumpery Donald
Add his insecurity and his incontinence to his serial bloodlust, and we see the mad infant emperor executioner on full display.
Laughriot 2 year ago
Pretty sure they name of the wife in the limo story was Stormy. And we all know how that ends.
Lance 2 year ago
The greatest leader Great Britain ever produced was Benny Hill.
Over two Centuries ago, we kicked your Royal ass.
Over a half Century ago, our grandparents saved you from speaking german.
Unfortunately, Trump is not perfect, but he did put America first and called out both the European Union and NATO for taking advantage of America’s military umbrella and trading with your enemy (ie, Russia🇷🇺) for energy instead of your friend 🇺🇸
In short, all western democratic countries get another chance to reboot with America, on January 20, 2021, so let’s all stop pointing fingers at short comings of our current leaders and join hands and go to work strengthening our democratic values and protecting our way of life from the threat of communism 🇷🇺🇨🇳and their despot leaders.
Trade with Democracies first and isolate Communists.
Red B 2 year ago
Jim do you really believe that Trump is capable to do a shred of good??
No, he is not, he is incapable of any deliberate act of kindness, your story, just a story
Rose 2 year ago
Jim, Jim. The limo story is as old as the moon. The passenger in the Limo changes depending on who is in need of rescued redemption! Really can’t believe that you would actually believe that stuff. Think about it. How would someone be able to access a stranger’s financial information or get access to personal addresses and professional addresses of the person’s spouse based on just their name? Really? And do this overnight? What a sad commentary on some people in this country. Thank goodness you are in the minority.
Glennia Dickens 2 year ago
Disagree. He is the best president in our history with all the things he’s done for our Country. That s a fact!!!!
Angie 2 year ago
Harry Wiggs 2 year ago
Ahhh.. I see the Trump bots have been set on high dudgeon!

Good riddance, you useless, heartless, mental midget of a man-child.

GO, Team Biden!
Jim 2 year ago
Well that is what a British person would say. Most people dont like his rambles. But it is his heart people dont know. Never will!!!!!
You see a limo had a flat tire blocking traffic. Most people were angry. But this one guy in a pick up truck stopped to help. He spoke to the driver of the limo. 2 hours before a tow could com an fix the tire. The pick-up driver changed the tire. Whe he finished the person in the back got out asked what he could pay him. He refused anything offered. The man simply asked his nam and drove off.
The next morning the pick-up drivers wifs office was full of flowers. That evening there was a knock at the door. The pick-up guy hit the floor when he heard that his mortgage was paid in full.
You see the man in the back seat was the owner of the mortgage. And completely forgave it in full.
His name was Donald Trump.
Sure he is mouthy and rude at times. But he has a heart and is compassionate .
Regardless of your feelings about him Trump loves America... do you????
Ann T 2 year ago
Sorry, Jim. You’ve been had. That is an urban legend, never proved, and the sketchy details kept getting sketchier. For example, the supposed recipient of this random act was never identified.
It’s pretty sad when Trump fans have to use a 25-year-old unverified claim to try and paint Trump as a man with heart and compassion. The same man who puts vpchildren in cages after separating them from their parents. The same man who did NOTHING about bounties on US soldiers’ heads. The man who calls soldiers who died for our country “losers.” The man who mocks disabled people, and grabs women’s private parts because he feels entitled to do so. The same man who fired tear gas at peaceful protesters so that he could hold a Bible upside down for a photo op in front of a church. A man who cheated on his pregnant wives.
Yeah, Jim... What a great guy. 🙄
Nitin Mathew 2 year ago
Jim... Your story about Trump and the pickup driver - it's false. Just urban legend created by Trump’s publicity machine.

Please check
Me 2 year ago
And if you believe that, there’s this bridge I’ve got and it’s deeply discounted, if you’re interested...
Angie 2 year ago
He’s an Asshat & this story is BS - OhmiGosh how uninformed can you be
Linda 2 year ago
I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!! Literally!!!
Jolaine Wagg 2 year ago
He's one of the best Presidents America has ever had. He gets things done, he doesn't just verbalize it.
D.Rex 2 year ago
Jolaine, what has he done? Where is the wall? What about better health care? Has he done anything other than create havoc in our country? I think not.
Me 2 year ago
Angie 2 year ago
Wake the F@*k up
Ann T 2 year ago
“He gets things done, he just doesn’t verbalize it.”
No, Jolaine, but he TWEETS it -constantly, sometimes hundreds a day. That’s where he makes up his worst lies and conspiracy theories, or retweets the lies of others. That’s where he also shamelessly tries to take credit for the work of others, as he does when he repeatedly claims to have passed the Veteran’s Choice act for healthcare, which was actually passed in 2014 under President Obama. Trump STILL lies about it.
Were you actually trying to say that Trump is too humble to speak about himself? LOL!!
VP 2 year ago
I am curious about what White would say about the 70 million people who voted for Trump
Felix justice 2 year ago
Trump a Christian? Dwell upon that
Felix justice 2 year ago
You see? Now they’re saying our President is a moron! Well he’s not! Our President is as well educated as Kayleigh! Well maybe not quite as well educated, but close. Right?
r. sands 2 year ago
...trump is a moron, a liar, a conman and traitor too...
Branden Braden 2 year ago
Mr. White only missed one very important thing in his description of the Orange President. The biggest Con Man in history.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Reverend Fallwell Reverend Swaggerty come to Kayleigh’s aid. They’re trying to destroy Christianity as you and Kayleigh know it. Stand Tall Stand by. Donald Trump. Our Christian Prince!
Felix justice 2 year ago
Christians, Speak Up! Now they’re trying to say that one of the Greatest Christians of all time Donald Trump is not a Christian! How ridiculous can the Far Left Flag Hating George Floyd loving crowd go? They’re saying President Trump is not a Christian! Well that’s TREASON right there. Ask Kayleigh. She can explain it. Greatest Christian of all time. Right, Kayleigh?
Angie 2 year ago
Wow even Jesus would have to disagree with your idea if what makes a Christian a Christian. Asshat is as far from it as he can get
Felix justice 2 year ago
Trump: Emmitt Till
Mo Joseph 2 year ago
Felix. Getting a job would do you good. Trump is a moron.
Ann T 2 year ago
Felix is being sarcastic. It took me awhile to catch on, but I’ve seen other comments from him that let me know he is NOT a Trump fan. I’ve seen forums that use a symbol for sarcasm, a simple: /s
Anders Brandén 2 year ago
If you want to understand the inner mechanics of how Trump lures the masses, here's a deep analysis that can't just be dismissed - it's demonstrated and can be verified. Excerpt:

"A younger Trump, according to his first wife’s divorce filings, kept and studied a book translating and annotating Adolf Hitler’s pre-World War II speeches in a locked bedside cabinet, Neuborne noted. The English edition of My New Order, published in 1941, also had analyses of the speeches’ impact on his era’s press and politics. “– Ugly and appalling as they are, those speeches are masterpieces of demagogic manipulation,” Neuborne says."

– Leading Civil Rights Lawyer Shows 20 Ways Trump Is Copying Hitler’s Early Rhetoric and Policies –
Delia Luxe 2 year ago
I'm shocked. Trump owned a BOOK?
Bill 2 year ago
The Brits dont like President elect Donald Trump 1. He is smarter , wiser and more charming than any Brits will ever be . 2. We kicked your ass out of America once and we will do it again if need be.
Blancmange 2 year ago
Poor Bills, he had somebody else test for his entrance to University. His charm consists of being friends with Mr Epstein and bragging about how he assaults women. Don’t be a sore loser.
Jane Nantz 2 year ago
Mr. White I regret that I cannot deny every word you say. I truly do deeply in the deepest crevices of my heart regret, feel pain, even wallow in the slime of shame that a country founded on the Declaration of Independence, written by great men George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, the list goes on and on and on have in their seat bestowed on the American people a man (poor word for such a vile human being) the person you describe so accurately who now resides in our cherished “White House.” January 20th is a sacred day for our nation. I cannot wait for a purification of the “White House.”
Frank Tramontano 2 year ago
Love this extremely precise and sadly more true than the writer knows. As an American I couldn’t be more embarrassed by the behavior of this country. Great piece, thank you.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Listen Up. Kayleigh? Went to Harvard. Graduated at the top. Just on like me. Smart Girl. I don’t hire bottom feeders, I only pick the best. Right? Now look. Kayleigh had to put up with a lot of Elitist Condescension at Harvard because of her unfaltering Christianity. They’re not Christians over there, you see, they’re Something Else! I said get me that girl, put her on Television where she can shine and proclaim to the world that Donald Trump is the nearest to Christianity lived since the times of Jesus.And she’s done it! I’m Christian number one! Thanks to Kayleigh!
Angie 2 year ago
Jimmy C 2 year ago
That is so funny!!! Your taking the piss, right?
Teresa Alvarino 2 year ago
So well said. Dislike 45 intensely !! As an American, hopefully we can restore our country abroad with the new President-Elect Joe Biden and V P Elect Kamala Harris.
Felix justice 2 year ago
And I’ll tell you something else about Kayleigh. She NEVER LIES! Yes. Got that from ME!
Felix justice 2 year ago
I told my Little Girl Kayleigh I said Kayleigh you’re well educated Harvard and all where they laughed at you because of your Love of Jesus I said tell them the TRUTH And you told the truth! You said don’t worry about this COVID bullshit so long as our HERO is at the helm you won’t be disturbed unlike the ignorant inept lying Obama years ! We’re bringing you REALITY folks! Forget the mess that was Obama! I told Kayleigh and she DELIVERED! Kayleigh on TV. Don’t you see her? She famous She loves herself some Jesus.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Folks! Didn’t I tell you this COViD bullshit was a HOAX? Huh? And only seventy four million patriotic Americans bought in to my Divinely Inspired Insights! How explain the rest of those Far Left Socialist Traitors? Line em up. Right now! I’m sick of these assaults on our Beautiful Flag!
LAVERNE 2 year ago
I'm an American, too, and am proud to say I voted against this moron.
Mary 2 year ago
Definitely spot on. Couldn’t have said it better. He is the most corrupt President ever and his fellow Republicans kept silent. He could have accomplished quite a bit his first 2 years and only gave the rich a Tax Break. I has been an embarrassing 4 years and he almost destroyed our Democracy. Just shows how easily this can happen. There is so much hate in our country, that it will take years to heal it.
I Don't LIKE Trump Either 2 year ago
I agree that Trump has a TERRIBLE personality, but I can easily name several of his accomplishments, things he promised to do when he ran for office: He got the USA out of many one-sided deals/agreements made by previous administrations that helped the other countries far more than the American people. He got us out of paying for the military in Europe when many countries over there were barely even paying for it themselves. He's almost done having the wall built. He facilitated an agreement that nobody believed could ever happen between Israel and the UAE. He gave more money to historically black colleges than any other president in history. And I can list many more from memory. Again, yes, I agree he is a pompous ass. But he has done what I mentioned above and so much more in only four years.

I ask Biden supporters/voters to tell me what HE has ACCOMPLISHED in his 47 years in office, and why they would vote for him. Occasionally someone will say “OBAMACARE” like it was his doing. That aside, I have yet to get any response other than "he's not Trump", unless they take a minute to Google it on their phones to get some suggestions. Yes, Biden is a nice guy, and nice is SO much more important than accomplishments to the majority of the US citizens. And if your estimate of who dislikes Trump on the other side of the pond is correct, words are more importation than actions there too. But I have friends over there in the UK and in Germany who tell me over and over how they wish someone like Trump would be elected in the EU and actually fix some of the major issues there.

I will say that if I wanted someone to spend a weekend with at the beach, or to have drinks and dinner with, I'd choose that nice guy Biden hands down. But when it comes to actually GETTING THINGS DONE in the face of all the opposition, attempts at impeachment, and overall hatred coming from the media and Democrats, someone to protect me and the interests of all my fellow US citizens, I'll take President Trump every time.

And to those who say he did a horrible job at handling COVID-19, just remember Biden, de Blasio and Pelosi told people to go party in the streets when Trump initially tried to take action. So let's just think how much worse it would and how many more people would be dead if the democrats would have been leading the effort.
Ann T 2 year ago
Although all of your post comes directly from the Horse’s Ass and his flunkies, the most outrageous comment is your proclamation that Covid would be so much worse if the Democrats were in charge! What baseless and/or highly exaggerated comments by Trump led you to believe THAT piece of insanity? Fact: The Obama administration warned Trump that a future devastating pandemic could possibly occur, and they created a plan and protocol and GAVE IT TO TRUMP’S flunkies, who at first denied that they had ever received it. Trump had the terrible facts about Covid and didn’t tell the American people about it! He downplayed it so much that even after a quarter of a million people have died, there are STILL brain-dead morons who believe this is all a hoax because Trump said it was, and Trump shamelessly mocks the wearing of masks as the best prevention for catching the virus? I bet NEWSMAX or OAN or FOX News won’t tell you about the big jump in Covid cases after Trump’s shameless campaign rallies in October. It’s the deranged Republican Congress members who backed up Trump’s stupidity, not the Democrats! Biden did NOT downplay the virus, nor did Pelosi, in spite of Trump’s exaggerations and lies.

