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Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

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Tm 189 days ago
Re: Prof. Scott,

Me thinkest thou protesting too much
Profesor Scott 195 days ago
Water under the bridge and we survived both of them. Obama hasn't been president for over 3.75 years and Hillary was not and will never be president. Both of them have hardly done anything newsworthy since 1/20/2017, Trump's first day in office. In fact, they've mostly said out of the public eye for nearly 4 years. Yet, Fox News in some way, shape, or form mentions both of them multiple times a day as if they are both currently president. They haven't been relevant in nearly 4 years. Yet they are endlessly brought up. Why? To get a strong, negative, emotional reaction from Fox' viewership who act as predictably and and as well trained as Pavlov's dogs. There are words, phrases and names these viewers hear, frequently not understanding what these words and concepts actually mean, and they start barking like rabid dogs, right on queue. (No one can fully appreciate the meanings of the word "socialism" without a a very thorough understanding of economics, political science and sociology. Yet Fox says that word and the work "liberal" a word with 12 different definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary, fulling knowing it will get a strong, negative, emotional response and their viewers do not have a thorough and comprehensive understand of either word and associated complex implications. But their viewers will bark like rabid dogs. The demographics of Fox news viewers vs CNN and MSNBC viewers are very different. Fox News' viewers on average are 20 years older than viewers of the other networks- 68 vs 48. The majority of Fox news' viewers make below the median household income ($70,000) while the majority of CNN and MSNBC make above the median household income. Less than 9% of Fox News' viewers hold 4 year college degree while over 26% of CNN and MSNBC viewers hold a 4 year college degree. So Fox' core demographics are older, lower earning, lesser educated white people. The others appeal to younger, better educated, higher earning white people. Who would you choose to mislead, misinform, distract, misdirect to exploit for and enormous profit. The older, lesser educated, lower earning people. And Fox excels at it. They're not alone. Frankly every conservative politician, every profiteering right wing pundit, every pastor, minister, preacher and priest, every military recruiter and every girl's gymnastic coach who molests their little daughters have these people's number. They know just how to stroke them for their own personal financial gain. It's painful to watch from the outside in. "You can fool some of the people, some of the time - and that's enough to make a decent living."- WC Fields
Oh ya 196 days ago
The DOJ should charge them all today. Including obummer on down. And while they are at it find out who the parents are of those 2 girls who lived in the WH with obama and mike, because their parents should be charged with child abuse
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