That’s all Trump has left. Lies, lies, and more lies.
Jimmy C 2 year ago
Sadly Ann, all the evidence, all the facts, just doesn't make any difference with these people. They live in an alternate reality of alternate facts. Truth just doesn't exist.
Cat Roth 2 year ago
I'm an American: your description of the corrupt gasbag in the White House is spot on.
Ruth 2 year ago
This has got to be the sickest, most despicable thing I have ever read... this man has worked day and night for the American people.. the accomplishments he has made for the country is amazing while confronted with the daily struggle when the media and opposition was against him on a daily basis, this man has taken on the struggle to clean the deep swamp and the cabal from all the ruthless, corruption, child trafficking crap that is going on in the deep state. He can’t be bought and will not cave to their ways, he has his own money and has not taken a penny of wages for his time in office and this angers the crap out of them. Even before he stepped a foot in the White House they were already plotting his demise by way of impeachment, Russian collusion and other scandals of which millions of tax payer dollar were spent trying to take him down and In turn it was all lies and deceit on their part... there was nothing. Then they brought on the COVID and riots to turn the people against him... this man had to face and fight each day.... how would you react if you were confronted each day like this???
He has done more for the USA then any other politician.. and you think a man like Biden is able to?? This man has dementia so bad he can’t even form a proper sentence, he is a corrupt, blackmailing, plageristic, pedophile... in his 47 yrs in political office his only achievement was to introduce a bill to lock up blacks. He is so racist... he didn’t want his kids going to school with blacks, he even said if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black.... and more... look it up.
In 1998 he tried to run for president and was made to step down because of plagurisim... he can’t give a speech without lying or plagiarizing someone... he quoted Winston Churchill and JF Kennedy in speeches as his own.
The fraud and cheating in this election is sickening... the ballots brought in after the deadline, dead people voting, more ballots counted in counties then there were registered voters, ballot harvesting, people being paid to steal other people’s ballots, ballots found dumped in garbage bins, people voting in other states plus their own, the ballot counting machines software changing vote counts from one candidate to the other.... they have sworn affidavits from hundreds of people that have seen the fraud going’s sickening and then this is a fair and accurate vote??... how can any one with a clear conscience think they have won an election when all this crap has gone on. If this doesn’t get investigated I don’t care what party it is... this fraud needs to be brought to the forefront as there will never be a clear and fair election anywhere in the world... and I don’t blame President Trump for investigating this as he is the only one that has the guts to do this. He is a people’s President.... his rallies brought out 40,000 -50,000 people each time so you aren’t going to tell me this man lost the election.... this only happened by cheating and fraud.
Even if the Dems manage to steal this election.... President Trump is still the people’s President
Getting off my soap box now.
Nan 2 year ago
You drank the entire pitcher of Koolaid. HOLY COW! He's most despicable person to walk the face of the earth. He spent more time golfing than he did working. His rallies were giant covid spreaders, and Nazi like rallies. He may have had rallies, but he is still a LOSER!!! Evicted out of America's White House!!!
Blancmange 2 year ago
Poor Ruth. Your man lost. He has golfed more per 4 year term than any other President. He was born in the swamp and knows no other medium. He brought COVID19 to the US and chose to ignore it and still does as he golfs. His days as President are quickly sliding away, legally. No theft, no fraud, just people that realize T**** is a fraud. Imagine how hated a person has to be to get the votes his boring competitor received, legally.
Felix justice 2 year ago
They can’t count right, these states who claim I lost when I KNOW I won Mike told me I won In Wisconsin and Michigan, wasn’t that where the Ku Klux Klan was formed my most loyal base? Or was it someplace else ? I can’t keep all these states straight in my head but I know that they love me and I love them back the REAL TRUE Americans who want to return to the good old days when America was GREAT and PURE. And white. Sorry , shouldn’t say that last part but you have to admit that a lot of Patriotic Folk are on board with it and I’m here to SPEAK for them whenever they need me. I say JUST CALL Hear?
Anichkov 2 year ago
To understand Trump is to recognize that he is a true, bona fide sociopath. Case closed.
Maurice 2 year ago
Perfect description of a miserable excuse for a man. How did he ever get elected? The unique American Electoral College winner take all system, plain and simple. It is appalling that almost half the electorate voted to re-elect him. Maybe the solution is to acknowledge that the gulf between the relatively liberal east and west coasts vs the very conservative dixieland and heartland of the USA is too large to bridge, and we should agree to an amiable divorce. Go back to two countries, as was tried in 1861-1865; but without the ruinous war. It could work!
Sheila 2 year ago
Yes you said it perfectly! Love the article!!
Janice Stewart 2 year ago
Thank you from an American tired of trying to find the words, to express my comtemp - for that toddler in the White House. Bravo.
JP 2 year ago
110%. Completely hits the nail on the head... and that nail, is this Dumpster Trumpster FIre of a "President."
Susan Waldrop 2 year ago
I read this months ago and applauded in my own scared democratish way. Now, and I wanna be really clear about this, there has never ever been a more appropriately worded description of tRump. And likely his tRumpsters. So thank you, Nate White.
Cynthia Gordon 2 year ago
I don’t know of a more perfect description of the boob in charge than this. Thank you, from this compassionate, sane American. 👏👏👏 Cheers!
Michael Rowe 2 year ago
Thank you for such an amazing analysis our derelict president! As a Disabled American Veteran who served diligently in the u.s. army have literally NO respect for an animal who preys on veterans with viscous words that are so despicable!
Solomon 2 year ago
M J Market, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again.
The US, like it or not, is the leader of the free world, the world’s largest economy, along with Russia, the supreme nuclear power——when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches influenza.
Hence your leader, WHOEVER he or she may be, is vitally important for the general well being of many, if not most countries on this planet! Sadly, 45 was a gross failure, & all Nate was doing, was stating the obvious!
B.Prakash 2 year ago
The pity is the article and the comments on it are from the "whites" be they from Alaska to Africa ! There is none from the "non-whites" as if both the U.K. and the U.S.A. , even in today's 21st Century , are still in 17th Century with predominant white populace inhabiting both !
Thus , the white Dominos like Trump will always be there in both the countries , in one as a rabid gun-trotter the other a Diplomat ! As long as this "one-upmanship" attitude remains their "colonial mindset" will remain ! Amen !
Judy Calhoun 2 year ago
Thank you for your observation of Donald Trump. Sadly I have to agree with you. I don't understand the people that voted for him. I voted for the other guy only to vote against Trump. I call myself a democrat but I don't believe in everything they stand for yet I don't believe in the Republican party either. Not all Americans like Trump, my self included. I didn't like him from day one. You are so spot on with what you said about him.
Camilla Krone. 2 year ago
The appeal of Trump for those who support this pitiful excuse for a man - and much less for a president - is that he hates who they hate. He hates people of color, he hates strong women, and women in general. He hates immigrants. He hates Muslims. He hates the boogeymen many southern men especially have conjured up to blame for their loss of wealth and status. What these don’t see is that mining coal is not a job for the 21st century. They don’t see that Black Americans and other people of color, immigrants, and women didn’t take their jobs away. Those jobs were already gone and it takes a good education —often a university degree—to land a good job in today’s economy. Trump voters who call themselves Christians don’t relate in any way to the teachings of Christ. They think that Christianity means that White men will have the most money and power, and many of them would not attend a church that has Black, LatinX or immigrant parishioners. Mostly, people who vote for Trump are afraid of change. They don’t want to find ways to qualify themselves for the 21st century job market. They’re just looking for people to blame for the fact that they have fallen on hard financial times because they don’t accept change and, above all, don’t want to step outside of their comfort zone. Finally, public schools on the US are paid for in part by Federal funds, in part by state funds, and in part by local property taxes. The latter, especially, means that wealthy areas have the best schools, while less affluent areas have schools that tend not to perform very well and that aren’t teaching with the ideal of preparing students for higher education.

There are a couple of other types of Trump supporters. They are billionaires who want to pay less than their fare share in taxes, as well as voters who are not rich, but imagine that they will be rich someday and feel that they should not have to pay taxes if they someday earn millions of dollars. This latter group is made up of those who are the very least likely to strike it rich because they are among the least well educated. They are also those who tend to dream about or even feel entitled to wealth without training or talent. And they are gullible enough to believe that Trump actually cares about people, and not just about wealth and power.

Donald Trump makes it clear that he sees the non-billionaires who vote for him as “suckers” and “losers,” which is also the way he thinks of Americans who serve in the military; those who didn’t have the means to be a draft-dodger like he was during the Vietnam War and even more so, those who could have avoided military service, but who chose to serve for love of their country.

Trump is really the biggest loser. He has no empathy because he was taught that only money and power can make a person truly happy. What’s surprising is that he looks in the mirror and sees a happy man. What he mistakes for happiness is greed, putting himself before others, and cheating “losers,” such as the people who contract to do work for him and find that they then have to pay money to litigate for a small percentage of the amount Trump had agreed to pay when he made a contract with them. The perverse pleasure Trump takes in cheating, lying, and having a beautiful woman on his arm even if she is a mistress he pays or a young third wife who, like him, only in it for the money.
Terrified American 2 year ago
As an American (currently ashamed, disgusted, and terrified), I can say that this article is so spot on that it’s both beautiful and horrifying at once. It’s like I’ve been watching this country disintegrate in slow motion for the past four years, with everything coming to a head as the piece of trash leaves Americans to go homeless, go hungry, go bankrupt, oh and maybe die from COVID since he LEADS Americans to believe that it’s a hoax. Thank you, Nate, for an honest evaluation of our sociopathic, garbage “president”. If we do (or don’t) make it out of this alive, please know there are a LOT of good hearted people here too. I don’t know how he got so many votes this time around, because I can’t believe there are that many racist, misogynistic, bigoted idiots running around in this country. I’m scared to believe it.
John Starr 2 year ago
You forgot to mention that at the basis of all these wonderful traits is a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder by DSM-5 criteria, as well as sociopathic personality disorder, and ADHD.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
The Confederacy was a signal moment in American development Resist with me leading other Patriots the efforts of the Far Left Socialists to denigrate and demean this glorious chapter in the life of our Great Nation.! Stand fast with Miss Scarlett! Protect American Purity. Keep the Negroes in their comfort zone. SERVANTS! Signed The President who deserves Respect. The
Ray C. 2 year ago
Having a Donald Trump with all the qualities the British hold dear would be a Mid Summer Night's Dream. But having a Trump who gets things accomplished is more desirable than having the British chap who says all the proper things and accomplishes nothing.
Ray C
X 2 year ago
What did he accomplish?
Chris 2 year ago
My gosh! In different time and to a different public figure, it might be considered exageration, but at this time and to this shameful figure in the US history, you are talking the bare truth, a nothing fancy reality.
Denny RAMBHAROS 2 year ago
He is just a cult leader, followers who are like sheep. Even the politicians who are lawyers, expected to be smart however with trump as their leader.. they are as dumb.
Zachary J 2 year ago
He is a crime against humanity, not just the American concept of democracy and decency! Perhaps the only things more damaging and perplexing are those that enabled and still support his greedy, dictatorial, insanity! They mostly like one or two issues of his, but hold their nose and willingly vote against their own (and our) overall best interests! Poorer air and water quality. More industrial pollution and chemical dumping. Reject all our long term international allies, in an increasingly dangerous world. Permanent 20%+ tax cut to the rich, but temporary 2 year, 4% tax cut to working people! Deny real impact of coronavirus and timely, coordinated national plan. Wake up folks!
Felix justice 2 year ago
On behalf of all Real Americans, our patriotic, flag loving Attorney General is working around the clock to accelerate our beautiful death penalty executions. Ahh.. I feel so safe. Don’t you?
Felix justice 2 year ago
COVID does not exist! You hear me? Anyone suggesting otherwise should be tried for TREASON! I’m not kidding. They should be SHOT!
Felix justice 2 year ago
Going reassured that I will be vindicated by History as The Greatest! Muhammad Ali? Hell, he can’t hold a candle to me, talking about HE’s the greatest. Unlikely.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Trumpeters! You think I’m gonna show up at that FAKE inauguration in January? Well you got another think coming! You can look high and low, but you’ll never see me on that stand disrespecting the flag. I love the flag!
Felix justice 2 year ago
Going out winning, folks
Felix justice 2 year ago
OK I’m fixna go. But at least acknowledge that I won. It would make me feel a whole lot better.
Felix justice 2 year ago
From the Kenyan outback.
Felix justice 2 year ago
Not half as Manly as the imposter Obama
Michael Rowe 2 year ago
He's done a good job being Obama then,didn't he? You babbling piece of bubble gum!
Felix justice 2 year ago
Who could lose to a little pipsqueak like Biden? Huh?
Felix justice 2 year ago
From the President: Before I move out, cant you at least have the honesty to admit that I WON? Americans, at least those worthy of that honored name, know that I won. Don’t they? The reason I WON is because I NEVER lose. RIGHT? I’m a WINNER! Count those ballots right, that would be the ones that voted for ME!
Yves Dessca 2 year ago
Magnificently accurate!
Ruth S 2 year ago
Wonderful. Unfortunately the United States have to many Trump like politicians ready to take his place. We need to stand vigilant.
Donna C 2 year ago
He nailed it! Couldn’t have said it better. We all pray that in the next four years we can regain our status in the eyes of the world. We’re better than Trump. I know it’ll take awhile to flush Trump and his grifter family out, but I have faith that we’ll succeed🤞Now, we have to fight the Republicans in the Senate that plan on making Biden’s administration pay for getting rid of their leader.
MJ Market 2 year ago
Writing the truth is never wrong. But all nations have had bad leaders. I will not excuse what this nation did in voting him in. I did everything I could to make people see back during the 2016 election what he was. He never hide it. But I do say this. As bad as I think some British leaders have been, I would not comment on them. I respect another country's right to put stupid, dumb, power hungry, leaders into office. I know this nation has a lot of make up to do. Like all Nations we had a very hard lesson to learn. Yes, I still ague with those who see this person, as their leader. I know a con man when I see one. I dealt with that type of person for years. As much as I agree with the author, I believe that again, not their country.
Judith Vaughn 2 year ago
Your response is surprising since you are not a Trump supporter. This man has impacted every country on the planet. According to the Council on Foreign Relations Trump’s policies are mixed but some are better than others, or worse. This report grades him in 2019; I’m not so sure about 2020 as he seems determined to undermine all of the existing policies of the US before he leaves office. In my view he has not made the world a better place, and anyone in any country has a right to speak their opinion about this Despot.
Barbara Baumgartner 2 year ago
Judith, well done. It has been a source of worry and sorrow for me to see what 45 has done to our standing in the world. We have lost enormous amounts of respect and trust, especially from our long term allies. He is so toxic. And he has sowed such division and hatred here in the U.S., making it acceptable to demean, mock and insult others, especially those with handicaps or disadvantages. It will take a long time for us to trust each other again, much less for the world to trust us again.
Patricia Senkow 2 year ago
Brilliant! This writer nailed it throughout the article. Best description of this man who lives in the White House and is truly an embarrassment to the people of the United States. Well done!
Patricia Senkow 2 year ago
Brilliant! Best description, and the most truthful one, of this person who lives in the White House. This writer nailed it!
Margaret Dolan 2 year ago
The first paragraph alone would send him into paroxysms of anger, grief and disbelief: comparing him to President Obama, nemesis, and to be found so wanting would fire his wrath!
Joani 2 year ago
Mr.White has hit the nail on the head! Thank you for your wonderful way with words !You really know how to say what a lot of us over here think Thank You JPD
Jill O 2 year ago
Couldn’t agree more!!!! You hit every nail on the head. Oh and don’t forget about the countless women he has sexually harassed!! Makes me sick that people actually admire a person like this!! What is this world coming to🤔
john 2 year ago
He is a damn fool.
Carol 2 year ago
You are spot on. Glad you don’t hold us all in judgment due to this idiot. I didn’t realize the election was stressing me so much until it was over. Now I just wish he would fade away quietly but know he can never do that.
Huey 2 year ago
This Frankenstein and his followers were created by Dr Frankenstein the former (Dixiecrats)(New Republicans)now(Lincoln Republican)by using the Nixon/Atwater Southern Strategy on these poor Ignorant white people for their wins of the late 60s,80s 20s. Now the Monster Frankenstein has kill the Doctor (Republican Party). Good riddance
Call me concerned... 2 year ago
...qualities which the British traditionally esteem. For instance, class, charm, coolness, credibility, compassion, wit, warmth, wisdom, no subtlety, sensitivity, self-awareness, humility, honour and grace...

As I pray and yearn for the peace of Meghan Markle... Does she so lack the aforementioned qualities?
Mary Panno 2 year ago
This article is amazingly accurate and spot on!
Ms O. 2 year ago
No truer words ever spoken. Succinct to the core of wh tRump is and stands for.
Lise Gagne 2 year ago
In Canada we see him as you so well describe !cant relate to anyone who follows him !he is toxic waste !
Rrrrangu 2 year ago
3 phrases that knocked it out the park...
i) A Jabba the Hutt of privilege
ii) A Picasso of pettiness
iii) Makes George W. look smart

Paschal Assey 2 year ago
Before his Presidency I had wanted to read his book “The Art of the Deal” but I completely lost appetite. Very well written Nate.
GREGORY F. DAVIS 2 year ago
Reading Nate's response gave me the warmest and fuzziest warm-and-fuzzy I have ever had. Thank you Nate! You have penned a masterpiece.
Kim Morris 2 year ago
Very well said - and I’m from the western side of the Atlantic and have had to suffer through Trump on my TV and radio nonstop for 4 yrs. Words cannot express how much I agree with EVERY word. Jaba the Hutt , Gollum and would be Hitler all rolled into one!
Mini Ranganathan 2 year ago
I read this with a very open mind, trying my best to defend Trump from the epithets the author uses. But I couldn’t! The author’s nailed it.

As much as I want to think of Trump and his legacy (did I just say ‘legacy’😱) without comparing/contrasting him with Pres Obama, I just can’t.

He lives in his own alternate reality.

Good riddance, Mr. President.
Darsha Doran 2 year ago
Nate White hit the "nail on the head", perfect description of Trump, the ego-manic. He is a sorry excuse of a human being and since 70 million voted for him I guess that puts them in the same company.
Jennifer Maynard 2 year ago
Absolutely nailed it. And I’m an American who despises everything he stands for. Even if he does something I would consider decent, he can’t complete it without insulting others.
Kevin Devitte 2 year ago
The best one line description of Donald Trump: A Jabba the Hutt of privilege. I wish had written that.
Judy Normand 2 year ago
Perfect. My thoughts, which are expressed brilliantly !😊
Felix justice 2 year ago
President Insane folks. Pure Dee.
Felix justice 2 year ago
From the President of the United States of America. Listen. I am the President. You gotta respect the President. Otherwise who will you respect? The president of Nicaragua? The President of Haiti? The President of Puerto Rico? Now if I say COVID is a HOAX dreamed up by some nefarious islanders to disturb our domestic tranquility, well it must be true. Because I’m the President! Deserving of RESPECT! Talk to the President with proper deference, you hear me? It’s a HOAX, the COVID. Not as big of hoax as the Russian thing but close. Well. We’ll see what happens. The President! That’s me! Respect me. Please.
Nick B 2 year ago
you can say that again
Pegi 2 year ago
Spot on......
Robert 2 year ago
Brilliantly written.
David 2 year ago
Basically he is a complete arse
Nikita 2 year ago
Never a truer piece written.
Donald Trump has made a mockery of democracy, civility, morality and truth.
He is supported in the United States Senate by a selection of spineless, bigoted cronies who care nothing about the their country and all that it stands for.
Led by Moscow Mitch who on the day that President Obama was elected swore and maintained that not only would Obama not get any legislation passed but he was going to make him a one term President.
White America could not come to terms with a black man whose integrity and intellect was so blatantly superior to theirs. To this day they refuse to acknowledge that Obama created the economic turnaround after Bush left office, that he was instrumental in the unemployment rate being so low by the millions of jobs that were created during his tenure.
WAKE UP AMERICA, the world’s populations are becoming more and more diverse. Accept it or don’t, it’s happening.
You came close to falling into the Abyss America, you’re still not quite out of the woods yet. You still have a few good men with moral compass who won’t let the Trumps of this world defile you. Soon you’ll be able to lift your head again and reassume your place of honor on the World Stage.
Nuff said
Nikita 2 year ago
Never a truer piece written.
The US Senate is composed of a pack of spineless, incompetent, bigoted buffoons who dot give a rats ass about the USA. Moscow Mitch took a stand to make Barack Obama a one term President. He and his cronies did nothing in the eight years of Obama’s Presidency to better the fortunes of the US so blinded by the fact that a black man became President but that he is intellectually and morally superior to the whole lot of them.
One day soon hopefully the US will be able to lift its head on he world stage after this debacle.
Fe Casher 2 year ago
Emelia 2 year ago
Disgusted 2 year ago
Those who think Frump is worth a rat’s ass need to quit watching Fox. He is the dirtiest, meanest, stupidest, crudest person alive. His mocking of the handicapped, disgracing the military, disgracing and degrading women, and claiming he’s pro-life ( only to get their vote) ,his putting his belief in foreign adversaries while degrading our own US intelligence, turning against our foreign allies - I could go on and on - he’s the biggest danger and biggest embarrassment to our country. Time to go frump - we need an end to the divisiveness in our country. Peace, dignity and kindness are not in your vocabulary! GET OUT!!
Johannes 2 year ago
so well written and accurate!
From Canada with admiration
George 2 year ago

This is the most accurate and comprehensive description of trump ever written
Iva 2 year ago
Have to Add: In 2016 53% of White Women voted for Trump, so even with the Access Hollywood tape leaks, they voted for a man that clearly doesn't respect any Woman.
But in 2020 White Women increased their support to 55% hmm, Women have had the right to vote for ONLY 100 years.
Remember for Whom the Bell Tolls ?
ALSO All parties that think COVID-19 is a HOAX visit a COVID 19 ICU for a few hours, patients don't Pretend to Die!
Terrified American 2 year ago
White woman here... THE FUCK NO I DIDN’T VOTE FOR THAT PIECE OF TRASH! and I cannot even begin to grasp what’s going through a woman’s brain who would. He absolutely disgusts me.
Delores Dalton 2 year ago
A most mighty Amen to that. Spot on and articulately stated.
Iva 2 year ago
You have managed to describe Trump exactly. We Americans couldn't put ALL those Negative traits into an expression that incompases it everything. Well Said.
Jonny 2 year ago
Rumour has it that he’ll go quietly, IF they construct his profile on Mount Rushmore; & that the work is started before 20 January 2021!
John Mitchell 2 year ago
I understand that there is no backside to the mountain so an ass to an ass?
Barbara 2 year ago
Eileen Scholes 2 year ago
What oft was thought but never so well expressed. Thank you, Nate.
I Felix justice 2 year ago
I said it before, I say it again, this whole COVID thing is a HOAX brought to our shores by the Chinaman and the flag hating George Floyd loving Far Left who hate our country and the beautiful 2nd Amendment.. Well I hate them The President of the United States of America
Jannine 2 year ago
Oh so very true
John king 2 year ago
What an idiot u r
MacArthur Nmn Williams 2 year ago
True that!!the world was saved by the vote.
Never forget it . GOD IS GOOD!!!
Demosthenes 2 year ago
As an American (who voted for Biden), I understand why 47% of US voters supported Trump. Some did it because they are as dumb as posts and resent the educated (who strongly supported Biden). Trump won the dumbest among us by a wide margin. Religious fanatics overwhelmingly supported Trump, despite the fact he represents the 7 deadly sins. Why you ask? Because he appoints right wing theocrats to the courts. Selfish jerks like Trump because, to be rather blunt, he’s one of them. Finally, many Americans are white nationalists. Trump won all of them. Yes, it’s sickening, but this is America, 2020.
Shanti 2 year ago
It's difficult to understand how nearly half of his countrymen voted for him. I was ratger worried that such a high proportion of people could like a person with a lack of human qualities
Robi Gilbertson 2 year ago
Absolutely spot. Love, an American.
SW 2 year ago
I agree with every word you wrote
Plus his a soulless black black heart 🖤
Rod Roddy lookalike 2 year ago
As an American with UK ancestry, the writer has definitely pegged the man well. He [tRump] is a classless, clueless jerk of no humor, only bitterness and full of deep contempt for anyone not of his own social circle, and maybe not even them. I - for one - am certainly glad to finally be rid of him.
Anthony 2 year ago
Over 70 MILLION American citizens feel EXACTLY the same...Trump is EVIL to the core, and the majority of Americans are glad to see him defeated.. The wanna be "DICTATOR" has been taken down.. The "bully" has been defeated..... God Bless Biden and Harris...
Mary 2 year ago
He is plain EVIL
Susana 2 year ago
All your description of former President Donald Trump are absolutely correct. He's a small person in a big office. God has ended his evil agenda. He's a big looser but doesn't want to cover his face with shame after loosing election that's why he's still struggling with denial 😂😂😂. He already received eviction notice from Americans who doesn't want America Democracy demolish. He need to start his transition to Florida where he think he will feel comfortable to continue his evil act.
Nancy Burke 2 year ago
Genius! - giving thanks and sharing
Darb 2 year ago
There's 74 Million Plus Americans that like his character! I always wondered Why British Persons Noses were so long! They still to this day keep looking down them on others anywhere in the world! You my Friend are a Prime Example! I suspect yours is a long one! His character may not match your British Aristocratic way of thinking! I for one find your Royal family a Bunch of Bitches and Pricks! I think Harry and Meghan have a similar way of thinking! I don't think the US is far enough away for them! Question? Why doesn't the Old Lady Cede the Throne to Charles? He's has had his head stuck up her arse for so long you would think she would feel sorry for him!!! She should do something good for somebody! Your Royals have a Dark Past and Present! and I'm sure their mainstream News for you! Bahahahaha! If your gonna use someone like Obama as a person of Character you should dig a little deeper on his History and let's not forget Michelle! There both Fake as Three Dollar Bills! and Shady as Fuck! Beware of People that Smile to much and take such a long time to answer a Question! In his case it's not a sign of intelligence! It's how can I make this Lie! sound like the Truth! and Smile while I'm saying it! I'm not an articulate writer as you mainly because that's not my profession. I am a Canadian who has the Opportunity to look at Political....Personal situations on both sides of the Ocean and around the world! and what is happening! World Wide is a Very Scary Situation! It makes me very comfortable having the US as a neighbor and Donald Trump as Commander in Chief! He will be there for another four years by the way!
Felix justice 2 year ago
Dolchstosslegende. Thank you, Bret Stephens. A jewel. NY Times Nov 23, 2020.
Whitney Koch 2 year ago
Agree with everything except I never laughed so hard when he talked about demon sperm and alien DNA.
Felix justice 2 year ago
President Insane. Mercy required.
Dawn 2 year ago
100% Accurate and direct. I’ve made it a point to teach my children being blatantly mean is not humor, especially when it’s about something that person cannot change even if they wanted to. Having a president that is so obviously shallow of mind has been a nightmare.
Deborah Abbenante 2 year ago
Great description of the man finally on his way out. In true form, kicking, screaming and throwing a tantrum.
Wisdom 2 year ago
I find everything you say about Donald Trump to be absolutely baseless. You have had your deep bias fuelled, without you even being aware of it, by the MSM’s endless lies and drivel. The MSM have used the DDDCR code of Marxist propaganda to declare again and again fabrications, untruths, half-truths, opinion as opposed to fact, and deliberate obfuscation of what was said or done by Donald Trump, to completely annihilate his character, his work ethic and his accomplishments as President. People at rallies booming out again and again, ‘We love you’, is a true testimony to what he has achieved in his presidency and how his policies have been received by ordinary Americans. The policies that have impacted the lives of those whom the president serves is an outstanding legacy. His policies are the policies of freedom for all - and you would see that if you had not been so totally blinded by MSM propaganda and the rhetoric of elitist politicians whose policies did nothing to improve the lot of the majority of Americans. Because Donald Trump was able to achieve so much during his presidency in all areas of society- be it financial, educational, health, foreign policy etc etc., it would have been wonderful to see what he could have achieved if he had not been constantly hindered by the political ‘revenge’ that Hilary Clinton & co & sections of the self-interest establishment & globalists perpetrated against him, endlessly, with the aid of the MSM, and Democrat Governors who enabled violence, murder, theft & destruction of ordinary Americans’ property to be played out in major cities in Democrat states. There is also the despicable actions of some Democrat Govs who put COVID patiences in old people’s homes, causing the deaths of thousands of vulnerable elderly citizens. Then there is the endless deaths of babies from abortion, loudly supported by Democrats & Bidenites. Democrats symbolise the culture of death and will bring in policies that will take-way freedoms and justice and reason. But because you have been ‘listening’ with ‘twitching ears’ to those Marxist, elitist voices, you can no longer discern what is right in front of you. Go on- I dare you to look up the pages that outline all of the policies and processes and successful outcomes that Donald Trump has achieved. Compare them to ANY other president’s achievements and you will see that they don’t come close. He has worked tirelessly for the American people to bring back fair government under the Constitution. Educate yourself by doing some sincere research, by turning off the MSM’s bs and then maybe you may have a chance for the ‘scales’ to fall from your eyes. Unreasoned hatred of someone whom you do not know, whose story you have not observed with objective reason and truth, is what leads to division. You have done what you were trained to do by the MSM and their corporate bosses, spearheaded by self-interested politicians and globalists.
Darb 2 year ago
Wow! Right on Brother! He is not only Fighting the Democratic Demons of the USA! he is fighting the New World Order! The Great Reset! Trump! is the Last Wall of Defense against this New Order of Socialism! Half the Country gets it! and the other half keeps Drinking Atomic Kool Aid! Trump! will be President for Four More Years! Beijing Biden! will never Finish Barrack Insane Obama's Plan! Pulling for you from Canada!
greater Wisdom 2 year ago
well you just affirmed whats wrong with the followers of this toddler in chief.... commplete and utter ignorance of factes of the last 4 years in this country, he brought to his knees and brink of tearing this democracy to shreds.
Bolatito 2 year ago
It would have been more impactful if you had listed his achievements and benefits to the ordinary Americans. One major issue with his supporters and the guy himself is their inability to communicate succinctly without insulting or using foul language. Why are you guys always violently angry? One can still have a different view without being violent.
Sincerely he must have had a great impact on your people for millions to have voted for him again. Please list his achievements because the COVID death rate in your country is telling a different story. At some point, you guys affirmed the Dems inflicted the virus on citizens.
The other fearful part is the way people are unable to decipher the truth from lies flow smoothly from lies phew!
Anthony AC Cooke 2 year ago
Dear Wisdom, How sad that you have been unable to see through the smoke and mirrors. Your country has never had such a bad leader, but still can think he has done such a grand job. Please let us all know what he has done for you, that makes you so sure he should be your President for another four years. Are rich or poor, have you got good health care or none, a large family or no family, do you live in a city or the country. How old is your car, how old are you, are you white or black, your age would be a help to understand were you are coming from, are you male or female? That should be it for now. Maybe just one more question have always voted?? or have you mist out from time to time. Somehow I doubt you have read the book of Wisdom from the Hebrew testament.
Frank Briones 2 year ago
The description of Trump is definitely detailed and correct. What boggles my mind is the other half of the country supports him which is totally illogical. We are no longer thee "United States" we have become a "disunited" nation and I wonder what will be the future of this nation.
Jerard Newton 2 year ago
Yes Trump is arrogant, blustery, out-spoken, crude. But one doesn’t become a multi-millionaire in New York City by being charming, or witty, or beguilingly clever like Barry Obama. Trump did what he said he would do - created a wildly successful economy, which has the Dow up 20,000 points, even during a pandemic. Had the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. Cleaned up and streamlined a failed VA system for Veterans. Forced NATO allies to financially support their own defense. Took on the corrupt Chinese Communist party for decades of ruthless intellectual property theft. Initiated an unprecedented scientific effort to get a vaccine for Covid and with startling success. Not that he will get credit for any of that.

His crime was defeating the Left’s queen-in-waiting, Miss Hillary. Apparently, the American people found him more to their liking than her. But the socialist liberal media, big tech, and career democrats hated him for winning. As far as his America First agenda, I want to know which British Prime Minister has put forth a Britian First program ? None that I know since maybe Churchill. So to read this opinionated drek from Mr. White is just another slobbering reminder of why Britain will never succeed in becoming relevant.
Stephen Black Wolf 2 year ago
Trump is not a self-made man. He inherited his father's wealth, which he has squandered to the point of now being so massively in debt that he'll never break free. What kind of "successful businessman" manages to bankrupt a gambling casino? He represents, frankly, everything that is wrong in the United States today. Literally *everything* that is wrong here. He is a stupid man's idea of a smart man. And if you like or admire him, then you, too, represent the worst of humanity.
Dee Grant 2 year ago
Good riddance to bad rubbish
Jim Cook 2 year ago
And, he is the poor man's idea of a rich man. People often say he has captured the American working class. This is not true, since most Blacks, Asians, Latinos, and Native Americans are working class and they voted overwhelmingly against him. The only part of the working class that loves Donald Trump is the White working class (and by no means all of them). What distinguishes that group is racism and Trump has gone way beyond the usual Republican "dog whistles" of racism. He uses a huge bullhorn and makes no pretense of it. The White working class eats that up.
Margarita Siches-Logan 2 year ago
Your nailed it! I'm an expat from Spain; I've lived in the USA for over 50 years and have dual citizenship. It pains me to see the damage this aberrant species (won't call him human, because he isn't) has inflicted on the country. But I'm far more concerned and embarrased that over 70 million Americans still voted for him: despite his cruelty and constant lies, despite his ignorance that has made us the laughingstock of the world, despite his not honoring and pulling out of so many international agreements; despite his incompetence and lack of leadership and missmanagement of COVID leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths and an economy in shambles and massive unemployment. I can only reach the sad conclusion that they voted for him despite all the above for one single reason: because they hate the same people he hates: the educated, liberals, progressive thinking individuals of all races and national origins, immigrants, capable/assertive women, minorities, etc.
Rebecka Go 2 year ago
I almost cried how beautifully written this was. He didn't deserve this masterpiece. You captured how we all feel. Even us from "shithole countries".
Anyways, well done and God bless you.
Mishia Edwards 2 year ago
This is the best thing I’ve read all year, with the one exception of Biden Wins headlines.
Dino G. 2 year ago
You nailed it perfectly he is dry like toast i’m glad enough of us voted him out .
Paul G 2 year ago
This is the United States of America and you have a constitutional right to be an asshole! Donald Trump and his supporters exercise that right every day.
Serge 2 year ago
“The Shakespeare of SHIT”!!! Magnificent! The essence ofTrump!!
Mary 2 year ago
I'm an American and this is the best description of Trump I have ever read! Not all of us are stupid Trumpites!! Good on ya!!
Jerry 2 year ago
A thorough job! I would add that I believe him to be truly evil.
BRAT 2 year ago
The only thing I can say about this man Trump. He is everything America doesn't need doesn't want. He did Make America Gasp Again
Joan Gaiptman 2 year ago
Best description I have ever read
Robert Mullen 2 year ago
Holly 2 year ago
Ah! Robert Mullen thinks he is better than the rest, from what he thinks is an "Upper" class. Yet he follows a man who has absolutely no class.
Robert - Class is no how much money you make, it's not about your misguided superiority complex, its not about foul language and power. Class is about quality, values, integrity, and style. Trump is poor quality, have no moral values, lacks all integrity, and definitely has no style! By this definition, you aspire to the very LOWEST class!
Dee Grant 2 year ago
Meeting with Putin without his interpreters. One day we will find out what Putin is holding over his head... and why the sun shines from up in his ass for some of the American people.
Robert Mullen 2 year ago
Trump's unabated drive for following a true deontology perspective is force that will stop the mediocracy from destroying society.
Dennis 2 year ago
From a deontological standpoint Trump is an even greater disaster.
Ann T 2 year ago
Robert, you need to look up the meaning of the word “deontology” before you use it to describe a conman like Trump, unless it’s Opposite Day in your neck of the woods.
tom farley 2 year ago
True, and well said.
D.E. Jay 2 year ago
As an American, I congratulate you on writing the best description of Trump yet. As a bonus, it was very entertaining to read. Thank you.
Bill Cooke 2 year ago
I'm very happy to be seeing this rude crude dude on his way out the door. I am more concerned on the damage he will do before the door hits him in his fat ass. He does not represent our democracy.
Deborah FAUST 2 year ago
Beverly Bryan 2 year ago
A very accurate description of Trump s o eloquently written. Kudous to the writer.
If i may add,the Republicans who enabled him so they could hold on to power are not only exposed for who they trult are ,but are worst than he is.
They conspired with him to tear down America's democracy creating a more dangerous society for thier own children ,grandchildren and many others.
Just watch the hypocritical corrupted,disgusting power grabbing Republicans stall and obstruct Biden for trying to bring normalcy,e.pathy and decency back to America.
Ermes Culos 2 year ago
One thing, though, IS funny: that such an absolute nonentity, as described, should have dominated the world for a full four years. :)
Dennis 2 year ago
I think he not only did not dominate the world, he could not even control his part of the government. How many of he=is orders were never carried out by his skeptical staff. There are a couple of strong men in his government who get done what they want. These men's actions are not in support of Trump but in support of themselves and their own beliefs. The fact that these men have accomplished things that Trump supposedly wanted is coincidental.
Linda Bryan 2 year ago
Nate, you’ve voiced this so eloquently that any other comment is superfluous.
Leo Anthony 2 year ago
I don't think we can sheath all the blame on Donald Trump for what has become of democracy in the US; much of the blame must fall on the Republican Party. Their credo over the years has been of apportioning blame for 'America's ills' on the stratum below. I.e. The Rich get progressively wealthier by finding ways to maximize their incomes, they look to like-minded Politicians to argue their view & find them, including paying the least amount of percentage tax; the Middle class are sold the message that their taxes are going to the Poor; the Poor feel their positioning for scarce jobs is undermined by the 'illegal immigrant' competition. Indeed even the 'illegal immigrant' feels that date of their arrival gives them 'tenure' over those who arrived after them! Why is this so? Because Republican Politics prefers this model - it's 'competitive stratum fear'. African - Americans have known this for generations. Demonize a group of people, then actively campaign against them for a stereotype that was created for them. I am sure that the Trump supporters demanding recounts, are partially buoyed by the fact that the news coverage appeared to show mainly people of colour engaged in the Vote Counting, and hence voter fraud. Hey this is the land where they believe Jesus wasn't a Jew & the Earth is younger than 10,000 years old!
Perhaps Obama should share some of the blame; there were so many expectations of him, but he just could not deliver. Perhaps he could have signed a few more 'executive orders'? In between the golfing, Donald Trump seemed to occasionally manage it!
Michael 2 year ago
All very good points.

Still, Nate is 100%+ spot on in accurately describing the thing that is currently in charge!
Dennis 2 year ago
Yes, you are right. But, the failure of the Republicans is a failure of creativity and will. They have become kowtowing lackeys, such as Mitch McConnell and Jim Jordan. Individual Republicans are very good at following orders and, in a vacuum, fall into chaos.
Myrna Sen 2 year ago
Well written!
Januah Wilmot 2 year ago
70+ million people still voted for this man. 57% of white women still voted for that man.! Incredible!
Michael 2 year ago
... and THAT sad fact is both the biggest joke and the scariest truth of all!

Now what do we do!
Dennis 2 year ago
As Michael says, frightening. But then, wasn't it will Rodgers who said, "One cannot underestimate the American electorate."
Linda 2 year ago
Let me clarify that 57% of the white women *who voted,* voted for Trump.
Ahappy American Male 2 year ago sad. I guess they were fantasizing about being grabbed by such a fine Christian man.
Mo Ray 2 year ago
This American approves, an astute description of our greatest political mistake. I almost feel compelled to apologize to the world for having this man as our representative for the last four years. But in the end, wisdom prevailed and America is stepping back onto the world stage to regain the dignity that we temporarily abandoned. Sorry about that little error in 2016, but we've rectified it, I think you'll approve of the d
ecency and charm of Joe Biden. Change is coming, keep calm and carry on.
Solomon 2 year ago
Hi, as a Brit, & generally a big fan of the US, (& at the risk of sounding pompous!), NO need to apologise!
Now, had your countrymen & women RE-ELECTED him this month, then for SURE a an apology (or two) would have been mandatory! LOL!
Dennis 2 year ago
Solomon, Brits have their own problems.
Mary Gates 2 year ago
That pretty well sums him up! I’ll add.....he’s also an ass. “Trump the chump.”
Carole LaBossiere 2 year ago
How do I get a copy of this previous description of Trump.?
I am impressed and would like to share it with others. Carole LaBossiere
Sue Cloutier 2 year ago
Unbelievably well said!
V chambers 2 year ago
I fully disagree with you. The SKUNK does not deserve being spoken of. He is the Lowest of the Low
Michael 2 year ago
Unfortunately he must be spoken of - because those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it..
Mr. Richard A. Wallace 2 year ago
And I clutch at my heart and at all my ideas of what makes sense and I say can this really be the kind of person we have put in the White House and look to for leadership. For there is certainly no leadership coming from a first-class Bully, and no example shown in our time of National Need. It just breaks your Heart that this man let us down, that he was unable to raise to the occasion that called for warm guidance and direction with a purpose. It's horrible that the President of the United States of America turned his office into a TV show of clowns, that he did not understand our governmental system and just believed it was to be all about him. The fact that when it wasn't all about Trump then he turned into a nasty old man.
God Bless America that he will be gone and let us hope that all Republicans will realize that they are far better off without him. Let's hope that the likes of Mitch McConnell will go forth with some leadership and mutual understanding that America has some serious problems to solve that call for serious solutions and problem solving.
And I approve this message.
Dennis R Diehl 2 year ago
Extremely 'spot on,' as the Brits might say, although a tad more relentless and less humorous than the prior piece written by an Englishman about 1-2 years ago. "President" Donald J Trump, the King of Coronavirus.
Linda Alimp 2 year ago
Bravo. Exactly so. And yea it is quite disturbing that 43% of our citizens view his escapades as wonderful. THAT is scary.
Sita 2 year ago
I agree! Bravo! BUT! Watching your British TV shows! You guys cornered the market on bullies! ☺️
Stu Nye 2 year ago
Leave to the British. They can really spot a loser.😂😂
one who cares 2 year ago
Great article. perfect description of this cry baby bully.I wish more Americans stood up against this tyrant before now. Everyone has been too kind to him, failing to calling many his actions as they were, un American. Were we afraid that the IRS would come to the door if we spoke as we felt? Possibly. It is gratifying to finally see this outpouring of recognition of a man that should never have been president.
ellenor 2 year ago
right on can';t wait to be rid of him it cannot come soon enough
ML 2 year ago
Easy answer . . a majority of Americans look to the Constitution as our guide, value faith and exercising our religious liberties, protect the life of the unborn, and desire policies that truly address and help issues and people groups. Educate yourself on policy and not people’s perceived personalities!!!!!! That is how most voted. As a follower of Jesus my future hope is not the result of this election. I will be at peace and joyful regardless, and will honor and be thankful if my candidate doesn’t get in. But a majority of Americans want to know the election was fair and legal.
Marilee Skillern 2 year ago
You will notice, in NF's post, that many of Trump's followers are exactly as shallow as he is! There is NEVER a semblance of common sense to their way of thinking, it is all attack, Attack, ATTACK!! They are like lemmings who will follow their leader right off the cliff!

Fortunately, the majority of American people are wiser and acted in a way that showed the world how WE really truly felt .about him being a Representative of America!!
We were NOT fooled by his rhetoric. That we were angry at his insensitivity and lack of couth, when he was on the public stage. His poor command of the English language embarrassed us to the point that we practically cringed every single time he spoke. And, he infuriated us because of his refusal to even acknowledge the seriousness of Climate Change, the Pandemic, the alienation of Our Allies and friends, and the danger of his coziness with our adversaries. NO! We saw him as an emotionally retarded, undereducated , irresponsible man!
Paddric Fay 2 year ago
Oh I absolutely love. This.. Believing me almost all American’s can see this... Actually we had had to live through it.... He is a nightmare.. believe we know.. Except some that just don’t get it..... Thanks...
JL 2 year ago
Nate White, you are spot on!! Brilliant article. However I would like to address NF. It seems he has a personal problem with Mr. White as his comments which should have been about the subject matter "Trump" were all directed at the writer. NF we see why you are a Trump supporter, you hit below the belt, you've missed the point, you're uninformed, and you've used this platform to vent your personal issues with the writer which it was not intended for. It's really difficult to understand anyone's support of Trump. I suppose even the devil has his followers.
Dominik 2 year ago
Yes, but now this Trump coverage really must start to subside. He benefits from negative attention nearly as much as from praise.

I think most of those 70 million that voted for him will soon quiet down when the Donald looses his media coverage. They will occasionally check his tweets but they will know that these have become inconsequential. I hope he will widely be regarded as what he is, an accident in history and an impeached one term ex-President.
NF 2 year ago
Well Nate White, now I see how stupid you really are. I guess all those drugs you took in college has really paid off for you. So, while you're soaking your mind in more dope, let me teach you a thing or two. Had you done a minute's worth of research, on anything relating to Trump while he was in office, you'd realize how wrong you are. If you follow American politics at all, you can clearly see the corruption in the Democrat party, and now their latest stunt is to rig the election. Which, I assume you watch that MSM for your news, has lied about what's going on to the world. But you can't figure that all out even though it's right in front of you. Might be time for you to put down the dope, and clear your mind so you can see things clearly.
TM 2 year ago
NF, even if everything you say about the Democrats is true (which it surely isn't), it has no bearing on the accuracy of Nate White's description. You have simply changed the subject: "Oh yeah? Well what about ...."
Bruce 2 year ago
NF–Deflect, accuse, infer, lie, gaslight. Yes, you're likely either an integral part of the ignorant far-right cult or a political troll trying encourage instability. Who, besides the people in your echo chamber, do you think believes this nonsense?
Ann T 2 year ago
I guess NF stands for “No Facts.” It’s time to stop listening to the liars on those right-wing websites. NONE of the wild conspiracy theories they spouted are real. NONE of those Trump arse -kissers could come up with ANY evidence to support any of their claims. There are still brainwashed people like yourself, who believe the claims of those stark-raving mad lunatics who insist that Trump won by a landslide. Really??
Jonny 2 year ago
Thursday is Thanksgiving. IF Trump wants to redeem himself, though admittedly ‘twill be in only a very small way, he should FORMALLY & OFFICIALLY concede on Thursday.
If he did, maybe, just maybe his battered reputation could just be repaired a little bit! Would be like a present to the nation!
But do you think he will? I shan’t be holding my breath!
Keelo Mike 2 year ago
"May the cost of your freedom be your eternal vigilance." My hope is that the lesson is well and truly learnt and America must never repeat the folly of 2016. # good riddance 45.
Rajan Verma 2 year ago
He hasn't a single humane hair in his body, a coward and a spoilt brat is what he is. It doesn't say much for those who voted for him this time around.
Bruce 2 year ago
This article is spot on. I'm an American. I would say I'm embarrassed that we somehow elected trump to our top office–but it's more of a humiliation that I feel. Far more significant than giving this imbecile the opportunity to "run" our country is that there are so many people here that still just don't see, or care, who he is after all of this time and want to keep him around–this opened my eyes to the fact that I live in a country almost half full of idiots and narcissists–and it's truly distressing.
Ted Mayer 2 year ago
Well said. Thank you. It's nearly over.
Ralph 2 year ago
Nate White,
You are truly 💯Spot on in your description of the soon to be ex #45!
Total narcissistic moron!
Lady J 2 year ago
Ben 2 year ago
Hey Nate

You have described a total a-hole, surely not an American president!

Oh - wait a minute - You're actually spot-on with this one!
Patricia Meyer 2 year ago
Seemed harsh at first, but I agree whole-heartedly. He is nasty, rude, egotistical and has tantrums like a 2 yr. old.
Cherry 2 year ago
You couldn't have said it any better, precise and to the point, gospel truth!
Cherry 2 year ago
You couldn't have said it any better, precise and accurate, gospel truth!
Joanie Rigg 2 year ago
No-one has better described Trump. Absolutely accurate! Thank You Mr. White!
Akela Khan 2 year ago
Well written and to the point👍🏼
Rick Duff 2 year ago
Agree 100% and then some!
john 2 year ago
He gets worse every day. Well done, well said.
Frank Budano 2 year ago
I only wonder if the Republican senators feel the same way about him as the article written perfectly on the money. As they play stupid they will pay for this down the line.
Holly 2 year ago
Better to be quiet than unemployed - that's what the senators are probably thinking right now! Remember, no matter what trump does, his 70m followers ain't going anywhere and they get to keep their right to vote!
Rochelle Hunt 2 year ago
Share the writer’s opinion 150%!!
As an American I’m puzzled why many fellow Americans don’t recognize the grifter. January can’t come soon enough.
Connie 2 year ago
Thank you for putting into view as clearly as I have ever seen the disaster known as Trump. He is a stain on us all in the United States. Thank god others outside of the USA recognizes our suffering for the last (almost) 4 years. January 2021 it will be over ‼️
Fran Dorn 2 year ago
I’ve loved this since it was first published. Painfully and wittily accurate.
Marilyn and Gil Freitag 2 year ago
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You nailed it! You validated what the other 70% of Americans have known and had to live with for these past four years.
Marilyn and Gil Freitag
Valery Luevano 2 year ago
Perfect. Should be framed.
Daryl Mytron 2 year ago
Beautifully composed and wonderfully written. D.
Linda G Jones 2 year ago
We can all lay at the feet of Rupert Murdoch, the horrible, dishonest and deceitful content and coverage that led to a Trump victory and continued support as well as their coverage denying the science of COVID 19 that let to the pandemic in the U.S.. They had an obligation to report the science, and failed to do so. We also can fault NBC for misleading the US citizens with a show called The Apprentice which gave the appearance that this madman was a sound businessman when in fact he had filed numerous bankruptcies and was named in numerous filings for his failures to pay his vendors. The media was complicit in the rise of this madman and they should be held responsible for the aftermath.
Ejike Ohagwu 2 year ago
Looking at people that support Trump for any reason gave me the convinction that in life there are things you will never be able to understand, rationalize nor repair. You must best look away and move on.
Lynnette 2 year ago
This article is 100 % accurate! I was born in Washington, DC the year after the March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke the infamous “I have a dream” speech. I am currently a resident of DC. I canNOT ever recall an entire city (namely the nation’s capital) hating the mere name of Trump! DC canNOT stand him.
Tom 2 year ago
Believe me strike the British out ad replace with whatever country you like. What I find hard to believe are the people that surround him will not say a word.
Holly 2 year ago
The people who surround him are shirt scared of losing their jobs - it's really that simple. Either they scared of T-Rump firing them, or Rump-T supporters no longer voting for them!
Pete Bacon 2 year ago
Good one Nate, apart from the British exceptionalism that runs your article; this idea that everything Trump is, we are not. Don’t forget who the British, more specifically the English voted in just one year ago. And when it comes to bullies, look no further than our own Home Secretary
Peter J 2 year ago
The fact that the Brits might have a Bully does not mean you don't. Your Don-key Trump is the worse of the 21st century by far in any democracy ... if you can still call the US a democracy after the farce hat donkey is making of it!
Holly 2 year ago
This article is nonsense. Our President Trump is fantastic. He is the best ever president the USA has ever ever had. Anyone who says otherwise is just plain sane, has not been brainwashed and has not lost their marbles.
Taz 2 year ago
I think you've got the nail on the head holly. The rest of the world sees him like the above. You can deny it. But maybe you could consider leaving America to see for yourself. And this has still America's reputation and standing in the world. The fact you can't see it is ever the whole article is about. Perhaps you could consider maybe you are the one who is brainwashed? Sometimes you need an outsider looking in to let you realise this.
Tom 2 year ago
you need to reread Holly's comment
Jeff Rodgers 2 year ago
Re-check your response. The tail end is completely contradictory. Holly, there is no Santa Claus, nor Easter Bunny, and donald trump wouldn't care if you dropped dead in front of him. His only concern is donald trump. The guy who believes that a woman's only worth is for screwing, and cooking.
Poor dear, he's fooled you completely.
Holly 2 year ago
Jeff Rogers
There is a Santa Claus (I saw a few just yesterday), their Easter bunny happily hops on, and worse of all, I'm afraid this whole T-Rump nonsense has made you totally lose your sense of humour.
Sometimes - things are so ridiculous you just have to make a joke of it!
Take a chill pill Jeff.
robert broad 2 year ago
Love your subtle use of language and humor. People need to learn how to read!
Phyllis Abrams 2 year ago
But I have my country voted for him and think he’s fabulous. Where does that leave me
Alexandra 2 year ago
It leaves you in hell babe
Disney Leah 2 year ago
As an American woman who proudly voted for Joe Biden. This is one of the best articles ever written to describe this pathetic waste of a human. Counting the days till he and his dysfunctional racist family pack their bags. It is so sad that there are so many clueless racist people in our country that actually voted and think this clown should stay in office.
Curt 2 year ago
It is SO affirming to read this & feel the gratitude of being understood.
Knowing about half my countrymen & women disagree with me is very unsettling. I’m ashamed of our representatives in government & that so many consider them ‘our leaders’.
Fola Ibiloye 2 year ago
He is all that and more of a nonentity. An opportunistic imbecile who thinks that the world revolves round him. A would have been Adolf Hitler of America😀😃☺
Mary O’Connor 2 year ago
Enjoyed this insightful, witty piece so much - it was like getting a massage for the brain
Personal faves -“ Picasso of pettiness “ and “Shakespeare of shit,” and of course the clincher last line. Brilliant - thanks for the brain rub.
April 2 year ago
This article is everything I needed to hear. As an American I’m astonished so many people like him and think he’s for democracy which is horrendous to fathom. But hearing it a British person describe everything that’s wrong with the man brings me great joy, I can finally see past all the shit and just see the man. The man IS S**T.
Angie T. 2 year ago
Lord help.
C Hovie 2 year ago
You had me 'til George W. There, I take umbrage. W. possesses something that is rare in our modern day Presidents. He has a high emotional IQ. Two of Bush 43's successors also possess a high emotional IQ. It says a lot about the mutual respect that President Bush, President Obama, and President-Elect Biden share.
Janine Schaefer 2 year ago
The Republican Party wants to establish a modern day Confederacy. They are white supremacists. They hate American democracy and most Americans. They would have allowed Trump to steal the election if he could have gotten away with it. They will challenge every election from now on. This is only the beginning. They want white Christian fascism.
They will never give up.
Jim Dennis 2 year ago
An inventive panoply of truths.
Hank D. 2 year ago
Spot on! I have read this article before, but it bears repeating, and often. Those who defend Trump are blind to reality. He is a sick, narcissistic, sociopath, devoid of any sense of reality or humanity. He will set the world on fire, rather than admit his incompetence and failures, which are beyond count. Not the least of which is the quarter of a million, and counting, of my fellow countrymen and women he has sacrificed on his "Altar of Ego and Vanity." Trump defenders are part of the, "But What About..." deflectors, defending Trump by comparing him to other political leaders. Trump is grotesquely unique in the annals of modern American politics.
Jim Dennis 2 year ago
An inventive panoply of truths.
Cynthia JD 2 year ago
I think the reason so many support them is that they with vote their party or they are just sheep who want to follow snd will believe whatever they are told without investigating and thinking for themselves. It comes from fear of change and admitting their own belief system could be wrong. They hold on to old outdated ideals and behaviors because it’s comfortable and the norm. I hate that all Americans are getting the bad rap that we somehow agree or go along with it. This has been the worst 4 years of our lives and a dark cloud has hung over us the entire time. We have been in a state a of depression and have felt helpless and scared. The election of Joe Biden has brought light and hope back into our lives. Finally to have an adult back at the helm to help drive our country forward in a positive, thoughtful, ethical and inspired direction. Hopefully the Trumpers will notice that life will now improve for all of us as well as for the world! ☮️
Mike Robinson 2 year ago
Excellent- well put - those of us that see him for what he is - you have penned it as well as it could be said.
Susan 2 year ago
Hubby and I thinking of ex pat status very soon
Patricia Meakin 2 year ago
One of my ancestors left London for Jamestown VA in 1635. Before the election (yay) I considered returning home😉
Sally Caromano 2 year ago
Many of us Americans agree and can not understand how so many others don’t see him for what he is. What does that say about them?
Michael Chapman 2 year ago
'Spot on brilliant.... Thank you!
Felix justice 2 year ago
Isn’t it true? We have a jailhouse lawyer in the White House.
Kyna 2 year ago
I am an American. I agree. Wonderfully and brilliantly written. I feel such despair that so many fellow country persons find nothing wrong with him!!!
V A Dyer 2 year ago
A great description except you left out , stupid fool ! He will reap what he sowed , lock him up !
Motty 2 year ago
Priceless! I am framing it!
AB 2 year ago
Magnificent description of a man whose singular quality is to have absolutely no redeeming features
Al lalehchini 2 year ago
Thank you for perfect description of this creature.
l flanary 2 year ago
Mr. Nate White You win the Bully Award, please. stick to insulting your own Prime Minister and the UK Parliament!
Mr. M 2 year ago
It doesn't take a bully to call out the obvious.
Richard Johnson 2 year ago
@I flanary.

You win the "I don't know how to use Capitalisation when writing my surname name award!"

Other than that - We don't live in the UK - and NATE SPEAKS FOR US, NATE SPEAKS FOR THE WORLD, AND HE PROBABLY SPEAKS FOR THE WHOLE DARN UNIVERSE when it comes to your pathetic master that you pathetically follow so blindly.
Paul. 2 year ago
Rick Leon 2 year ago
Rick L
No one could have said it better. Finally we have a definition of Trump that qualifies to be in every dictionary in the world!
Russelll Magnaghi 2 year ago
This was insightful, true and fab. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sean 2 year ago
Spot on my friend! Let’s hope this nasty slug has finally been swept down the drain on a one way journey.
Omar Balleth 2 year ago
Man, ohh I salute you. You got it right on point. We call it right on the nose or right on the needle.
Suzanna Carey 2 year ago
Eden Harlow 2 year ago
Spot on. Thank you!
bbqnbb@gmail com 2 year ago
Absolutely on target
Susan Trahan 2 year ago
Oh my goodness! Well put!! That is one reason this election we voters told Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!
Annie Day 2 year ago
I live in the States (They are not the United States) with this Stupid Troll which you described so eloquently, I agree with your assessment 100000000000%
Ray Hughes 2 year ago
I wish he hadn’t understated it so much.
Rickie J 2 year ago
So true :-)
Abhijit Dass 2 year ago
So accurate and absolutely, a deeply profound collection of words to describe the indescribable. Thank you.
Vanda Moss 2 year ago
You hit the nail on the head. I live in the Bahamas and I feel totally embarrassed. COULD NEVER SUPPORT THIS INDIVIDUAL. It is a sad situation and to see seventy million people can support this mess!!! Unbelievable!!! Once again TRUTHFUL WORDS WELL SPOKEN.
R. Lutz 2 year ago
That’s right, 74m folks thought he was a right fit the US. You can’t ignore he is a litmus test for what rumbles thru the American psyche like a swirling toilet
Rickie J 2 year ago
R. Lutz - "what rumbles thru the American psyche like a swirling toilet"

Very well said!

And also very very Sad!
Mit Manp 2 year ago
Fabulously penned article, just ignores we have elected Johnson and sizable contingent continue to support his PMship (many of whom consider Trump similarly)
Steven W. Jackson 2 year ago
If you think the British are confused by Trump, imagine how 80 million Americans feel about the 74 million who voted for him this time.
John White 2 year ago
I don't think in future times, they'll look back and say, now who was the worst President in the first 250 years of that place called America, and that there will be a big debate, because it will be the unanimous consent of history that Trump wins the title easily. He will probably also finish in the top 10 for terrible leaders of all time and the top 100 terrible people. Of course, over the course of a couple hundred million more years of history he may fall down in the rankings. As for the people who like this guy, well, they're all going to hell.
Reece Castellano 2 year ago
You forgot to add, “gutless coward”
Cstraussjones 2 year ago
This pretty much sums up this monster of a person. Well written; so true.
Karl Pallmeyer 2 year ago
Why half the U.S. can't see this is what baffles me. Enrages me. Depresses me.
Rebecca Peregoy 2 year ago
It’s not half, please believe me. It’s about 25%... and the rest of us sensible Americans have no idea what’s wrong with them either!
Rickie J 2 year ago
Rebecca Peregoy

25% - we would all so like to believe this is true. But facts are facts - almost 50% voted for him - knowing exactly what he is - says a lot about who they are ...
KrisC 2 year ago
There are ~326 million Americans, ~70 million voted for him so luckily only roughly 21% of the country actually voted for him. Not that it makes it any better...
Elaine Rosrnthal 2 year ago
Exactly! This is one of the best descriptions of this man I have ever read!
Tim Terry 2 year ago
If they gave out Nobel Prize’s for commentaries this one would definitely be on everyone’s short list . No other words necessary
Jaap 2 year ago
What does this all tell the world about BoJo? The British Trump!
Jonny 2 year ago
As Biden said, “ Boris is a physical & spiritual clone of Trump”.
And sooo true!
Mit Manp 2 year ago
Quite. 👌🏽
Salter 2 year ago
Seems like Trump, unable to accept defeat, is now pursuing a scorched earth policy; obstructing, & even ‘destroying’ a normal handover of business/power to his successor; the handover process & practice that’s always been faithfully adhered to, irrespective of political rivalries.
Why, Obama recently commented that when he, a Democrat, took over from Bush jnr., a Republican, the handover could not have been smoother, & Bush jnr could not have been more cooperative; the way it should, & has, always been!
So not only will Trump go down in history as one of the USA’s worst ever Presidents, he’ll also be remembered as being one of the most UNPATRIOTIC, placing his pride & vanity above what is best for the country! SHAME on him!
Danny 2 year ago
Sounds like D Jackass Trump
Miriam Weis 2 year ago
NiluferAhmed 2 year ago
Thank you ! Finally someone gave words to my feelings!👍👏🏽
B Frazier 2 year ago
Spot on.
Debby Mountjoy 2 year ago
Excellent. The best description of President Trump I have ever read. Thank you. I have always tried my hardest to respect each president. Historically I have acknowledged what I think are the good things they did for America. I struggled with a few but never have I been so embarrassed that he is the leader of my country. And he has ignited such a divide. Thanks again for this intelligent, to the point, description of this Narcissistic man that become President.
Joanne 2 year ago
He and his cronies are truly narcissistic morons without a soul. It’s even scarier, that there are so many citizen who support his kind ideology. It makes me ashamed, discouraged, and disheartened. I’m counting onJanuary 20, 2021 will bring new hope and compassion to the United States.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
President Clinically Insane. Your prayers requested.
Lisa 2 year ago
We really suck at judging character because we have too many selfish asshats.
Jonny 2 year ago
Holding a press conference outside a porn shop, Rudy’s hair dye streaming down his cheeks, & the others’ hair turning grey overnight—-do you REALLY wanna vote for this bunch of freaks in 4 years’ time?
Pat Hoerth 2 year ago
Yes, we do know... Working on his departure. Repairs will take awhile. Cheers!
Nathaniel Batchelder 2 year ago
For better days, we’re Biden our time.
Robert Blystone 2 year ago
Does he even qualify as human or as a lizard?
Kristina 2 year ago
As a human, I freaking love this article. 100% true. As an American, I am so incredibly ashamed that over 70 million of my countrymen voted for Trump. I'm flabbergasted that anyone could vote for this despotic rabid turnip... Apologies to turnip lovers.
Lee 2 year ago
All of it.... so true
Richard Hesse 2 year ago
In the US and maybe for the world, our problems are not over. Those 70 million will be with us for now on. Trump is a result of a failure of our political process and shallow thinking. Trump is not responsible for that. For those of you, young and with children. Fear for the future.
Ashley 2 year ago
We aren’t going to take it lying down, those of us with young children.
john 2 year ago
A very sad but true statement, 70 million Americans voted for their own image......
Rickie J 2 year ago
So True

The devil cannot see itself in a mirror. Neither can a bloodsucking vampire!

But they CAN see themselves in others - and indeed they have!
Billy Loh 2 year ago
Absolutely brilliant description of the dimwit. What is scary is that over 70m Americans voted for him.
Andrea Larsen Birkeland 2 year ago
Incredibly good writing!
Melissa O’Brien 2 year ago
I couldn’t have said this better. Spot on!!
Karen Ware 2 year ago
You are just outstanding. I cannot find the words I need so may I say I agree with Catherine Adamescu? Wonderful! So well written!
Brenda Solomon 2 year ago
My spiritual God told me to read Psalm 52 on January 28 2020! He also told me in August of 2016 that the Phoenix has risen! I knew then that he would would win the election! Packing for my trip while looking at the TV I asked God how to get rid of the Phoenix? That’s when Psalm 52 was spiritually transmitted to me! I am no Christian fanatic; knows the beginning of the 23rd Psalm and mumble the rest! I read 52 every day , and still do until his departure. Everything in that Psalm has played out, except for the last part “death be cometh”! I don’t wish that on anyone but I leave God to deside !

Your article spoke the truth and I am hopeful that our future ,moving forward ,would be a much more loving, peaceful and forgiving County with all the good attributes you spoke about’. Blessings 🙏
John Irwin 2 year ago
I worked a lot in England and I admire the Brits. I find this to be a perfect description of our orange monster. I can't wait for the shit that is going to come down on him when he is no longer protected.
Catherine Adamescu 2 year ago
Bravo! Your writing is articulate, concise and accurate.
Bonnie Davis 2 year ago
Oh my gosh! You have said everything I have been trying to articulate myself! I am so dismayed at what we have done to put this maniac in power. I did not but am ashamed of the people who couldn’t or wouldn’t see right through him. They should be ashamed of themselves after the fact but they can’t admit it even now. After so many hundreds of thousands of deaths they still put him on a pedestal and trust everything he says. What has happened to America? I pray we get it back!
DJ Davis 2 year ago
I love this article. The words used are exactly how I feel.
M. Hagi-Aden 2 year ago
And I must remind everyone that the cronies are more than two; talk about L. graham and Mich. M, the very senators sworn to uphold the constitution. The sad part of all is the damage this Trump saga is doing to reputation of United State, the beacon of democracy and the leader of the world. History will harshly treat these cronies who are blinded by their loyalty to Trump at the expense of the reputation of their country.
Cindy Jarrett 2 year ago
Yes, sadly 70,000,000+ lost soul Americans voted for his form of vision. But 80,000,000 said no more madness!
#NotMyPresident. I did not vote for him! I have taught Emotional Responsibility for 33 years, and this human is no where near fitting that description! He is without humanities. So we all agree with this article, ones who have half a mind.

What of the 70 million folks who do not, refuse to, cannot see all these facts? This is the WHO we live among! This is the most scary of scary bits! As an educator this population is in sore need of education. They missed social studies. Global view training. Consciousness awareness week! Intelligence boot camp! And yet, we must face this breakdown in society head on with education programs on: racism, global consciousness, any consciousness, being their own authority vs seeking it outside themselves, kindness, what makes for an intelligent person, how to include ‘other’, basic decency, and absolutely, manners!

So I see massive teaching/coaching/consulting jobs, programs, curriculums to be designed and birthed in the world, because it isn’t just in America, these issues. It is a human consciousness evolution demand that must take place along side Climate Recovery, Social Reform, Economic Balancing, Judicial Reform, Racial Awareness/reform, Basic Spiritual Infrastructure Building! All systems have run their course, like the roads and bridges, from an olden world into the demands of a modern world need. Global consciousness is paramount. There is no our water, our air, our plot of Earth that will do anymore. Politics aside, we need Conscious Leadership in every single arena! In every single country! Well maybe Bhutan has it right!

So who is with me to co-design educational courses for a better world?
Diane 2 year ago
It would have been my husband . Harold d fishbein Phd who died too young. Professor at University of Cincinnati. Books on predjudice. Just wanted to say I appreciated your response.
Ann 2 year ago
I’m so sorry for your loss, Diane.
Joe 2 year ago
Jonny 2 year ago
Along with his 2 cronies, Pompeo & Rudi Guilianni, why don’t the 3 of them just go away quietly?
No one WANTS them, no one NEEDS them, & frankly they’re pretty irrelevant now, & VERY VERY redundant!
Old fart face not only lost the Electoral College, but also the popular vote by a MASSIVE 5 million votes.
Does he not realise that he’s an ABSOLUTE loser—-?
Buxton Man 2 year ago
In the Caribbean, we would introduce him to a piece of mango wood
DL 2 year ago
Knows the cost of everything. The value of nothing.
Martha Maust 2 year ago
I am an American Women in my 70’s. I knew Trump and understood very early in my 20’s what a horror he was.
I cried and became inconsolable when I heard that he was running for President. There aren’t any words to
explain the pain I felt when I understood “how” he won and that he did not get the majority of votes from
“We The People”. I am, again, hopeful since he lost reelection. I am also saddened by the number of people
who ignorantly voted for him again. We cannot allow the “Trumps” of the world to threaten our Democracy!
PS: I voted for President Elect Joe Biden in Pennsylvania 🕊
Elizabeth Chacko 2 year ago
Spot on! Completely lacking in humor and a bully - the best, the biggest bully.
Aarbee 2 year ago
Trump may not be a role model for many. I have not studied Trump's personality in depth, only what we see in media all the time.

But, the one who wrote the above comments on Trump has used, without doubt, with abusive and foul language with a heart filled with much hatred! An article in utterly bad taste! Writing ill of others is always in bad taste!

It tells quite a lot about the author/writer, his mindset, his personality, his character and what not!

So much for British decency! Or, is it British superiority complex?
AnAmerican 2 year ago
There are exceptions to every rule. Trump is the exception to every rule of decency.
David Kern 2 year ago
Really? Since when is telling the truth deplorable?
Political Rupture 2 year ago
Trump was never a politician and after 4 years as President he still will not be a politician. Matter of fact, like all the people who supported and voted for him, he ran because of the continued failures of 'The Politicians" the political establishments and privileged. The question these morons never ask, nor examine , nor explain to people is why and how did Trump defy and beat the Republican Party's Privileged , the Democratic Party , the Pundits and the media and social media in the USA and around the world ? Trump contested and was elected because of the failure of the collective who demeaned, lampooned and ridiculed him from day one. BTW, now that you have Harris/Biden as we did Chaney/Bush , the Brits and many leaches around the world can expect to be let off the hook of their monetary obligations to NATO , UN etc .
Janice 2 year ago
Oh Aarbee, Oh Aarbee, what say yee dear Aarbee?

Maybe you should study his personality before you call out the author like this.

I'd like to be nicer, but - let's face it - you're an idiot!
Teri Bechard 2 year ago
PERFECT! I'm an American who hates the man & voted for Biden. Trump was such a disgrace to my country. I'm so sorry he was our president. I never voted for him & can't wait for him to be ousted! Your take on the man was absolutely ON TARGET! Good job.
George Abbott 2 year ago
Spot on. People often miss the humorlessness of Trump. You have nailed it as such an important indicator, or "tell", of his makeup.
Yolanda 2 year ago
Excellent! That’s just who he is Frankenstein creation!
Margo Meakin 2 year ago
The last sentence says it all - couldn't have said it better myself!!
John Lund 2 year ago
Simply spot on :)
Susan Morrissey 2 year ago
You could not be more on point! Now educated on Jabba. Thanks. And I will be checking on the Queensbury rules. Don’t give up on us.
Janet Wade 2 year ago
Besides being on point, this is so well written it was a true pleasure to read. I have always been proud of my English heritage, verified to 1604, and this weaver of words added to my pride. Thank you for this blinding narrative if our cock up President! Hear, hear!
B. Heilman 2 year ago
Not hard to pick out members of the Trump cult in the responses is it? BTW, loved the article.
Natalie Sheehan 2 year ago
Who cares what the British think. We can go on and on and on about the British but we have class. There is much to say about the Monarchy, which should be done away with but we don’t. We love our President. As for the British, they walk around with a stick up their butt.
Ann T 2 year ago
Well, Natalie, perhaps you should read over your comment, especially your last sentence, before you imply that YOU have class and the British do not.
Wendy King 2 year ago
Natalie speak for yourself, we all don't love our President. We've gone from super power to super tantrum and I can't wait for Jan 20!
Janice 2 year ago
We care about what Nate thinks. The whole world agrees with what Nate thinks.

So you Love your President - awe ... how sweet. Does Nate's very good description fit you too.
Cat Edwards 2 year ago
* Impeached
* Lost popular vote (twice)
* Named an Unindicted co-conspirater
* Operated a scam University (fined $25 million)
* Ran a fraudulent Charity (fined $2 million)
* Bankrupted 6 companies
* Stiffed contractors out of thousands of dollars
* Banged a porn star while wife was breastfeeding his son
* Degraded veterans, POWs and Gold Star families
* Told 20,000 verifiable lies
* Responsible for the death of 250,000+

And now this craven, morally-bankrupt walking sack of horse manure is actively putting us all in danger and doing irreparable harm to our democracy because he doesn't like the outcome of a free and fair election he claims was rigged. With not a shred of evidence. And 72 million people cheer this lying scumbag on. Because this is what passes for patriotism in America 2020.

Well done Red Hats, well done.
Susan Carson 2 year ago
Perfect recount, but he DID cheat on all 3 wives. And no mention of the taxes?? Can’t wait ( not really) to see how he leaves the White House. As long as he leaves.
West 2 year ago
He punked down every country in the world, nominated for four Nobel prizes, created the largest economy in the history of the nation. And closed the country when Biden was calling him Covidphobic and shouldn't do it. He saved thousands to millions of American lives while Dem. run citys stuck old people together like Cuomo in New York State to die. We will end up with Biden, who can't remember his name ,and Harris who is more Communist than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. When you talk about Socialism remember Russia used to be called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Nazi stood for the National Socialist German Workers Party. Socialism killed over a 100 million of their own people in the 20th Century. Don't forget names like Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao just to name a few. There is no such thing as a free lunch. They promise you the world but give the Gulag, a firing squad, or forced labor until your dead. Read BLM's Manifesto, they are unabashedly Communist and have vowed to tear this country down along with ANTIFA and the likes. The videos of the cowards in action are there for all to see. If you think the radical Democrats are going to give you something free for nothing you had better study the history of Socialism/Communism. I don't always agree with Trump or his vocabulary, but I like his actions. He has put money in our pockets and jobs out there for everyone. He also has put America first instead of kickbacks from China for himself and his son, Hunter like Biden. So you get a crook and a commy. I will settle for Trump.
Joan 2 year ago
I think you are talking about someone else and not Trump. He is all of the stuff you wrote. Thank God he is gone and God will
make sure he does not come back,
psalm 92 vs 7 - When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be
destroyed for ever: We keep praying him and all of his racist people will be gone forever in the name of Jesus. Trump is the devil.
Ann T 2 year ago
For God’s sake, will you uneducated morons get yourselves some books about Communism and Socialism, READ the damn books, and then come back here and explain how you can possibly compare Biden/Democrats with the likes of Stalin and Hitler? You don’t know, do you? You just inhale the BS from your right-wing nutjob sites, don’t you? The same place that has fooled you into believing the absolute absurdity that Trump has saved “thousands to millions of American lives.”
Wendy K 2 year ago
keep drinkin the Kool-Aid. When somebody keeps repeating stuff over and over somebody always bites. West must be a headline reader that think they have all they need to know from a Fox alert or article headline. I hope all those bites were yummy because I see your full of shit.
Schell Teresita 2 year ago
If he’s not guilty of doing bad things, why thinking of pardoning himself? He not conceding bec he still needs his supporter money contribution to pay his campaign debts.
Schell Teresita 2 year ago
He did not safe thousand of people, bec of believing Covid 10 is a hoax, the results a lot of died under his administration!
AnAmerican 2 year ago
This is a perfect example of the illiterate population tearing our country apart. Refund Education!
Q.E.D. 2 year ago
This is called the "Gish Gallop": put as many false statements together as you can, and link them to unrelated false statements. West, you are a Russian troll.
Janice 2 year ago
West - Woah there cowboy, before you go running your mouth ... seems you are speaking another language altogether so please allow me to interpret so that the English speaking people can understand properly.

"He punked down every country in the world" = he tried to Bully them - they laughed in his face.
"nominated for four Nobel prizes" = Nominated by bigots, obviously Won fuk-all thanks to decent judges
"created the largest economy in the history of the nation" = Rode the Obama Biden upswing momentum as long as he could before crashing
“closed the country” = Too late to make a difference
“saved thousands to millions of American lives” = West just can’t count!
“Cuomo in New York State” = Save saved thousands of American lives
‘Don't forget names like Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao” = Please remember Trump (if if we could forget – even of we wanted to!)
“you had better study the history of Socialism/Communism” = then please tell me how it work because I know Fuk-All.
“He has put money in our pockets” = by stealing from your healthcare, allowing potholes on your roads, cancelling a good Obama Pandemic response plan so that you can die instead, and giving your kids a crappier education”
“He has put America first” = 1st for deaths, 1st for Gun Violence, 1st for racism, 1st for bigotry, 1st for a country divided,1st for kneeling on mans neck so that the world can see how pathetic the US has become,
“I will settle for Trump” = Nate’s description works for me too.
Pete 2 year ago
West is the perfect argument against allowing everyone to vote!
There are 70 million more of these ... real big troubles ahead.
Geny B 2 year ago
Pete - so true
Only "free thinking" Americans should be allowed to vote. Now we need a brainwash test kit to disqualify the cult members.
Suzy 2 year ago
PERFECTLY STATED!!! The more I read, the harder I laughed! You Brits definitely have a way with words! Awesome!
Joa 2 year ago
They sure do🤣🤣🤣🤣
Troy 2 year ago
Donald Trump represents the very worst of morally and intellectually bankrupt individuals in the world. He is a soulless and classless conman, unqualified for any position of leadership. Forget him being the worst U.S. President in history, he is quite literally one of the worst people in the world. Please know that for most of us in the U.S., January 20, 2021, will arrive four years too late.
Mike P 2 year ago
I keep hearing about “ all he has done”. I’d like a list of just 2 meaningful things he has done. For each of the 2 , there would be a litany of stupid, moronic, narcissistic tweets to review. It’s the trump cult that is hard to understand
Jake 2 year ago
Ajmal Kabir: And just to remind you, The other 50% of American voter voted for the Democratic candidate. Of which virtually all of them are "PARTY LOYALISTS" and will always vote on party lines.. (ie: Hillary).. I voted for President Trump again. And all though all of what is written is true, that is not what or why we voted for him. We voted for him (and we can argue this till the cows come home, and neither you or I will change each others minds) because of the things he put into place PRIOR to Covid.. He had NO way to combat that.. He's an idiot, and virtually all the time should just shut up and listen to his advisors and say what they tell him to say. Had he, as said in the article, just shut up, he'd have been re-elected again.. He and only he lost this election.
William 2 year ago
If you truly believe that he had "no way to combat that" then I'm afraid to say you also live in the alternative reality that his falsehoods, mistruths and lies have created. As Trump stated on the campaign trail, don't believe your eyes, believe my words. As PT Barnum is supposed to have said, a sucker is born every minute. That about sums up everyone who supports this buffoon. Good riddance to the cancer that has infected the country's soul. The kids he placed in cages should be enough to show what a truly hateful and soulless person he really is. And the 250K souls who have perished because he could care less about anyone else only reinforces the point.
Jenny W 2 year ago
Jake - you voted for him again yet you say "He's an idiot". What does that make you!
Arline Flournoy 2 year ago
My comment may have already been said but it is worth repeating. Why is it difficult for his followers to not see that 45 is a very sick man and needs help. Are they also sick?
Marvin 2 year ago
What's missing here regarding his followers and not understanding how 70 plus million could vote for him again after seeing all he has wrought, you have to understand they get their news from Rush, Hannity, Ingraham etc. But we have to understand why they are sucked in by their lies. It's my belief because many of them are upset to be living among Black's, Latinos, Native Americans, Moslems, and Asians. Look at the map and see so many white voters whose states went big for Trump are states that are mostly white, like Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming etc. So without calling them racists though many are, millions of them although not white nationalists don't feel comfortable living among ither culture's and wilk not embrace them, si they voted for a man that gives them hope that he will stop the immigration from those countries that make us a melting pot of people from all over the world. That's what made America Great. These people want to reverse that. Make America Great Again ir the acronym MAGA means a white country of Christians. So unless the 70 plus million become enlightened and lose their fear if the other buy a national outreach of education of opening hearts, we as a nation will be poorer for it and the likes of another Trump more gifted in pulling the wool over our eyes destroying our democracy.
Felix justice 2 year ago
America was founded on race violence, which was more important than religious liberty, more important than the free market. Race violence is in the DNA of American identity. And white people in general, not merely the families of Klansmen, are heirs to and beneficiaries of white supremacists and their terror campaigns. - Edward Ball
James 2 year ago
Very well said. Trump has shown the world how the republican party has become a cult of petty cruel people believing they are 100% correct 100% of the time without compromise.
Devine-Grace 2 year ago
There is nothing for me to add other than accept the description given about a general, 50% of the American mentality, though; Through Trump! That is the sad state of affairs amongst the Supporters of Trump!
Ajmal Kabir 2 year ago
(1) With all due respect to Mr. Nate White, most people in this world for many a reason will disagree with him when he says "Americans are supposed to be nicer than us and mostly they are".
(2) The fact of the matter is that approximately 50% of the American Voters have voted for the Republican Candidate of which most of them are Party Loyalists and have voted on Party lines . A better Republican Candidate would certainly have resulted in an easy re- election for the Republicans into the Presidency.
Ismael 2 year ago
Ajmal - sorry but I disagree with you

1. Nate is referring to the UK, not the whole world.
2. No! No! No! These are DJ Trump supporters, not party loyalists. Their placards say Trump, not Republican Party. Where is your evidence that says otherwise?
Kaos Ig 2 year ago
The issue is not trump. It is those who empower him. I grew up in the rural areas of america, among his people and I know trump is neither new or rare. He is the perfect embodiment of rural americans who when history demands we let go of the failed social construct of white privilege, said no, we support a sociopath who will protect their fragility. I see, work with and are put off daily by these trump'esq cultural cowards and am so glad the virtuous patriot mask has been ripped off and the world can see, through trump how small they, and subsequently we are. Maybe now that the world is no longer enamored with our false bravado, fake rugged toughness and fantasies of infinite wealth, we will be held accountable so we, as a nation can evolve into an authentic, inclusive and dignified society.
Salter 2 year ago
Read that there are AT LEAST 6 law suits that are to be brought against that twat, now that he’s a mere ‘commoner’; also that any of these has a good chance of him being locked up WELL beyond 2024, meaning he could not stand in 4 years’ time.
Pray this is true, & that it comes to pass! Fingers crossed!
Concerned Citizen 2 year ago
It’s a sad state of affairs that we have to wish that he would be locked up so that the US would not nominate the twat, again.
Janis Morgan 2 year ago
My fiancé and I have been life long Democrats and have been bemoaning the fact he has been our President for four years now. You’ve summed up beyond perfectly what we have been feeling. May the fall of King Donald the Orange on Jan. 21st be the end of a dark era!
Ronald Keyes 2 year ago
I can not add anything.
Actually impossible to embolish this TRUE CHARACTERIZATION !
Dianne 2 year ago
Made my day. So disgraceful hope it’s over soon. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Harry 2 year ago
Thank you for putting up with this disgraceful man for the last four years. Patriotic Americans apologize profusely for the chaos we unleashed on this world. Never again.
Joy Lawler 2 year ago
Thankfully we seem to be Americans after all. Thank you for still liking us despite this unrecognizable moment in our history
Denise 2 year ago
Jim Johnson 2 year ago
Mr. White;
Spot on! And he's the Hemingway of horse manure, too.
Thanks y'all from Texas!
Stephan J. 2 year ago
Written by a subject of the crown while the empire upon once 'the sun never set' is in utter chaos and smoldering in its own demise. God help the once great UK. Sadly, it has become a shell of its former greatness and has been nicknamed, worldwide, as 'the new Pakistan'.
Bernie 2 year ago
Yeah - good point.

But then - Nate might as well speak for ALL of the rest of the world aswell. We don't live in the UK, we don't live in America, we have friends in many other countries, and for all of us (friends included), Nate is 100% Spot-on.
Steph 2 year ago
To spot a Trumpster, you only need to look for the racist! Well done, found you!
Stephan J. 2 year ago
To a leftist, white bread is racist.

Your attempt to deflect from the truth I stated is sophomoric. 'Trump supporters are racist.' How utterly embarrassed I am for you. Five years and you're still squawking like a hen.
Arlene McGruder 2 year ago
All of this is unfortunately accurate. T-rump is inexcusably accepted by many people in this sad country who are, unfortunately, quite like himself.

I'm ashamed of him. Ashamed of this country.
Some of my ancestors were African and I wish I could go back but there's no return policy on stolen goods.

He's a disgrace to humanity.
M Lawson 2 year ago
I agree except this guy has (tragically) given me many laughs! #1 was when he got covid
Dennis 2 year ago
Americans ignorantly confuse socialism with "communists".
Americans ignorantly confuse socialism with "socialists".

In reality democracy and socialism work very well side by side. Socialism means that things like healthcare and education are considered a right for all and not to be reserved for the wealthy only. This is where American falls far short and this is why Americans do not nearly enjoy the quality of life that correctly applying good socialism practices within a democracy can bring.

Despite the American propaganda myths, there is very little connection between economic performance and welfare expenditure. Examples are Canada, Denmark and Finland - all more socialistic than America with much higher average quality of life (as measured by US agencies, and US researchers).

Capitalism, socialism, and the physical quality of life: S Cereseto, H Waitzkin
PMID: 2430906 DOI: 10.2190/AD12-7RYT-XVAR-3R2U
Grant support: PE-19154/PE/BHP HRSA HHS/United States

Extract of Abstract:
This study compared capitalist and socialist countries in measures of the physical quality of life (PQL), taking into account the level of economic development.

PQL variables included indicators of health, health services, demographic conditions, and nutrition (infant mortality rate, child death rate, life expectancy, crude death rate, crude birth rate, population per physician, population per nursing person, and daily per capita calorie supply); measures of education (adult literacy rate, enrolment in secondary education, and enrolment in higher education).

The data indicated that the socialist countries generally have achieved better PQL outcomes than the capitalist countries at equivalent levels of economic development.
jan 2 year ago
Ana 2 year ago
Thank you Dennis for an educated comment in Socialism. Sad to say it wouldn’t matter to the trumpeters. Brains not developed enough to really listen and understand facts and valid information. Good luck to the Americans who stand against evil. Wishing you all a peaceful 4 years ahead and hopefully more!
D Marcil 2 year ago
So perfectly said! I love the Brits ways with words! Total respect for that piece of journalism!!
M RUBIN 2 year ago
Nothing more can be said to describe Donald Trump. He is the ultimate JERK
Ghost 2 year ago
As an American; I am truly embarrassed and also terrified; that a significant percent of our population still supports this narcissistic psychopath.
kathi WALLIS 2 year ago
All the things that I have thought about Trump but wasn't articulate enough to say or write. You are absolutely a genius,you have so captured that monster that he is and I only hope your article gets read over and over again so that his evil is never forgotten. Thank you!
Ghost 2 year ago
I'm an American. I'm embarrassed.
Betsy perry 2 year ago
Perfection. Wish he’d read it
Hattie 2 year ago
He can't - sadly. Couldn't get through the first line.
Kimberley Heuer 2 year ago
The best article I've read on trump. I didn't vote for him. I could never vote for such an evil man. I have hopes that our Country can heal from this travesty. We have lost American values with this man.
Toni Hanson 2 year ago
I could not have said it better myself -the author has taken all of my individual comments over the past 4 years and put them into one succinct read.
Felix justice 2 year ago
One of these days we will uncover the identity of the Deep State, those fiendish puppeteers in whose thrall the clueless Kamala is held. Bet you anything it’s the New York Times. Maoist rag, that.
Julian Starks 2 year ago
From an American sitting in the Park in Santa Monica, CA this morning, this was rather refreshing! My Good man Nate...You keep spreading the word...Trump and his idiot Trailer Park Scum have brought out the worse these past four years, but Biden/Harris will restore America to some resemblance of her formal self.

In the meantime, we will try to put Trump and his crooked family behind bars here.

Thanks for the truthful analysis of our Horror Show!

God Bless and stay safe across the the Pond, my Man!

Julian Starks
Denise 2 year ago
From a fellow Angelino and America.... 100 percent!
Jojo 2 year ago
He is without a soul.
Janis 2 year ago
Wonderful article! It seems you British understand this ignoramus in the White House far better than we do here in America. I'm a "never Trumper" from California and still cannot condone or justify why anyone would vote for this monster without admitting America has lots of racists and ignorant people here. I'm ashamed to my core.
Felix justice 2 year ago
In measuring the lesser of two evils Donald trumps Kamala.
James P 2 year ago
No contest - trump is Evil personified. His followers are mere chumps - typical Flying Monkeys -

Flying monkeys are usually unwittingly manipulated people who believe the smears about the victim/s.

Flying monkeys do the narcissist's bidding to inflict additional torment on the target. This consists of spying, spreading gossip, threatening, painting the narcissist as the victim (victim playing) and the target as the perpetrator (victim blaming).

What you don't appreciate is that Trump (the narcissist) will not hesitate to make flying monkeys (His Followers) his scapegoats when and if needed

The flying monkeys may make it seem like the narcissist is not really involved, and they likely have no idea that they are being used. Nicely brainwashed and clueless!
Frederick Preis 2 year ago
And for all of those reasons is why he is so scary and dangerous and the fact that over 70 million others supported him in spite of the obvious deficiencies is scarier yet.
Annette Malouin 2 year ago
Never liked him.. glad to say, my instincts were right.. can’t wait till we never have to hear from him again.. it takes a decent amount of intelligence to be witty and clever and humorous .. he is obviously lacking basic intelligence, IMHO
Janice Campos 2 year ago
It's such a shame you cannot even be decent about 'excusing 'why you voted for Trump. If you hate and despise Biden so much, why not leave the vote BLANK!? Why do you find it so necessary to be so nasty & mean? You really are just like Trump! No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us!!!
Jerry. 2 year ago
Why don't you tell us what you really think. Lol. Well said, could not have said it better.
Brian Gibbs 2 year ago
Not all who voted for Trump are TURDS as one commenter put it. Many, many people voted for Trump as a vote against Biden/Harris, who will take the US down a very dangerous path. I agree with most of what the author said about Trump. Can't stand him either. But Harris's (we should forget about Biden since he is on his way "out"and he's not even in yet) masters, the one's pulling the strings, have destruction planned for the U.S. All in the name of equality and tolerance. Right! As long as you agree with them. If not, they will crush you. We are on a dark path. Trump may be a lot of things, but at least he is not a puppet of those who would destroy our country and remake it in the image of Stalin or Mao.
Kate 2 year ago
Ann T 2 year ago
Brian, could you give us some supporting facts for your little rant, please? Otherwise, it sounds as if you are being brainwashed into believing that the maniacal rantings of right-wing lunatics such as Alex Jones have any basis in reality. They do NOT. They just want your money.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
An America that is represented by the spirit of Barack Obama, vs an America that reflects the bigotry of Donald Trump. Don’t you think that in his inelegant way, Mr Trump has constructed a graphic paradigm which exhorts our countrymen to CHOOSE
evadne shaw 2 year ago
Ryan S 2 year ago
Solomon, as a proud yet currently distraught US citizen (and one based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a state that ended up being one of the crucial swing states to turn Blue / Biden), I can tell you wholeheartedly that Trump, in my opinion, will and should go down as the WORST U.S. PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY. And I'll go as far as one of the worst "leaders" and "people" in World History. I voted for Biden / Harris without any hesitation, hoping for a better change and chance for America and the entire World, and looking very much forward to January 20th, 2021, when McDonald will be out of a job. Also, this article was wonderful, so well written and accurate.
Solomon 2 year ago
His personality aside, do Americans think that he’ll go down in history as one of the, if not THE worst Presidents of all time?
He now refuses to ‘hand over’ to Biden; there is badly lacking the normal transitional process that should exist between an incumbent President & his successor. And with the Pandemic raging, this will inevitably result in MORE Covid deaths than had a ‘normal handover’ taken place, thus enhancing Trump’s already pathetic reputation.
Yes, the worst EVER POTUS!
Alarcos 2 year ago
Well, well ... this clearly is a privileged British twat talking here. Don't get me wrong, I agree with everything he writes about Trump. But the exceptionalist BS about how the British innately dislike all of that is just plain self-delusional. The infection with delusion ravages the UK just as much as it is ravaging the US. Trump has no humor, agreed. But you need a really strong cup of coffee after reading from a Brit that the British are innately with David and innately dislike bullies ... can anyone please ask an Irishman or -woman to confirm that? Or a Kenyan? Or an Indian? The British have a history of bullying, deceiving and lying which is longer than anything Donald Trump might have committed. And you know what? They submit to it on a near daily basis.

Even those who "joke about Empire", or joke about those who still relish in the thought-universe of Empire, or joke about those who still seem to live in it like Jacob Rees Mogg, struggle to truly see it what it is. Remember, Jacob Rees Mogg would gladly joke about himself, while nevertheless unerringly steering the country towards authoritarianism of a 19th century flavour. The British "humour" is delightful at its finest, but it is down-right denial all too often. Because if you joke about something you don't need to worry it might be eating away at your roots. When looked at it from a real-world perspective however, the British Conservatives joined the extreme right faction in the European Parliament in 2009, turning their backs on their fellow Conservatives from other EU nations. That was 7 years prior to Brexit or Trump. And no one was laughing in Europe.

The British laugh about Trump not because he is laughable, but because it distracts them from looking in the mirror and admitting they themselves have sunk to Trumps level before Trump was even elected president in 2016. Modern-day UK is a sore loser, a whiner and an equally sore winner, and they are "Boris Johnson type" funny ... they might make you smile a few times until you realize the moral and humourless vacuum behind it.
Randolph W 2 year ago
Good Points indeed. Nate should not be speaking on behalf of all brits, only the enlightened ones.!
Solomon 2 year ago
Alarcos, as a Brit, I agree with you; but I say this, at the risk of sounding pompous, (as Randolph W has muted), an ‘enlightened Brit’.
But the difference is that Britain now is pretty much a relatively unimportant country, on the north west corner, but NO longer, in Europe, this enhancing her irrelevance.
Trump, on the other hand, is (was) possibly one of the 2 most Important humans on the planet (with Putin), so his flawed personality is (was) of FAR greater relevance than that of that unimportant English twat Jacob Reece Mogg!
BG 2 year ago
Well said! As an American, I am ashamed so many of my fellow countrymen have voted for him. Pray for us! I hope we can become civilized again.
James Barnes 2 year ago
It is a miracle that some sort of international crisis hasn't occurred during the Trump Administration. He and his lackeys have stepped on so many international toes that it will take President-Elect Biden his entire four-year term to get things back to some sort of normality. I think we have to thank a lot of long-time career diplomats and level-headed people in the Pentagon and in Congress for not allowing things to go completely topsy-turvy this past four years. And once again, facing a president who has very little grasp of anything, and who is just about as mean-spirited as they come, our little old US Constitution has prevailed.
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Or, better yet, how about Trump reading Rawls
Felix Justice 2 year ago
Federico Gallego, Thank you for your calm, well reasoned brief essay. Now all we have to do is get the Kluxers to read John Rawls.
Federico Gallego 2 year ago
Christine the American

It is important to distinguish between communism, socialism and social democracy. The latter was imposed in European countries since the end of the Second World War, and has made possible the economic growth and sustainable development of countries such as Germany, France, England, Sweden, Norway, Finland and others. American liberalism is a form of social democracy, which began with Rosselvet's New Deal and which Ronald Reagan began to dismantle. Reagan, and later Trump, are betting on savage capitalism, with no consideration for the people who suffer.

In their political campaign, the Republicans have tried to sell the idea that the liberals will make the United States a new Cuba or a new Venezuela. Nothing is further from reality. Political Liberalism starts from some basic premises: respect for individual freedoms, freedom of business and free competition. None of this exists in a socialist or communist regime.

I guess some Trump supporters voted in his favor to prevent the United States of America from becoming a new Cuba or Venezuela. Of course, that's just a big lie that has no basis in any of the liberals' political theories or programs.

If someone wanted to get a proper idea of the spirit of liberalism, they could read two books by the most important Anglo-Saxon philosopher of the 20th century: John Rawls of Harvard University. His books are: A Theory of Justice and Political Liberalism.
Lucy Brandow 2 year ago
It confuses us too!
Phil K. 2 year ago
Excellent piece. No one should be surprised that he failed grow into the job and do something good with the opportunity he was given. He's a child, a very damaged and spoiled child. But I've read enough about this overgrown brat. I'd like someone to write about the people who voted for him and continue to stand by him. I think they fall into two basic categories, the racists who have waited for and finally got a candidate who champions their views, and those others who for some unexplainable reason have abandoned all their values and standards they once considered essential for any elected official. They're no different than the victim of a sweetheart swindle who refuses to accept overwhelming evidence of fraud and keeps sending money to the scammer on the phone. These are the people who follow their leader to Jonestown or go up in flames in Waco.
Janis C 2 year ago
Phil you have put into words exactly what i have been trying for years to wrap my head around.
Jacqueline Rees-Adams 2 year ago
No art,no music, no poetry, no literature and NO LAUGHTER anywhere in the White House and certainly not in his presence. And lastly NOT EVEN A DOG. I bet no one has ever sung in the almost 4 years of this president reject.
Marion nassy 2 year ago
You said it so well . Electing someone like trump to the presidency says more about the people who put him there.
“The basket of deplorables” To quote Hilary Clinton .

So sad !!!
Scm 2 year ago
I wholeheartedly agree. What I would add is that he is extremely dangerous. He has been diagnosed as a pathological narcissist and a sociopath (see the article titled “The Psychology of Donald Trump” in Psychology Today). That explains his lack of humor. He was also diagnosed as exhibiting characteristics of an antisocial behavior, such as: “failure to conform to laws and social norms, deceitfulness, impulsivity, irritability and aggressiveness, reckless disregard for safety of others and self” and “lack of remorse”, etc. So yeah, he is a dangerously sick individual with no sense of humor!
Mary Harris 2 year ago
Linda Wissburn, they follow him because They like him, KNOW NOT!!!
Thanks you. THATS our president, sad, however true.... please FORGIVE US.
Enzo 2 year ago
Is he gone?
Peter Roberts 2 year ago
Yes it’s true...yes it’s witty, yes it’s sad. But, all in’s meaningless. The world shudders on oblivious and unrelenting. We read this column and either nod in agreement or vehemently oppose its message. We care, but we don’t care, we comment exactly as we do on Facebook then switch channels. It has always been the same, and it always will be. “Pass the controls would you?.”...
Linda Wissbrun 2 year ago
he is an embarrassment to the U.S. I feel like we need to tell a lot of countries (our friends) that we are sorry. I have no idea why all those people follow him (as in lemmings). Are they all racist ........ etc??
Nick 2 year ago
Any comments about what he has DONE on the job on the national or international stage ?
And HIS rationale for having done them?
I've wondered about that and WHERE I might learn something about it.
Surekha 2 year ago
Agree with your assessment of Trump
Michele 2 year ago
Your are right on, I couldn’t of said it any better. The only thing you left out is that he’s a con man, a liar and has an ego that is so big, and every
Thing is about him. Oh and he’s never wrong NOT!!!!! But I hope the British people don’t think we are all like him, cause we are not most of us have hearts which is something he doesn’t have!
Patrice 2 year ago
Ann Grimes I only take issue with your religion comment. Nowhere in Bible did God say any of this was ok. People need to really educate themselves on what the Book is really about and the context in which it was written and that is where I agree with your “blind religion” comment. Because without properly understanding it, ppl blindly believe what they are told and what others say is truth. Above all else God repeatedly states his most important commandment after loving Him is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. If we get nothing else from the Bible-we should get that. And our gov’t- if it was truly built on the foundation of the Bible would emulate that and encourage it in every inch of the constitution. It’s actually an incredible love story-not a set of rules on how to exclude and excoriate others for being different-quite the opposite. And many who miss that point wrongly use it as a weapon to oppress others and successfully lead those who don’t want to do the research themselves. And hence we have a Donald Trump.
Macini 2 year ago
Patrice - Absolutely brilliant comment. Very well said.
Bob 2 year ago
Amen. Now, send your comment to all the elected critters in WA DC.
Nitza From 2 year ago
Nate White fid the most analyses of Trump I ever had the fortune to read and the un fortune to Live ! My question and my desperation comes from the fact that 70 million people remain his followers! Terrible!
Bibbie 2 year ago
Jonny 2 year ago
Lorraine Miller, I’d go further. Most of his supporters are ‘TURDS’; or certainly one or more of—-Thick, Uneducated, Racist, Deluded,
Simple, all of which spell ‘TURDS’!
Pama 2 year ago
He is good on the boob tube with his "you're fired!" tagline. That is the one place I feel safe with him, can appreciate him.
Lorraine Miller 2 year ago
I agree with the writer 100%. A perfect description of the 'fat white slug' filled with slime who preys mostly upon, people of color, the poor & the helpless. Most of his supporters are either too dumb, too illiterate, too old (to see their own danger) or heartless like him.
Ann Grimes 2 year ago
I agree with 98% of the article; however, the author lacks knowledge the "frontier" mentality of our historically young country, which is based upon guns, G-d, and anti abortion. Those "red" states and its constituency still see themselves as fleeing the rule of a "monarchy" or anything they deem close to it in governing their lives. The wealthier groups only care about their access to increasing their wealth and property, and the poor among them blindly accept the artificial mantra of "we take care of our own", which is based upon the crumbs of their oppressor's and their blind adherence to religion. No different in most cultures, but even in America, the poor can own guns to feel powerful, and his so called message feeds directly into this so called "G-d fearing" mentality, where the rule of religion usurps the rule of humanity.

There is no doubt that trump is a snake-oil salesman. What is sickening is the appeal he has to so many in this country. There are some many resources to self-educate, but the bubble people live in is stronger than their desire to think critically. Pathetic.

There are many among us who recognize understand the deviance in his and our fellow citizens behavior, but are hands are tied until education, kindness, and humanity can triumph.
Salter 2 year ago
“Boris Johnson is a physical & spiritual clone of Trump”.
Joe Biden, November 2020

ANOTHER unpatriotic twat, who’s leading his country to total ruin!
Mclemnon 2 year ago
Magnificent, well said; but unfortunately for us a frightening reality check, that will linger for a long time and haunt us possibly for the rest of our lives.
David Tampa FL 2 year ago
Bravo chap. Ya nailed him! Everything everyone here in America is thinking while 1/3 of this country is in denial. You can’t fix Stupid but you can vote him out of office!
Macini 2 year ago
Sadly its closer to 1/2 than 1/3. Very sad!
John Guglielmelli 2 year ago
Love it

Thank You from San Francisco
Evelyn 2 year ago
You just spoke my mind! Excellent description of an impeached fool. Thanks a million!!
Patrish 2 year ago
This needed to be said and to be read. You nailed it; should any of ‘his supporters’ read this, you do know, it will go right over their heads🤣
lGenoveva 2 year ago
Thanks for giving us the perfect description of a despot and a nasty man! Thanks goods we will be free of him in Jan.2021!
Obby 2 year ago
Lord Almighty! Spot on! Spot on!
Charles Dorgu 2 year ago
Very British and brilliant! It is what it is! In his own words!
Olumese Michael 2 year ago
Succinctly put/delivered! I had always wondered how such a "Trump" became the United States President!!!???
LaRae 2 year ago
Great article!
D.C.C. 2 year ago
Many of us Americans are equally baffled. A seventh grader armed with a basic civics course understands and respects the Constitution and American culture more than this fool.
Robert 2 year ago
I would never vote for someone like that
Roberta 2 year ago
Please remember that most of the 70 million people who voted for Trump were white, followed by Cubans, Venezuelans, PuertoRicans and Black men. Suburban white women, Black women, Mexicans, Native Americans and Latino women , voted primarily for Biden. The latter group have more common sense , intelligence and are more educated.
Mary Jane 2 year ago
So well stated Roberta, and so true.
Karl 2 year ago
Well said! Spot on, on all facets! I'm embarrassed by it. (A fan of this article from the US)
Kimael 2 year ago
In 2016 I was in shock that the big orange buffoon “won” the presidency after his remarks about grabbing women by the p...y and his mocking of disabled people to name a few examples. I didn’t think he stood a chance. This year I am somewhat relieved but at the same time baffled that over 70 million people think he deserved a second term. Most Europeans think the same. Our respect for Trumpers is virtually nonexistent. We get confused that Americans can’t see what a despicable human being he is.....
Sybil Eversley 2 year ago
Despicable human? I beg to differ. That’s a despicable thing that lacks all common decency. A freak of nature.
Jean E Graham 2 year ago
No truer words have been spoken, someone need to send him a copy of this , but then of course he probably won’t read it since reading is his weakness.
Haydeé Linares 2 year ago
Too bad his dad did not wear a condom
Brenda 2 year ago
You hit the nail on the head I don’t understand how anyone could like him and how so many normally smart people have become his minions and follow and support this disgraceful excuse of a man he has been the laughing stock to the entire world !!!!!
Evets 2 year ago
a failed abortion! Semper fi!
Cassidy 2 year ago
If only Trump’s followers could see
Trump’s flaws. His recklessness can undo our democracy. It is my prayer. Biden can pull our country together.
PATRICK Heron 2 year ago
Thanks for sharing your insightful analysis of our misogynistic, crooked president. Well nailed this..
J.Peterson 2 year ago
Your Keen insight is fondly appreciated. Our problem remains & must be addressed by 'The Citizen Government'. Seems Our Gov. has Over estimated THEIR Importance in this situation. WTP Have A Voice And A Choice. #DemsRockGeorgia1/5/21
MC 2 year ago
Cicely M. White 2 year ago
A remarkably accurate account of this horrid person whom we've had to stomach for the past 4 yrs. He'll most likely never read this but hopefully one of his minions will relay it to him which will most definitely result in the immediate appearance of that stupidly annoying 'I don't quite understand' look which he is very capable of showing when there's anything negative said about him.
Laurie 2 year ago
Thank god there are some sane, normal people in your country! Good luck!
Marilyn 2 year ago
No need to add anything is so perfectly well said!! If only his followers could see him in the way the world sees him so clearly!!
The USA would be in a better place.
Heather 2 year ago
A PERFECT DESCRIPTION and very succinctly put🤗 i do hope he reads this - it sh ould be projected onto trump tower or Mar-A-Lago.
David 2 year ago
He doesn’t read that much.
Naomi Nightingale 2 year ago
Captures perfectly my opinion of Trump. Thank you for putting to print every single thought and feeling about this person who spawned out of his hell hole and became President of the United States of America and quickly set out to dismantle the unity and decency we had nationally and internationally to build his own fifedom. May we soon begin to heal from his wounds to democracy.
Bettina Krennbauer 2 year ago
Brilliantly written, i personally cannot stand this self centered forever Apprentice, also called double agent orange or simply the fuckmuppet.
Deborah Preston 2 year ago
Perfect analysis of the idiot in chief. Believe me, most of the American people are relieved that the bully in chief will soon be gone and our national nightmare of the last four years will finally come to an end.
Darla 2 year ago
Precisely, perfectly written. A fan of this article from the USA
Lily Nera 2 year ago
Wonderful, Nate White. Delicious. Accurate. Horrifying. Thank you!
AND (not “but”) we 78 million "winners" are going to have to figure out how to co-exist with his 73 million voters who either like him and/or simply don’t get that the dire consequences of him and his ilk will ultimately harm them and those they care about. Just because they are many doesn’t mean they’re wise. Hitler’s followers might have demanded respect given their numbers. At they start, they were probably not all diagnosable either.
But never underestimate the cruelty of the Believer? How frightening to be swimming now in such murky waters. Help me think, please. What do we need to grasp, to become, to do, in order to allow emotionally intelligent, rational, critical thinking to take root in the USA ? And, please, also more of a the Brit’s sense of humor – or, rather, humour.
Valena Cade 2 year ago
I normally delete any article in my timeline that has 45’s face on it without reading. I was curious about what the British thought. Your analysis nailed it, exquisitely written.
Lily Nera 2 year ago
Brenda wrote: "You had me in your palms until you ended the article with a derogatory term, commonly used to describe the female genitalia. I didn't like that and found that to be offensive."

Thank you, Brenda! BUT, given that many, many of us delight also in (non-weaponized) male parts, let's agree: No more insulting of our dear genitalia by sticking their nicknames onto nasty, odious, disgusting, flaccid, heartless stinky, cruel, weak, mean, whining, bullying...etc. humans, of any gender.

Shakespeare’s more fun: "Observe him, for the love of mockery." "Teach me how I should forget to think." "You breathe in vain." "Out, dunghill!"
Mimi 2 year ago
I absolutely love this article! Thank you, thank you!! You have captured Drumpf totally! 👍
Søgnhild 2 year ago
Thank you- so precisely stated 🌠
Ajibade Animasaun 2 year ago
Well said apt
Catherine Jack 2 year ago
Very well put!!!
Renee 2 year ago
Ronee Groff, you are SPOT on!
JCM 2 year ago
Yes, 73 million Americans are frighteningly ignorant and purposefully neglectful of reality. and choose to be indoctrinated by Fox News Breitbart and all the right wing lies. Look at Q anon and tell me they are not crazy people...or something. Democracy is based on being well informed, not blind sheeplike ignorance fomented by oppressors and a desire to look down on others. Ignorance doesn’t mean people aren’t capable of learning it means they either choose not to, or prefer to remain cemented in prejudice, misunderstanding and misrepresentation. I mean people believe he still win the election. I would hope you do not.
M 2 year ago
This is a reply to Mr. Hung in response to his question 1. 73 flying monkeys, google it.
Nguyen Hung 2 year ago
I think the author wrote these things out of an Englishman. Not an American. So I would like to ask the author two questions, please answer. If you answer correctly, I believe that Viet is true. Otherwise, he just wrote this article in my imagination, question 1, I would like to ask 1. Which country is Mr. Trump? 2. So nearly 73 million Americans who vote for him are crazy people or something? Please answer. Thank you very much
Irene 2 year ago
In response to Mr. Hungs remarks. Not crazy. Just misguided and lost. Anyone with a soul would not have voted for him. So maybe they are all the Antichrist. Thank God 77 million voted for Biden. I watch BBC and find it amusing that people from other countries have a better handle on who this president is than the ones that follow him. It does matter to other countries who are leader is. They look up to us. My father didn’t fight in WWII to have a fascist pig take this country over.
Martha Varner 2 year ago
Much of my conservative family voted for him. At first most did it reluctantly, simply voting for their party. After a while i saw them begin to change. Their behavior, the things they said. It all began to sound like him. Somehow he has warped the minds of some of the most kindhearted people I've ever known. I can't explain it because the man that raised me did not teach me to think that way yet now he feels that all hope is lost if Trump loses.
Dennis 2 year ago
Hi Martha Varner - The unfortunate affliction affecting your family is know is "Flying Monkeys". Please lookup the term in wikipedia and see if it makes sense.
Ronee Groff 2 year ago
Ask any special education educator or psychologist who this ‘leader of the free world’ is and you will get a definition of his ED-emotionally disturbed behaiviors and character. Whether sadistic, vengeful, socially maladjusted, morally corrupt and ethically challenged, etc. he is the real deal as his brain circuits (we used to say ‘wired’) which have developed that way from the genetics he inherited and nurtured by the
cruelty and privilege of his parents. He has no humor because he is an intellectually slow processor and he bullies because he needs to be in control of others as he has no control of himself. He has No organizational or structure skills to fall back on but has figured out how to intimidate and fear monger others. His privilege has protected him and his lack of conscience and empathy has as well. He uses the tools of privilege such as lawyers to be his mouthpieces and others to fill his need of complimentary professionals while taking their knowledge as his own. He is the king of his own delusions and he will smite you if you should defy or mock him. He is a world class conman but it is always short lived to any reasonable result because like the ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) untrained or educated he has a short attention span and gets bored very quickly. His passion is money and power and complete adulation. His minions are susceptible to propaganda and conspiracy theories and are comforted by his seemingly quirkiness that entertains them. They live vicariously through him absorbing in their own deficiencies that which fills their own needs with no distinction to gender. He has been unleashed on the world no different then other despots and history will record his failures and his misgivings equally inclusive to his crimes against humanity yet to be reckoned with. This cataclysmic pandemic and environmental impact will have future global scarring of significant magnitude.
Laurie 2 year ago
Well said!
Martha Varner 2 year ago
When he was younger he used the same lawyer the mobsters used. If thst doesn't tell you everything you need to know....
Deb Kidder 2 year ago
All true. But didn’t a few British people vote for his twin, Boris?
M. Findeis 2 year ago
Apparently, Trump is the United States version of the Emperor without clothing. So many of the people overlook his childish behavior, his vengeance for any slight and his mindless rhetoric. He is a bully and a brat.
Solomon 2 year ago
Brenda, OK, call him a prick, or dickhead, or anything nasty you want to, & as a male, I’ll not object ONE bit! In fact call him ANYTHING unflattering, as he has NO redeeming features whatever!
Adigorettio 2 year ago
My worry is not trump per se, it is Mitch, Lindsay and “ .....them lot”, who have been politicians of grassroots who can’t see him for what they are supposedly not of old. We say the world is changing for the mellenials, but for it to affect “them lot” is an absurdity that is incomprehensible. Mitch n Lindsay have always then been a bad seed from the start just waiting to germinate and they found their fertile soil in the tyrant of trump. Disgrace!!!. They are the ones to pull the plug. Talk of legacy, yet there was Judas among the Deciples just that in the Republicans there are too many Judas iscariot amongst trumps Deciples who won’t even betray him, ironic.
Felix justiceLp 2 year ago
There is a nostalgic yearning for, or, at the very least, a tolerance of, the brand of vulgar fascism from the thirties in Europe here in the United States today, and in other countries as well. A Trump rally feels eerily like Nazi rally
Solomon 2 year ago
Yes, it’s called “Populism”, & as you said, is happening in other countries as well. In the U.K., Trump’s mate Nigel Farage is a lead figure in this ‘movement’; & when their followers gather, for sure it resembles a 1930’s Nazi rally.
But the one BIG difference I’ve noticed is that in your US Trump rallies, you DO see the odd non white face—- NEVER in similar U.K. rallies; had a non white person attend one of say Farage’s rallies (mostly held by a port ie an entry point for foreigners, hence poignant), the poor non white would probably be beaten up.
But hopefully with Trump on the way out, normality may well return, not just in your great nation, but, & maybe as a result, in other nations also—-yours is a good post!
Macini 2 year ago
The odd non white face reminds me of Stephen in the movie Django Unchained - Someone who just "accepts" the racism surrounding them, or pretending that they belong to another class altogether. Shame on them.